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  • A Leading manufacturer of natural ventilation products
  • All our systems are fully bespoke and easy to install
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    Alu Plus Ltd

    We are a manufacturer of natural ventilation products who specialise in Glazed-In Louvres, Wall Louvres, Continuous Louvres and Window Ventilation for the building sector. Over a number of years we have built up a reputation for providing quality bespoke, easy to install systems. Through our years of experience, we have grown to be one of the UK's leading louvre manufacturers and suppliers.

    Our manufacturing facility is located in Coventry, central to the country's major road networks. The facility is fitted with modern technology and machinery and staffed by skilled employees. We undertake best practice manufacturing principles and aspire to exceed customer expectations. We are accredited to ISO9001:2008 and are members of the Building Service Research and Information Association (BSRIA).

    With a flexible approach we possess the capabilities to design to exact customer specifications. All our systems are 100% extruded/sourced in the UK (BS6063).

    We have become recognised within the industry by architects and designers for producing new and innovative Louvre systems and window ventilation systems. We can also offer our clients additional peace of mind with our enhanced Security Louvre system. We have the capability to produce a range of specialised shaped louvres such as circular, arched and triangular with any angled configuration achievable. In addition to this we also offer a Sun Shading / Brise Soleil system in a variety of configurations (supply only).

    All of our components and extrusions can be supplied in bar lengths for self assembly. We strive to return all quotes within 24 hours and our turn-around time for completed powder coated louvres is the fastest in our industry. Generic drawings of our product range can be provided for customers in PDF and any AutoCad format. All enquiries welcome whether big or small, Contact us now for further details and a free quotation.

    Aluminium Louvres
    Alu+ are manufacturers of an extensive range of aluminium louvres, louvre doors and window ventilation systems, constantly updating our product range to suit customer requirements.

    The complete range of Alu+ Louvre Systems has been fully developed, designed and performance tested in Britain. All our materials are UK sourced from world class suppliers. Louvre, Louvre Doors and Vents are fabricated by our skilled and dedicated workforce in our fabrication facility in Coventry.

    Alu+ ltd are accredited to ISO9001:2008, and we are proud to be members of The Building Services Research and Information Association � BSRIA. All powder coating supply companies used are also accredited to ISO9001. In addition to standard rectangular louvres we specialise in arched, circular, semi-circular and angled, in fact we can manufacture any shape including centre cut outs for ductwork. We can also supply suitable blanking plates � any gauge material, any thickness insulation single sheet foil backed or �sandwiched�. Plenum boxes (fitted) are a speciality.

    Here at ALU+ ltd. we pride ourselves in continually providing the customer with a consistently high quality product, always delivered on time at a most competitive price.

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    1. Acoustic Louvres
    2. Aerofoil
    3. Aerofoil Blades
    4. Aerofoil Fins
    5. Air Vents
    6. Aluminium Fabrications
    7. Aluminium Louvre
    8. Aluminium Louvres
    9. Anodising
    10. Arched Louvre
    11. Architectural Louvre
    12. Balanced Ventilation
    13. Bespoke Louvres
    14. Bird Mesh
    15. Boiler Room Louvres
    16. Box Louvre
    17. Boxed Louvre
    18. Brise Soleil
    19. Circle Louvre
    20. Circular Louvre
    21. Commercial Ventilation
    22. Continuous Louvre
    23. Door Louvre
    24. Doors
    25. Flange Louvre
    26. Flanged Louvre
    27. Flanged Louvres
    28. Flatair Vents
    29. Flexair Vents
    30. Galvanised Mesh
    31. Glazair Vents
    32. Glazed In Louvre
    33. Glazed In Louvres
    34. Glazing Louvre
    35. High Airflow
    36. Hospital Ventilation
    37. Industrial Ventilation
    38. Insect Mesh
    39. Insulation Panels
    40. Integrated Mesh
    41. Louver
    42. Louvers
    43. Louvre
    44. Louvre Door
    45. Louvre Enclosure
    46. Louvre Grille
    47. Louvre Panels
    48. Louvre Screens
    49. Louvre Shutter
    50. Louvre System
    51. Louvre Systems
    52. Louvre Window
    53. Louvres
    54. Mesh
    55. Multiair Vents
    56. Natural Ventilation
    57. Odd Leg Louvre
    58. Passive Ventilation
    59. Perforated Blades
    60. Perforated Louvre
    61. Picture Frame Louvre
    62. Plenum Boxes
    63. Powder Coating
    64. Punched Blade Louvre
    65. Pyramid Vents
    66. Round Louvre
    67. Round Louvres
    68. Screening Louvre
    69. Security Louvre
    70. Security Louvres
    71. Shading Louvres
    72. Shaped Louvre
    73. Shaped Louvres
    74. Single Bank Louvre
    75. Slimline Vents
    76. Slot Vents
    77. Solar Shading
    78. Sun Protection
    79. Sun Shades
    80. Sun Shading
    81. Surface Mounted Louvre
    82. Surface Mounted Louvres
    83. Triangular Louvre
    84. Triangular Louvres
    85. Trickle Vents
    86. Turret Louvre
    87. Twin Air Plus Vents
    88. Ventilation
    89. Ventilation Products
    90. Ventilation Solutions
    91. Ventilation System Maintenace
    92. Ventilation Systems
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