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  • Aeration&Mixing was established in 2012
  • A British Company based in Sheffield
  • Nikuni Co. KTM microbubble generating pumps
  • Aeration&Mixing was established in 2012
  • A British Company based in Sheffield
  • Nikuni Co. KTM microbubble generating pumps
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Aeration & Mixing Ltd

Aeration & Mixing

Nikuni Co. KTM Microbubble Generating Pumps & VDF Hydrocyclones

Nikuni Co. pumps

Aeration & Mixing Ltd have been supplying Nikuni Co. KTM microbubble generating pumps and hydrocyclones to a wide range of industrial sectors around the world since 2012.

Working alongside the leading Japanese manufacturer of microbubble generation products Nikuni, Aeration & Mixing Ltd is able to offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of equipment covering applications ranging from separation by floatation and mixing powders into liquids to aeration and the removal of metal particles from coolant and cutting fluids in the precision engineering industry.


...• Aeration systems/Aeration of activated sludge
...• Removal of suspended solids/Waste separation
...• DAF systems/IGF systems
...• Carbon dioxide injection/Chlorine injection/Hydrogen injection
...• Ozone injection/CIP systems/Integrated circuit cleaning
...• Lagoon aeration/Ambient air into water
...• Paint booth drainage/Aquaculture – fish farming
...• Soil and ground water remediation/Algae ponds
...• Fuel systems/Evaporation systems/Spa bath systems
...• Methane injection/Nitrogen injection/Oxygen injection
...• Mixing liquids with other liquids/Mixing powders into liquids


Nikuni KTM Gas-Mixing Fine Bubble Generating Pumps

For more than 20 years Nikuni KTM gas mixing pumps have been used around the world and in many sectors of industry to produce microbubbles for mixing fluids and gases. The average fine microbubble diameter is 25um.

These innovative pumps are capable of providing fluid flows from 16Ipm to 700Ipm and air or gas injection of up to 10% of fluid flow. More than one gas can be injected at the same time.

All Nikuni pumps supplied by Aeration & Mixing are also supplied with a complete air nozzle assembly.

Nikuni pumps can be used to inject air, ozone, hydrogen, oxygen, flue gas, methane, carbon dioxide, chlorine, nitrogen and more into carrier fluids and can also be utilised to mix powders with liquids. No compressor is required, these pumps draw-in their own air or gas supply.

A&M Nikuni KTM Pump Installation Kits and Packages

This range of innovative products was created to facilitate good pump installation practise to ensure all of the right components are available on hand and that the pumps will operate at the most efficient level.

The kits come with all the correct sized components required ensuring efficient use and also to ensure all of the parts are available to connect a KTM pump to an A&M excess air tank.

Aeration & Mixing A & M Aerator/Mixers for Treatment of Waste Water

The aerator mixers from Aeration & Mixing Ltd have been specifically designed for the treatment of large volumes of industrial waste water and are available in three sizes to enable operation in depths ranging from 2 to 6 metres.

These robust aeration mixers can either be installed in a grid pattern or along one wall so whatever your requirements are you'll find a product to suite your particular application.

Nikuni VDF Hydrocyclone Filter/Separator

The Nikuni VDF range of hydrocyclone filter/separators from Aeration & Mixing have been developed to extract solid particles from a vast range of fluids.

Originally designed for the removal of metallic particles from machine tool coolant and other cutting fluids the Nikuni VDF Hydrocyclone Filter/Separator is capable of extracting solid particles from a wide range of fluids.

This high performance product has no moving parts and uses a media-free cyclonic vortex to remove metallic contamination and enhance the performance of machine tool cutting fluids by removing a high percentage of metal particles which are present in the flow of coolant during cutting operations. At least 95% of aluminum particles down to 10um can be removed in one pass.

A&M Excess Air Tanks

Designed specifically for use with Nikuni KTM Microbubble Generating Pumps the range of Excess Air Tanks from A & M are now available in Stainless Steel 316 and come in sizes to meet all KTM Pumps.

They are also available manufactured in PN10 Polypropylene for pumps of up to KTM 40 so for more information please visit our website.

This is just a tiny sample of the wide range of innovative products, equipment and spare parts offered by Aeration & Mixing Ltd.

If you would like to find out more about the whole range of products available or require any technical advice please head over to the website or get in touch.

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