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Curtis Instruments (UK) Ltd

5 Upper Priory Street
Northampton Northamptonshire

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    Curtis Instruments (UK) Ltd

    Forklift Safety Equipment, Motor Controllers and Battery Chargers

    We are a global leader of integrated systems supplying one of the most comprehensive ranges of products for manufacturers of material handling equipment, access equipment, industrial battery powered vehicles, electric on road vehicles and medical mobility sectors We supply a wide range of battery chargers from stock, forklift safety equipment, speed controllers and instrumentation, DC/DC converters, contactors and foot pedals.

    Based in Northampton UK, operating from a purpose built and well-appointed facility, Curtis Instruments predominantly work in the materials handling and construction sectors providing complete vehicle control systems for equipment manufacturers or standalone items. We provide an impressive range of replacement truck parts and spares to dealers/distributors and battery companies along with an aftermarket technical help service providing assistance to our partners.


    Industrial vehicle battery chargers

    Curtis Instruments wide range of standard 50 hertz, high frequency and on-board traction battery chargers are available on a next day delivery from stock held in our Northampton warehouse, along with commonly associated products that are used with them, like REMA battery connectors, BDI�s and battery monitoring systems.

    Our extensive (up to) 5 year warranty allows you and your customers to buy with confidence and it�s all backed up by a UK wide network of independent Battery Charger Service Agents to help you with any on site issues you may have.

    Models available from 12V to 96V, single or three phase supply with dual voltage options, weatherproof cabinets and the latest Active Power Factor Correction technology.

    Forklift Safety Equipment

    Curtis Instruments range of safety equipment includes LED flashing safety beacons, LED Worklamps, Blue Spot Safety Lights and Reverse Alarms along with many other spares and replacement parts like contactors, throttles, pot boxes and assemblies, connectors, emergency disconnect switches�. the list is endless and the prices and availability are great.

    Motor Speed Controllers

    Curtis Instruments supply Motor Speed Controllers in a range of formats for electric motors including AC Induction, SepEx, Permanent Magnet and Series Motor Controllers.

    Curtis motor controllers provide an unbeatable combination of power, performance and functionality and deliver silent, smooth and seamless control of many different types of electric industrial vehicles worldwide. Handheld and PC based programming equipment is available for use with all ranges.


    Curtis Instruments supplies vehicle instrumentation not only for equipment manufacturers worldwide but also for some leading European distributors including RS Components, TVH and Farnell.

    CAN & Serial Programmable
    CAN and Serial Communication instruments from Curtis display vehicle data and fault information. These gauges connect directly to Curtis controllers and I/O modules, easily, seamlessly and conveniently. Models include the 840 and enGage range.

    Hour Meters
    We offer an impressive range of cased and module Hour Meters that provide unprecedented levels of reliability, performance and flexibility. From the elapsed time monitor 200 Module through to the 760P Module dual channel solid state hour meter and maintenance monitor, Curtis offers an unrivalled range of products to meet all of your Hour Meter applications.

    ACUITY Battery Monitoring System
    Finally, there is a solution for one of the greatest dilemmas of fleet managers: complete and accurate battery information for the life of the battery, to help extend battery life, to improve productivity and operating efficiency � all with significant impact on the bottom line. Acuity mounts directly onto an industrial battery to measure, record and communicate critical battery performance parameters throughout the total life of the battery.

    Battery State of Charge Instruments
    Curtis has long been the global technological leader I the accurate measurement of state-of-charge of lead acid batteries for industrial vehicles. Curtis offers the widest range of Battery State of Charge instruments in the industry and continues to develop new algorithms to help improve accuracy as well as measure the charge of associated battery chemistries and alternative fuel sources. We have millions of units in use worldwide. Models include the multi-function 803 and 906.

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