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Bolt Manufacture Yorkshire by Bolt & Nut Manufacturing (T/u Tachart Ltd)

White Lea Road, Swinton
Rotherham South Yorkshire
S64 8BH

  • Special fasteners and mechined components
  • High performance and exotic alloys
  • All components are fully traceable
  • UK Manufacturer
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    Bolt & Nut Manufacturing (T/u Tachart Ltd)

    CNC Precision Engineering and Bolt Manufacturer Based In Yorkshire, UK

    Bolt & Nut Manufacturing is a highly experienced CNC precision engineering company that specialises in the production of both non-standard and bespoke fasteners.

    As an accredited ISO 9001 AD2000 PED 97/23/EC company BMN offers one of the most comprehensive manufacturing services for special fasteners all of which offer full traceability and conform to all relevant standards as shown above.

    Our products are manufactured for critical applications and where total product confidence is paramount. We also operate a rapid reaction management process whereby we can produce fasteners and deliver within 24 hours on an urgent basis.

    ...� Precision Special & Bespoke Fasteners
    ...� CNC Machined Components
    ...� Professional Quality Workmanship
    ...� High Performance Materials
    ...� Exotic Alloys
    ...� ISO 9001 AD2000 PED 97/23/EC
    ...� 100% Inspection
    ...� Full Traceability
    ...� In house heat treatment furnaces with furnace charts
    ...� In house PMI (Using Niton Xray gun), all incoming material is checked before processing.
    ...� PMI certificates can be issued for finished machined components.

    Understanding our customer�s needs, our metallurgical knowledge and expertise along with our 24 hour production and delivery service makes us your one stop shop for all of your bespoke and special fastener needs so why not visit our website to find out more.

    Products & Services

    BNM is able to manufacture special fasteners and precision components to a wide range of industrial sectors all having the same needs for high performance components with full traceability.

    From oil, gas and petrochemical, nuclear power, marine and defence through to motor sport, space exploration and aeronautical we are able to serve all of these crucial industries and more with their needs for trustworthy fastener components.

    To view the wide range of special fastener products BNM is able to supply please visit our website. Alternatively please do not hesitate to get in touch.


    At BNM we pride ourselves on the fact that all of the 200,000 kg of raw material we have in stock is fully traceable. This guarantees total product compliance for customers with special fastener needs for their critical applications.

    ...� Aluminium
    ...� Titanium
    ...� Carbon Steels
    ...� Alloy Steels
    ...� Copper, Brass, Bronze
    ...� Nickel Alloys
    ...� Stainless Steels
    ...� Polymers
    ...� Composites

    This vast stock allows BNM to manufacture bespoke and special fasteners on a fast turnaround basis for companies with urgent requirements such as petrochemical operators where minimum down time and disruption of certain production processes is crucial.

    Our highly efficient process system has also been specifically created to enable quick verification and compliance of all materials for engineering companies worldwide including already upgraded and certified materials according to Norsok, Military and Defence Standards.


    Based in Swinton, South Yorkshire in the heart of England we are ideally located to provide a fast and reliable delivery service to the whole of the UK and beyond.

    All of our orders are delivered well packaged and protected and can be shipped to anywhere in the world using your preferred carriers.

    This is just a brief summary of the wide range of products and services BNM is able to provide so if you would like to find out more please visit the BNM website or get in touch directly.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 08:30 to 18:00
    Tuesday 08:30 to 18:00
    Wednesday 08:30 to 18:00
    Thursday 08:30 to 18:00
    Friday 08:30 to 17:00
    Saturday 09:00 to 12:00
    Sunday Closed

    Accepted Payment Methods

    Visa Debit
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    Products and Services

    1. Aerospace Fasteners
    2. Aluminium Bolts
    3. Aluminium Fasteners
    4. Aluminium Fixings
    5. Aluminium Machined Components
    6. Aluminium Nuts
    7. Aluminium Screws
    8. Bespoke Bolts
    9. Bespoke Buts
    10. Bespoke Fasteners
    11. Bespoke Fasteners And Fixings
    12. Bespoke Screws
    13. Bolt And Nut Manufacturers
    14. Bolt Manufacturer
    15. Bolting
    16. Bolts
    17. Bolts And Nuts
    18. Castle Nut
    19. Clevis Pin
    20. Clevis Pins
    21. CNC Machined Components
    22. CNC Machined Components Manufacturer
    23. CNC Machined Components Manufacturers
    24. CNC Precision Machined Components
    25. Conical Spring Washers
    26. Construction Fasteners
    27. Contact Spring Washer
    28. Countersunk Square Bolt
    29. Cylindrical Counter Sunk Screw
    30. Disc Washer
    31. Extension Sleeve
    32. Eye Nut Lifting
    33. Eyebolt Lifting
    34. Fastener And Fixing
    35. Fastener And Fixings
    36. Fastener Distributor
    37. Fasteners
    38. Fasteners And Fastening Systems
    39. Fasteners And Fixings
    40. Fasteners Distributor
    41. Fasteners Distributors
    42. Fixings
    43. Fixings And Fasteners
    44. Fixings And Fastening Systems
    45. Fixings Distributor
    46. Fixings Distributors
    47. Flat Knurled Nut
    48. Flat Knurled Thumb Screw
    49. Foundation Bolt
    50. Foundation Nut
    51. Friction Grip Nut
    52. Grub Screw
    53. Hardened Washer
    54. Hexagon Bolt
    55. Hexagon Cap Nut
    56. Hexagon Dome Cap Nut
    57. Hexagon Flange Bolt
    58. Hexagon Flange Nut
    59. Hexagon Flange Screw
    60. Hexagon Head Pipe Plug
    61. Hexagon Head Screw Plug
    62. Hexagon Nut
    63. Hexagon Screw
    64. Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw
    65. Hexagon Socket Screw Plug
    66. Hexagon Socket Setscrew
    67. Hexagon Thin Nut
    68. High Precision Machined Components
    69. High Quality Machined Components
    70. Inconel Fastener
    71. Inconel Fastener Distributor
    72. Inconel Fastener Distributors
    73. Inconel Fastener Supplier
    74. Inconel Fastener Suppliers
    75. Inconel Fasteners
    76. Industrial Fasteners
    77. Knurled But
    78. Knurled Nut
    79. Large Washer
    80. Lock Washer
    81. Machined Componants
    82. Machined Component Manufacturers
    83. Machined Component ManufacturersSubcontracting Precision Engineering
    84. Machined Components
    85. Manufacturing Fasteners
    86. Marine Fasteners
    87. Marine Security Stud Fasteners
    88. Marine Stainless Steel Fasteners
    89. Masonry Fasteners
    90. Nickel Alloy Bolts
    91. Nickel Alloy Fasteners
    92. Nickel Alloy Fixings
    93. Nickel Alloy Nuts
    94. Nickel Alloy Screws
    95. Nuclear Industry Fasteners
    96. Nut
    97. Nut Manufacturer
    98. Nuts
    99. Nuts & Bolts
    100. Nuts And Bolts
    101. Nyloc Dome Cap Nut
    102. Nyloc Flange Nut
    103. Nyloc Nut
    104. Oil & Gas Fasteners
    105. Oil & Gas Stainless Steel Fasteners
    106. Parallel Pin
    107. Pipe Nut
    108. Pipe Plug
    109. Precision Engineered Fasteners
    110. Precision Engineering Fasteners
    111. Precision Machined Components
    112. Precision Machined Components CNC
    113. Precision Machined Components CNC To Specification
    114. Precision Machined Components To Specification
    115. Press Nut Fasteners
    116. Retail Fasteners
    117. Roofing Fasteners
    118. Round Head Bolt
    119. Round Nut With Drilled Holes
    120. Round Nut With Pin
    121. Safety Cup
    122. Screw
    123. Screws
    124. Screws & Fixings
    125. Security Fasteners
    126. Self Locking Dome Nut
    127. Slotted Capstan Screws
    128. Slotted Headless Screw
    129. Slotted Hexagon Head Screw
    130. Slotted Knurled Thumb Screw
    131. Slotted Pan Cheese Head Screws
    132. Slotted Pan Head Screws
    133. Slotted Round Nut
    134. Slotted Set Screw
    135. Slotted Set Screws
    136. Slotted Setscrews
    137. Slotted Shoulder Screw
    138. Special Fastener Systems
    139. Special Fasteners
    140. Special Fasteners And Fixings
    141. Special Marine Fasteners
    142. Special Nuts And Bolts
    143. Special Purpose Fasteners
    144. Special Specification Fasteners
    145. Specialised Industrial Fasteners
    146. Specialist Fasteners
    147. Spring Washer
    148. Square Head Bolt
    149. Square Head Screw Plug
    150. Square Nut
    151. Stainless Fasteners
    152. Stainless Fasteners And Fixings
    153. Stainless Steel Bolts
    154. Stainless Steel Fasteners
    155. Stainless Steel Fixings
    156. Stainless Steel Nuts
    157. Stainless Steel Screws
    158. Steel Bolts
    159. Steel Fasteners
    160. Steel Fasteners And Fixings
    161. Steel Fixings
    162. Steel Nuts
    163. Steel Screws
    164. Stud
    165. Stud For Welding
    166. Subsea Fasteners
    167. Subsea Fastenings
    168. Subsea Stainless Steel Fasteners
    169. Superalloy Fasteners
    170. Swing Bolt
    171. Swivel Bolt
    172. T-Head Bolt
    173. Tab Washer
    174. Taper Pin
    175. Tee Head Bolt
    176. Thin Castle Nut
    177. Thin Slotted Nut
    178. Thin Square Nut
    179. Threaded Rods
    180. Threading Pins
    181. Titanium Alloy Fasteners
    182. Titanium Bolts
    183. Titanium Fasteners
    184. Titanium Fasteners & Fittings
    185. Titanium Fixings
    186. Titanium Nuts
    187. Titanium Screws
    188. Washer
    189. Washer With Tap
    190. Washers


    ISO 9001 Quality management systems

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    • New machines added to our capacity

      New machines added to our capacity

      Increasing our capacity to 420mm dia x 1.36M with turn and mill including a Y axis. Thank you to Ward Hitech for a seamless sale on these two Hwacheon Hitech 450AL YMC / Hitech 200.