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    Avalco Ltd

    Avalco Ltd directly represents one of Europe's leading solenoid valve manufacturers ODE srl of Italy, who produce a wide range of solenoid valves from M5 to 2" in brass and stainless steel in forms direct acting, servo-assisted and coupled diaphragm with a variety of seals such as EPDM, Viton, PTFE and Ruby alongside a range of standard and High Temperature coils suitable for up to 180oC.

    As their sole UK distributor outlet we carry very high stocks of only solenoid valves and offer as standard a next day delivery service, along with the facility to bag and label to our customers specifications. Every valve and coil produced is individually tested before leaving Italy as ODE srl do not batch test their products.

    We have been working out of our current premises in Nuneaton for over 16 years and have been associated with ODE srl for over 30 years forging a close working relationship which gives us the experience to understand the needs of our customers.

    ODE Solenoid Valves (Brass, Stainless Steel & Plastic (Technopolymer)
    Avalco are partnered with CEME group who have recently acquired ODE srl allowing us to supply their excellent range of Brass, Stainless Steel and Plastic (Technopolymer) ODE Solenoid Valves. Avalco Ltd now supply a comprehensive range of solenoid valves including ODE solenoid valves to all types of industry.

    Direct Acting Valves
    The range of servo assisted and direct acting valves produced by ODE have been proven to operate successfully in a variety of demanding applications such as, ship board, automatic waste water plants, quarries and nuclear power plants. The electrical coils can be supplied with a variety of international approvals such as UL, VDE, CSA and ATEX, with a voltage range from 6 volts through to 380v AC and DC as standard.

    Servo Assisted Solenoid Valves
    Avalco's range of brass servo assisted solenoid valves is available in sizes 3/8" to 2" with a choice of NBR, Viton and EPDM diaphragms. The servo assisted valves can be supplied either normally open or normally closed.

    One of the options available from stock is a servo assisted valve with a built in adjustable throttle device to prevent water hammer. We can also offer from stock a servo assisted valve with a manual override screw that enables the valve to be operated without a power source. All servo assisted valves that Avalco supplies only require an 8 watt coil to operate.

    CNE DIN Connectors
    For use with the coils we carry the full range of CNE din connectors both standard and with moulded cables.

    Visit our website to view our full product range.

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