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    Applications Engineering Ltd

    The name Applications Engineering is synonymous with the supply of quality products for control and instrumentation some of which include pressure switches, pressure transducers, level switches, flow switches, flow sensors, solenoid valves and vacuum switches.

    Applications Engineering also supply a range of products for ATEX applications from some of the industry�s leading manufacturers such as Honeywell, Beck, Eurocomp, Nippon Automation and Siccom so please take a look at our main website for more detailed information.


    Applications Engineering has been ISO 9001 approved since 2003 and is now currently 9001:2008 approved and audited by ISOQAR on an annual basis.

    This quality control system allows Applications Engineering to supply some of the industry�s leading manufacturers who deal in areas relating to defence and the military.

    Fire Sprinkler Valve Systems

    At Applications Engineering we have had many years of experience in developing new and innovative products, one of which is our range of fire sprinkler valve systems that have been specifically designed to cover all the requirements of domestic and residential property.

    Pressure Switches

    Applications Engineering offers a wide range of pressure inducers and variables. When choosing a sensor for your particular application it�s important to discern the situation where it may be used so it may be necessary to choose a sensor which is suitable for underwater, high temperatures or in vacuum environments.

    Pressure Transducers

    Applications Engineering offers a wide range of pressure inducers and variables. When choosing a sensor for your particular application it�s important to discern the situation where it may be used so it may be necessary to choose a sensor which is suitable for underwater, high temperatures or in vacuum environments.

    Level Switches and Sensors

    Some of the most critical parts of any controlled application are the switches and sensors where single or multiple fluid levels need to be determined. Applications Engineering offers a comprehensive range of products from level switches and stainless steel and alloy switches to custom designed level switches.

    Flow Switches and Sensors

    Today there are many different types of flow sensors, flow indicators and flow switches on the market. Applications Engineering supply a wide range of products to cover a vast range of applications. Just select from the category that best suits your needs on our website.

    Both plastic and metal body flow switches available made for a wide range of applications and industrial sectors. Much further information about these products may be found by visiting our website, alternatively please contact us directly.

    Temperature Switches and Sensors

    Applications Engineering is able to stock and supply a large range of temperature switches for applications involving the temperature of machinery and individual components. Our range of temperature sensors have been designed and manufactured to meet a range of applications so please head over to our online shop for further details.


    The JetCleaner system from Applications Engineering has been designed to remove loose particles and other unwanted contaminants from the inside of hoses and pipes so why not take a look at the complete list of JetCleaner products at our website.

    Grundfos Sensors

    Applications Engineering is extremely proud to be a representative for one of the world�s leading manufacturers of flow and pressure sensors that have been specifically designed for applications involving boiler and ground source heat pumps. All of these products have been manufactured to combine a quality and reliability you would expect from Grundfos.

    Solenoid Valves

    We offer a range of solenoid valves including general purpose standard sizes through to miniature valves suitable for medical applications and cryogenics.

    ATEX Certified Products

    As suppliers of ATEX certified products Applications Engineering supply a vast range of pressure switches, transducers, level and flow switches as well as custom made level and temperature switches and sensors.

    Ancillary Products

    Applications Engineering is also able to supply customers with a number of ancillary parts including electrical connectors and cables, covers for pressure switches and rubber boots and indicators for use with our range of temperature and pressure transducers.

    Custom Design

    Applications Engineering offers a complete custom design service for customers with specific requirements so for more information about this or any other of our products and services please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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