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    Catering Equipment Express

    A Leading UK Catering Equipment Supplier and Manufacturer

    As a catering equipment manufacturer and supplier we have been providing one of the most comprehensive ranges of catering equipment since 2001 including Imperial Fryers, Alpeninox Refrigeration Equipment, Rational Combi Ovens and Stainless Steel products to sectors such as restaurants, hospitals, schools, breweries and nursing homes to name but a few.

    - Low Prices
    - Top Brands
    - Huge Range
    - Finance
    - Free Delivery

    As well as our highly efficient manufacturing service we are able to supply a range of catering equipment from some of the industry's leading manufacturers including Pitco, Alpeninox, Blues Seal, Rational, Foster and many more making for an all-round highly professional supply service for customers everywhere that require top quality products.

    Kitchen Equipment

    When visiting our website you'll first notice the vast range of kitchen equipment available, from blast chillers, chest freezers, chargrills and dishwashers through to cooking ranges, cutlery polishers, veg preparation machines and the simple toaster to name but a few.

    If by any chance you cannot find exactly what you are looking for just simply give one our highly experienced sales team a call with your requirements and let Catering Equipment Express do the rest.

    RATIONAL Combi Ovens

    We supply a wide range of RATIONAL Combi Ovens available free standing or countertop with finance and leasing options available. RATIONAL's range of Combi Ovens are designed to provide the very best tool for cooking, they have become a standard in professional kitchens all over the world with over 1,000,000 RATIONAL units on the market.

    TurboChef Rapid Cook Ovens

    TurboChef are well known as manufacturers of the worlds fastest ovens, they combine innovation and top performance to redefine cooking efficiency. TurboChef Rapid Cook Ovens are versatile and user friendly, they are an excellent choice for commercial kitchens looking to incorporate accelerated cooking technology.

    The following TurboChef Ovens are available from our website:

    - ECO Rapid Cook Oven
    - Fire Ventless Pizza Oven
    - High h Batch
    - High h Conveyor 1618
    - High h Conveyor 2020
    - i3 Rapid Cook
    - i5 Rapid Cook
    - Panini (i1)
    - Sota (i1)
    - Waterless Steamer

    Stainless Steel Fabrications

    As a leading manufacturer of catering equipment we are able to supply one of the largest ranges of high quality kitchen furniture, so if your requirements are for stainless steel sinks, stainless steel canopies, dishwasher tables, counters, wall and microwave shelves, racking and stainless steel hotcupboards please head over to our online shop.

    Catering Equipment Express is also able to provide a full bespoke stainless steel equipment design and manufacturing service so if you have any bespoke requirements please do not hesitate to get in touch.


    Catering Equipment Express is able to provide a range of finance packages for any equipment we sell so why not visit our website to find out more.

    Leasing benefits include up to date equipment without the large capital outlay, acquiring the equipment when you need it and not being dictated by budget hence conserving capital for more important projects.

    Leasing from Catering Equipment Express also includes the benefits of fixed costing month after month including early settlements options and upgrades during term of lease.

    '100% Tax Deductible'. By claiming the full amount on each year's rental payments instead of 25% on an amount which diminishes each year.

    Public Sectors Accounts

    Did you know that Catering Equipment Express offers the Public Sectors a range of specialist accounts including Government, NHS, MOD, Schools, Colleges and Universities?

    To find out more about this service or if you would like a quotation please feel free to get in touch.

    Special Offers

    We always have a great line of special offer products available that bring huge savings so please do not hesitate to give us a call for a current list.

    Featured Brands

    Featured Brands

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