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Althon Ltd

MAG Group Building, Vulcan Road South
Norwich Norfolk

  • Manufacturing precast headwalls & water management
  • Flap valves, penstocks and stop logs
  • Commercial & industrial drainage channels
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    Althon Ltd

    Concrete Headwalls & SFA Headwalls to meet Sewers for Adoption Guidelines

    Althon is a specialist manufacturer and distributor of Water Management products for the construction industry in particular:

    ..� Headwalls
    ..� Flap Valves
    ..� Penstocks
    ..� Stop Logs
    ..� Outlay Grilles

    Our design and manufacturing service also includes Precast Concrete Penstock Chambers and a vast range of Commercial and Industrial Drainage Channels.

    We can produce over 300 Headwall designs of Standard Headwalls as well of offering a bespoke customisation service to better suit your specific needs.


    The range of Headwalls from Althon provide a highly cost effective alternative to in-situ headwall pipework discharging into attenuation ponds, ditches, rivers and swales as well as marine and tidal environments.

    ..� Standard Precast Concrete Headwalls
    ..� Sewers for Adoption Headwalls
    ..� Rectangular Precast Headwalls
    ..� Rectangular SFA Headwalls
    ..� Angled Precast Headwalls
    ..� Culvert Precast Headwalls

    SFA Headwalls

    Althon offers a range of highly efficient and cost effective precast SFA (Sewers For Adoption) Headwalls designed and manufactured to comply with all guidelines.

    We offer a range of various size SFA Headwalls to cater for different pipe specifications of up to 1500mm.

    With three depths of toe available you will find a profile to suite most applications.


    As a specialist manufacturer for the construction industry Althon is able to supply a range of both HDPE and Stainless Steel Penstocks designed to control and isolate water.

    Penstocks can either be mounted directly onto an existing flat surface or factory fitted to a precast headwall or concrete penstock chamber or in line with an existing pipe installation.

    The Penstocks from Althon are manufactured in HDPE and 316 grade stainless steel with a typical design life of 50 years.

    Flap Valves

    We offer a range of Flap Valves, Wall Mounted Flap Valves, Flange Mounted Flap Valves and Push Fit and Pipe Mounted Flap Valves.

    Material specifications available include cast iron, stainless steel and HDPE.

    We also manufacture Flap Valves to suit specific applications and can design and produce Bespoke Flap Valves for square, rectangular and elliptical openings.

    For applications involving valves that are subject to wave action Althon can reinforce Flap Valves to suit.

    For further details on all of the products and services provided by Althon Ltd please visit our website where you'll also find a 'Headwall Specification Tool' facility containing PDF and CAD drawings.

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    Products and Services

    1. Angled Precast Headwalls
    2. Bespoke Headwall Design
    3. Bespoke Headwalls
    4. Bespoke Penstock Valves
    5. Circular Trash Screens
    6. Concrete Drainage Channels
    7. Concrete Headwalls
    8. Concrete Slot Drainage Channel
    9. Custom Headwall Design
    10. Custom Headwalls
    11. Drainage Channel
    12. Drainage Channel Range
    13. Drainage Channels
    14. Fish Friendly Flapvalves
    15. Flap Valves
    16. Flood Prevention
    17. Flow Control
    18. Gratings
    19. GRP Lightweight Drainage Channel
    20. Hand Stop Gate
    21. Headwall Design
    22. Headwall Specification Tool
    23. Headwalls
    24. Headwalls Precast Concrete
    25. Heavy Duty Concrete Drainage Channel
    26. Heavy Duty Polymer Concrete Drainage Channel
    27. High Capacity Drainage Channel
    28. Light Drainage Channel
    29. Linear Drainage Channels
    30. Manhole Chambers
    31. Medium Duty Drainage Channel
    32. Orifice Plates
    33. Penstock Chambers
    34. Penstock Operating Equipment
    35. Penstock Valve Manufacturers
    36. Penstock Valves
    37. Penstocks
    38. Precast Concrete Drainage Channels
    39. Precast Concrete Headwalls
    40. Precast Concrete Inspection Chambers
    41. Precast Concrete Manhole Chambers
    42. Precast Concrete Penstock Endwalls
    43. Precast Concrete Penstock Manhole Chambers
    44. Precast Concrete Silt Traps
    45. Precast Headwalls For Culverts
    46. Precast Headwalls With Penstocks
    47. Rectangular Headwall Range
    48. Rectangular Sewers For Adoption Headwalls
    49. RSFA Concrete Headwalls
    50. RSFA Headwalls
    51. Safety Chains
    52. Sewers For Adoption Headwalls
    53. Sewers For Adoption Outfall Safety Grilles
    54. SFA Headwalls
    55. SFA Headwalls With Precast Steps
    56. Shallow Concrete Drainage Channel
    57. Sloped Trash Screens
    58. Splayed Wing Wall Headwalls
    59. Standard Precast Concrete Headwalls
    60. Steel Facade Drainage Channels
    61. Stop Logs
    62. Stoplogs
    63. Surface Drainage Channels
    64. Swale Inlet Headwall Range
    65. Tideflex
    66. Wastop Inline Non Return Valves
    67. Water Management

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