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    China and Glassware Storage Specialists

    Caterbox is the home of catering equipment storage boxes. Whether you need storage boxes for chinaware, dish washing racks for glassware or dishwasher cutlery we have the perfect solution in stock & ready to go. With over 30 years of experience of event hire storage solutions we have boxes for all sorts of applications such as outdoor catering storage & glassware hire services. We offer a wide verity of glassware storage boxes, cup boxes, chinaware storage boxes, cutlery storage, dishwasher glass racks, plate racks, conveyor baskets & custom-made boxes.

    Trusted by the majority of the UK�s event hire industry, our wide range of correx boxes, plastic boxes, attached lid containers, euro containers & ventilated crates are also used for industrial storage, distribution, warehousing and logistics as well as office storage, school storage, commercial kitchen storage, residential / office moves and domestic storage. All available with personalized branding options. People who choose Caterbox as their one stop box shop receive boxes that last a lifetime & look fantastic too. All our plastic containers, plastic storage boxes, totes and materials handling equipment are made from high quality, heavy-duty plastic. All volume discounted storage can be delivered by next day for free.

    Dish Washing Racks

    This superior and extensive dish washing rack range is specifically designed for washing and transporting glassware safely and efficiently. The FRIES Rack System is a world leading brand that is unique and out performs all other dish washing racks on the market. Its open profile design allows for superior water & airflow during the washing processes, the curved dividers makes it easy to load & un-load glassware and the simple design of these easy to handle, stack, and transport.

    Glassware can be transported, washed and stored in the same rack with little to no handling required. This fantastic all-in-one dish washing rack helps reduce labour costs while protecting glassware from breakages. The open profile of these glass racks provides excellent visibility which is great for stock recognition. Each cell configuration is colour-coded further allowing you to identify glassware with ease. The divider combinations are made from a specially injected polypropylene, meaning each compartment provides the best protection for your glassware.

    Dishwasher Glass Racks
    Dishwasher Cutlery Trays

    The Dishwasher Cutlery Tray is an eight-compartment basket with carry handles. Perfect for use in Classeq Ware-Washers or as stand-alone Cutlery Trays for use on draining boards. The DishwasherCutlery Basket is built to hold 120 pieces with specially designed open mesh bottom and sides to allow maximum circulation during cleaning and drying for outstanding results saving you time when it comes to cleaning cutlery.

    Dishwasher Cutlery Baskets
    Glassware Storage Euro Containers

    As the UK chinaware storage specialist Caterbox has a wide verity for washing and storing solutions to cups, mugs, jugs and other crockery. The cup wash & store crates offers a solution for all sizes of chinaware. High quality Euro crates designed to go through the conveyor washers so cups can be loaded, transported washed and stored in one crate reducing labour costs & subsequent breakages.

    Using chinaware storage crates is an economical solution and the best way to protect valuable tableware & dinnerware. Our lattice china storage containers are used and relied upon by many event hire companies in the UK and across the world. Pack, protect, stack, store & transport you precious china with our comprehensive range of our cup wash and store solutions. These perforated boxes will allow liquids to easily drain away preventing the accumulation of dampness.

    Crates are 600x400mm Euro containers with removable chemical and heat
    resistant dividers. Hygienic, strong and stackable they are an effective storage solution in any fast moving environment. They can easily inter-stack with other Euro containers, maximising space and optimising palletisation.

    Glassware Storage Containers
    Glassware Storage Boxes

    At Caterbox we have five different types of Glass Storage Boxes & Glassware Storage Container options to choose from, each providing a unique solution for glass storage and transportation.

    Whether you�re looking for just a simple no-fuss cheap Storage Box or a World Leading Glass Rack that does it all, streamlining your business by stacking, storing, washing and transporting large amounts of glasses within one rack, reducing handling and subsequent breakages.

    We have your perfect Glass Storage Box with a vast range of compartment sizes to ensure you can fit as many glasses in one boxes as possible.

    Glassware Storage Boxes
    Cup Wash & Store Crates

    Cup wash & store crates available to buy online, designed to go through the conveyor washer reducing handling & subsequent breakages. China storage crates are economical and offer the best protection for your valuable tableware & dinnerware. Our lattice china storage containers are also the ideal solution to overcrowded cabinets. Pack, protect, stack, store & transport you precious china with our comprehensive range of our china storage solutions.

    These perforated boxes are designed to prevent the accumulation of dampness and have effective ventilation meaning liquids can easily drain away. Made to European standard sizing, so is compatible with any other euro box. When stacked it can be quickly determined whether the container is full or empty with the added benefit of removable dividers making this a multi-functional storage solution. Typically used for separating cups, as protection is essential when transporting and washing, but the natural polypropylene dividers are also very well suited for dividing other delicate items like engineering components.

    Cup Wash & Store Crates
    Plate Wash & Store Crates

    The Plate Wash & Store Crate Range is part of the latest innovative product range designed and created by Caterbox. The Plate Wash & Store Crate has large vents throughout the design to help promote superior water & air flow & with reinforced base & walls you can be positive you�re receiving a strong & durable lifelong product. The 4 Handles also makes for even better handling!

    Compromising of several compartment sizes you can be sure to find the perfect crate for your plates. The new unique design delivers maximum protection, that, partnered with the Efficient Wash Design ensures your plates get the best wash & dry they have ever seen. The dividers used are made from can unbreakable, yet flexible food-grade, dishwasher safe & recyclable material.

    Plate Wash & Store Crates
    Plate Storage Boxes

    The plate storage boxes (400x300) is part of the latest innovative product range designed to protect plates during storage and transportation. These segmented plate storage boxes have been specially designed with plate protection in mind. Our range offers a variety of heights and compartment sizes so you can be sure to find the perfect plate box for protecting your delicate plates and dinnerware. Plates are stored and an individual compartment so is well protected, plates are easy to load & unload and with a �set amount per box� you can be sure of no more overfilled & damaged boxes. The inserts used are made from a recyclable material that is unbreakable yet flexible food-grade plastic. Once your plates have been loaded no more handling is required making this a minimal contact solution, and less handling means fewer breakages. Of 400x300mm Euro box dimensions means it is inter-stackable with the rest of the Euro Range which means maximising your storage space and saving you money.

    Plate Storage Boxes
    Bowl / Saucer Storage Box

    From our plate storage container range this plate storage box has a 6 cell divider insert which is made from an unbreakable polypropylene that is both heat & chemical resistant. This chinaware storage box is a 600x400mm plastic euro container with reinforced base and open handles support effective storage, handling and transportation, resulting in the optimum protection of your goods. Designed to European standard dimensions, our plate storage boxes can easily inter stack with other euro containers, maximising space and optimising palletisation.

    Bowl Storage Box
    Charger Plate Storage Box

    This robust, durable Charger Plate Storage Box also known as 12-inch plate box, can be stacked on top of each other to best maximise space. The large plate storage box provides an efficient solution to pack, protect, stack and store your chinaware. Our large plate storage box 24025Blue is typically used for charger plates with a maximum diameter of 330mm. Please refer to �Stacked Internal Dimensions� for further information.

    Our best selling plate box is used and relied upon by thousands of customers in the catering and event hire industry. The square solid plastic container is of quality with additional reinforcement to the base and walls for maximum strength. Purchasing this specialist chinaware storage box will give you years of heavy-duty use as well as streamlining your business and protecting your chinaware at the same time.

    Charger Plate Storage Box
    Multi Purpose Commercial Dishwasher Basket

    Multi-purpose commercial dishwasher basket for washing barware such as glasses, plates and cutlery. When the inserts are removed the basket can hold up to 25 pint glasses. This industry-standard size 500 x 500mm open basket is used in commercial dishwashers. Its open profile design, gives superior washing, complete rinsing and fast drying. Made from a special polypropylene it will withstand chemicals and high temperatures up to 80�C. Designed to ensure effective water circulation over and around the items in the rack, significantly improving washing results. The sides are high enough to keep all items safely inside the rack during the wash cycle.

    Basket for use with pass through dishwashers, rack conveyors, standard undercounter dishwashers to wash glassware, plates, cutlery and other barware and catering equipment. Easy to load and handle, durable and stackable and thanks to the optional and movable inserts, you can rearrange the internal configuration of the rack as often as you wish to meet your various ware washing needs, making this the ideal dishwasher basket for pubs, bars and cafes. 400mm baskets are also available.

    Multi Purpose Dishwasher Basket
    Box Dividers & Inserts

    Box dividers and Inserts are a great way to keep items secure and protected inside their box. Choosing box dividers for your business is made easy with Caterbox, as our standard range of heights and compartment configurations is so extensive that you will be able to organise your stock while reducing the space taken up by maximising your boxes internal capacity. Keep equipment protected and improve your manual handling operations using this simple tool for segmenting storage boxes. Typically used for glassware our box divider inserts are also well suited for storing industrial products such as automotive parts and engineering components. These plastic box dividers are hygienic and food-safe, available in a range of designs. Made in house using the latest digital cutting technology for a smooth finish with no nasty sharp edges.

    Box Dividers
    Bespoke Boxes

    Caterbox�s bespoke / custom-made storage boxes. Made from strong & durable yet lightweight materials this box is perfect for housing all sorts of awkward non-standard shaped items. Once your valuable items are housed in their new boxes they are fully protected against bumps and scrapes while being handled, reducing wear and tear and prolonging the lifetime of goods. Made in-house every care is taken to ensure you receive a top-quality product.

    Bespoke Boxes
    Box Branding & Printing

    Add personality to your boxes with Caterbox fast and flexible Print Service. Strengthen your brand with a variety of media options including Text, Logos, Barcodes and even QR Codes. The Caterbox Branding Services offers two options for Print, helping you leave a lasting impression on your client and their guests. Whether it is to distinguish one glass type from another, promote your business or, simply eliminate those instances whereby boxes go �walk-about� - Our box branding service is here to help.

    Box Branding
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    Our range of Dish Washing Racks, Dishwasher Cutlery, Euro Containers and everything else are available to the following locations and the rest of the UK:
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