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dB Live Sound Ltd

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  • PA Hire, Live Audio Equipment Rental & Sound Engineering
  • PA Rental in Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire
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    'PA Hire, Live Audio Equipment Rental & Sound Engineering in Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire & Surrounding Areas'

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    dB Live Sound Ltd

    dB Live Sound provides event organisers from a wide range of entertainment backgrounds a totally professional sound system hire service.

    Our Aim
    Whether a small pub gig or festival we understand that sound quality is everything, and that�s why we`re passionate about providing clients with a second to none range of high end equipment, all of which can be tailored and set up to meet your particular venue requirements.

    'Complete' Sound System Hire Service
    The supply of your hired equipment is just the start because our team of professionals will deliver, set up, operate and pack down all of the equipment supplied.

    Endless Options Available
    dB Live Sound offers a range of competitive packages. We can mix, match, and swap various elements around and create the perfect PA System to meet your event needs so why not get in touch to find out more.

    Some of the 'Most Popular Packages' we have to offer include:

    � Pub & Club Band PA Systems
    � PA Systems for Weddings
    � Vocal PA Systems
    � PA Systems for Corporate Conferences
    � Speaker Systems for Parties
    � Tours & Concert Systems
    � Live Recording

    Pub & Club Band PA Systems
    dB Live Sound offers a range of options for venues such as clubs and pubs. Also if you need to reinforce vocals, keyboards, guitars and even drums our professionals have the ability to create great sounds for any event.

    PA Systems for Weddings
    Where weddings are concerned we will set up the perfect sound system to make sure everyone at your venue hears exactly what's being said. We will ensure your speeches and toast are heard exactly as you intended.

    Vocal PA Systems
    For all of your pub or small marquee events our vocal PA systems use a pair of 10� to 15� speakers depending on your specific requirements. Monitors as well can be incorporated making for the perfect performance.

    Live Recording
    We can record direct from our digital mixers into a laptop based audio workstation (DAW) � overall mix, sub groups for mixdown or all inputs for complete control at mixdown.

    Where Are We?
    Based in Welland, Worcestershire we are able to offer our services to clients all over the Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire region so if you've been looking for a company that can project great sound on stage and in the crowd give us a call.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 24 hrs
    Tuesday 24 hrs
    Wednesday 24 hrs
    Thursday 24 hrs
    Friday 24 hrs
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    Sunday 24 hrs

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    Key Personnel
    Dave Iles
    Dave Iles Managing Director
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