APC (Wet Paint) Ltd

APC (Wet Paint) Ltd

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Spalding Lincolnshire
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  • Plastic coating and frame spraying services
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    'High quality wet paint spraying and powder coating'

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    APC (Wet Paint) Ltd

    High Quality Wet Paint Spraying and Powder Coating

    APC (Wetpaint) Ltd is a family run business that offers a fast and efficient high quality powder coating and wet paint spraying service.

    This service facilitates a wide range of wet paint spraying and powder coating processes including aluminium casting, aluminium extrusion and steel utilising 3 spray booths and 3 ovens to accommodate products large or small.

    With a combined commitment to our customers and ongoing program of investment APC (Wet Paint) is able to offer a reliable powder coating service that covers any specification or colour with either collection or delivery at a competitive price.

    Powder Coating and Wet Paint

    APC (Wetpaint) now has a new dedicated factory able to offer the following services:

    - Specialising in most types of Air-Drying Finishes
    - 14 m Powder Booth Opening
    - Hi-intensity Masking
    - Anti-Condensation for Electrical Cabinets and Roof Lining (Wet Paint)
    - Micaceous Iron Oxide
    - Special Effects Lacquer (Powder Coating)
    - Anti-Graffiti Lacquer
    - 1 x 4 Meter Oven
    - 1 x 5 Meter Oven
    - 1 x 14 Meter Oven
    - Air Dry Pre-Treatments
    - Powder Zinc Rich Primers
    - Blast Cleaning Can be Arranged

    Plastic Coating

    Talisman 30
    Plascoat Talisman 30 has been designed to have a wide variety of uses and to be easy to apply. Applications that use Talisman 30 include medical equipment, freezer evaporation shelves and automotive parts. Other benefits and features include:

    Anti-microbial upgrade available
    Plascoat Talisman 30AM is an anti-microbial grade of Talisman 30 that will resist 99.9% of all known pathogens. It has the same protective performance as Talisman 30 but with the added benefit of not allowing harmful pathogens like MRSA to build up on the surface. Talisman 30AM is applied in the same ways as Talisman 30.

    Plascoat PPA 571
    Plascoat PPA 571 is a glossy, attractive coating that will remain maintenance-free for decades. It is used in hundreds of different applications, throughout the world and some of the more popular ones include fencing, street furniture, lamp posts, construction, handrails, automotive parts, stadium seat frames, rail station seating and wire baskets. Plascoat PPA 571 is one of only a few coatings commercially available which is recognised as being DDA, 'Warm-to-the-Touch' compliant.

    APC (Wetpaint) will not only provide you with all of the services mentioned above but with competitive prices and fast turnarounds also so if you would like to find out more please get in touch.


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