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  • 24/7 lift maintenance and repairs
  • Extensive knowledge on all makes and models
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    Ascend Lift Services

    Although a relatively new company the senior team at Ascend Lift Services has over fifty years of experience in every single aspect of installation, repair, maintenance and refurbishment of lifts, and as an independent organisation is able to provide its customers with a professional range of solutions to meet their requirements and what's more at a competitive price.

    Why Ascend?
    All of our technicians, engineers and testers have a wealth of experience in all aspects of lifts and are familiar with every make and model so no matter what system you have we will provide you with a solution to suit your exact needs.

    - Free Surveys
    - 50 years of experience
    - Competitive prices
    - All makes and models of lift systems
    - High level of technical knowledge

    Ascend Lift Services also offers a 24 hour breakdown service.

    Lift Servicing London
    Ascend Lift Services offer comprehensive lift servicing throughout London, Kent and the Southeast.

    We are able to service and maintain the following types of lifts:

    - Passenger Lifts
    - Domestic Lifts
    - Commercial Lifts
    - Goods Lifts
    - Platform Lifts
    - Disabled Lifts

    Planned Preventative Lift Maintenance
    We offer a complete preventative lift maintenance service which has been created to help identify problems at the early stages.

    We have a wealth of experience in all lift systems and have the ability to recognise a problem before it gets out of hand. One of the team at Ascend can arrange a suitable time and carry out a free survey where an assessment will be made, after which we can discuss the best way forward to meet your lift maintenance needs.

    Lift Modernisation
    Ascend offers a complete lift modernisation service in London, Kent and the Southeast.

    If you're looking for a new lift or to modernise your existing system such as the interior, modernisation could be an option. It provides an ideal solution and avoids all of the upheaval of a new installation. We will work alongside you to discuss your options and take care of every single detail from survey to completion so why not get in touch to find out more.

    This service includes:

    - Free Site Survey
    - Design Consultation
    - A wide range of equipment, components and materials
    - All work carried out to the very highest quality by experienced engineers
    - Full commissioning
    - Ongoing support

    Lift Testing & Supplementary Testing
    We also provide a range of services including supplementary testing carried out by NVQ qualified engineers including SAFED inspection so for further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Comprehensive Lift Repair & Breakdown Service
    We offer our customers a one stop shop for all of their lift repair and breakdown needs.

    This service is fast and reliable and runs 365 days a year, 24 hours a day with excellent response times. We also aim to resolve your problem on the first visit. This fast turnaround time repair service also includes parts and some of those more substantial repairs.

    If you would like further information about Ascend Lift Services please get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss your requirements.

    Areas Covered

    Nationwide coverage but focusing on the South East, Kent and London. Some examples of the main areas we have worked in below:
    1. Ashford


    Opening Hours

    Monday 24 hrs
    Tuesday 24 hrs
    Wednesday 24 hrs
    Thursday 24 hrs
    Friday 24 hrs
    Saturday 24 hrs
    Sunday 24 hrs
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    Products and Services

    1. Access Lift Servicing
    2. Access Lifts
    3. Becker Lift
    4. Bennie Lift
    5. Bespoke Lifts
    6. Commercial Lift Installation
    7. Commercial Lift Maintenance
    8. Commercial Lift Modernisation
    9. Commercial Lift Repairs
    10. Commercial Lift Testing
    11. Contract Lift Service
    12. DDA Compliant Lifts
    13. DDA Lift
    14. Dda Lifts
    15. DDA Platform Lift
    16. Disabled Access Lift
    17. Disabled Lift Installation
    18. Disabled Lift Maintenance
    19. Disabled Lift Modernisation
    20. Disabled Lift Repairs
    21. Disabled Lift Servicing
    22. Disabled Lift Testing
    23. Disabled Lifts
    24. Domestic Lift Installation
    25. Domestic Lift Maintenance
    26. Domestic Lift Modernisation
    27. Domestic Lift Repairs
    28. Domestic Lift Servicing
    29. Domestic Lift Testing
    30. Dumb Waiter
    31. Dumbwaiter
    32. Dumbwaiters
    33. Easton Elevator
    34. Elevator
    35. Elevator Installation
    36. Elevator Maintenance
    37. Elevator Refurbishment
    38. Elevator Repair
    39. Elevator Service
    40. Elevators
    41. Emergency Lift Service
    42. EN81 Compliant Lifts
    43. ERS Lift
    44. Escalator
    45. Escalator Breakdowns
    46. Escalator Installation
    47. Escalator Maintenance
    48. Escalator Modernisation
    49. Escalator Refurbishment
    50. Escalator Repair
    51. Escalator Repairs
    52. Escalator Service
    53. Escalators
    54. Evans Lift
    55. Express Lift
    56. Factory Lift
    57. Furse Lift
    58. Genie Lift Repair
    59. Goods Hoist
    60. Goods Lift
    61. Goods Lift Installation
    62. Goods Lift Maintenance
    63. Goods Lift Modernisation
    64. Goods Lift Refurbishment
    65. Goods Lift Repairs
    66. Goods Lift Servicing
    67. Goods Lift Testing
    68. Goods Lifts
    69. H+C Lift
    70. Hammond & Champness Lift
    71. Hotel Lift
    72. Hydraulic Lift
    73. Hydraulic Lifts
    74. Inclined Latform Lift
    75. Inclined Platform Lift
    76. Inclined Platform Lifts
    77. J&E; Hall Lift
    78. Keighley Lift
    79. Kitchen Lift
    80. Leonard Lift
    81. Lift Breakdown Service
    82. Lift Breakdowns
    83. Lift Engineers
    84. Lift Installation
    85. Lift Installers
    86. Lift Maintenance
    87. Lift Manufacturers
    88. Lift Modernisation
    89. Lift Refurbishment
    90. Lift Repair
    91. Lift Repairs
    92. Lift Service
    93. Lift Services
    94. Lift Servicing
    95. Lift Testing
    96. Lifts
    97. Lifts Maintenance
    98. Liftwise Lift
    99. Microlift
    100. Moving Walkway
    101. Moving Walkways
    102. Nationwide Lift Service Branches
    103. Oakland Lift
    104. Otis Escalator Repair
    105. Otis Escalator Service
    106. Otis Lift
    107. Outdoor Platform Lift
    108. Passenger Lift Installation
    109. Passenger Lift Maintenance
    110. Passenger Lift Manufacturer
    111. Passenger Lift Modernisation
    112. Passenger Lift Refurbishment
    113. Passenger Lift Repair
    114. Passenger Lift Repairs
    115. Passenger Lift Servicing
    116. Passenger Lift Testing
    117. Passenger Lifts
    118. PDERS Lifts
    119. Platform Lift Installation
    120. Platform Lift Maintenance
    121. Platform Lift Manufacturer
    122. Platform Lift Modernisation
    123. Platform Lift Repair
    124. Platform Lift Repairs
    125. Platform Lift Servicing
    126. Platform Lift Testing
    127. Platform Lifts
    128. Platform Lifts For Schools
    129. Public Access Lift
    130. Railway Station Lift
    131. Replacement Lift
    132. Retail Lifts
    133. Schindler Lift
    134. Schools Lift
    135. Service Lift Refurbishment
    136. Service Lift Repair
    137. Service Lifts
    138. Shorts Lift
    139. Small Goods Lift
    140. Small Service Lift
    141. Thyssen Escalator Repair
    142. Thyssen Escalator Service
    143. Thyssen Lift
    144. Traction Lift
    145. Trolley Lift
    146. Vertical Platform Lift
    147. Vertical Platform Lifts
    148. Vertical Wheelchair Lift
    149. Wadsworth Lift
    150. Wheelchair Access Lift
    151. Wheelchair Lift Maintenance
    152. Wheelchair Lift Servicing
    153. Wheelchair Lifts
    154. Wheelchair Platform Lift
    155. Wheelchair Platform Lifts