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Denby Dale Coffee Ltd

Unit 6 Park Valley Court, Meltham Road
Huddersfield West Yorkshire

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    Denby Dale Coffee Ltd

    True coffee experts with an established reputation for service

    Coffee Experts

    Specialists in the supply & service of a wide range of commercial coffee machines, Bean to Cup Coffee Machines, espresso coffee machines, vending machines and domestic coffee makers.

    Our ingredients includes our very own 'Ciao' coffee range includes espresso coffee beans, filter coffee, fairtrade and organic blends. Denby Dale Coffee Ltd is committed to fairtrade and we offer a full range of products including coffee, teas, chocolate and sugar.

    Coffee shops, Restaurants, Hotels, Offices, Convenience,
    Cafes, Schools and Tourism & Leisure

    We supply many different types of coffee machines and coffee makers

    Bean to Cup Coffee Machines:
    Easy to use, one touch, push button cappuccino coffee makers using fresh milk and espresso Coffee Beans. Our product range includes Jura, Westomatic and Azkoyen coffee machines, both commercial packages and domestic coffee makers. Our organic fairtrade coffee beans work exceptionally well with these machines, producing an excellent crema.

    Traditional Espresso Coffee Machines:

    The traditional Espresso Machine is a machine used to make espresso coffee. These coffee makers use a pressurised boiler to force steam through finely ground coffee. Commercial Espresso Machines are popular in coffee shops, bars and restaurants. Millions of Coffee lovers now produce espresso and cappuccino coffee at home using domestic Espresso Machines.

    Soluble Instant Coffee Machines:

    Simple to operate, push button vending coffee machines which contain product canisters. Easy to self fill, these dispensing vending machines produce coffees and cappuccinos in seconds. Our vending machines are manufactured by Bravilor and Westomatic which are easy to use and operate.

    Filter Coffee Machines:

    Where quality filter coffee is required in small volumes or large volumes (Bulk Brew), our commercial filter coffee machine range caters for all requirements. We have a range of fairtrade coffees which have become popular with our filter coffee machines.

    Mr Slush Machines:
    A Slush Machine is a popular way to increase profits in many businesses. Selling slush from a slush machine can deliver large incremental profits. Our slush puppy machines are available in many sizes. Our retailers enjoy 86% P.O.R. selling our Mr Slush drinks. Check out our range of Slush Syrups, with 30 flavours to choose from. Our range includes Traditional, Sugar Free, 99% Fruit and Slush Cocktails.

    Shmoo Milkshakes Vending Express
    Now now supply the cutting-edge Shamoo Milkshake Vending Machine - a floor standing, self service milkshake marvel! Your customers can choose from a mouth-watering array of four flavours in just a touch. The Shmoo Milkshakes Vending Express doesn't even require fresh milk.


    We supply within the UK a range of high quality filter coffees and espresso coffee beans. Our ground coffees have establish a reputation for superior quality and freshness. In addition to filter coffee and espresso coffee beans, we also supply a total beverage solution which includes instant coffee, hot chocolate, teas and accessories.

    Here are some of the products we supply:

    Coffee Beans
    Filter Coffee
    Freshbrew Coffee
    Instant Coffee
    Vending Ingredients
    Ciao Coffee

    Commercial Coffee Machines
    Slush Machines
    Slush Syrup
    Slush Cups
    Mr Slush
    Mr Slushed

    Slush Cocktails
    Ice Cream Machines
    Jura Coffee Machines
    Fairtrade Coffee
    Fairtrade Coffee Beans
    Shmoo Milkshakes Vending Express

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