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    BA Fabrication

    BA Fabrication offers a wide range of highly creative fabrication services all of which can be tailored to meet your exact requirements so whether it's bespoke fabrications, gates and railings for your business or home or you require mobile welding we will deliver every single time.

    - High Quality Fabrications
    - Bespoke Fabrications
    - Mobile Welding
    - Professional Services
    - Experienced and Trusted

    Mobile Welding Services
    Since the year 2000 BA Fabrication has been providing customers in Birmingham and surrounding areas with a second to none mobile welding service including general welding repairs, on site welding and sub-assembly work.

    Mobile Services:

    - TIG Welding
    - MIG Welding
    - Stainless Steel
    - Aluminium
    - Cast Iron

    We will take on any kind of mobile welding work and what's more no job is too big or too small so why not get in touch today to find out more.

    Security Bars and Grilles
    For those areas which require a highly visible deterrent solution BA Fabrications will fabricate a highly effective and robust solution which will be built to meet your specific needs.

    Your security gates and grilles can also be powder coated or galvanized whichever suits the location.

    Custom Fabrications
    At BA Fabrications we like nothing more than a challenge of manufacturing unique fabrications so whether it�s a complex prototype or volumes of metal parts we will get your project done right.

    Gates & Railings
    Falling back on many years of experience we manufacture a range of superb crafted built wrought iron gates all of which will be produced to your own specific requirements and our high standards.

    From traditional gates and railings through to contemporary gates and railings all are made from quality steel and will be built to last for many years to come.

    To find out more about BA Fabrications please head over to our website or get in touch, thank you.

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