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    DEWESoft UK Ltd

    Data Acquisition Instruments & Solutions for Demanding Applications

    Data Acquisition

    DEWESoft provides the total solution, from hardware design, manufacturing and software development through to marketing, sales and support services.

    Our Mission
    By working closely with our valuable customers we are able to provide them with the best possible test and measurement solution. These solutions start with robust mechanical housings and great electronics and combine with powerful software in order to achieve a strong base for various applications.

    Our Vision
    At DEWESoft our vision is simple; to provide single software packages with highly integrated hardware to provide tailored and easy to use systems for almost any application.

    Our Commitment
    Our commitment to you is to provide you with a global network of people who are able to offer the best local service possible to customers worldwide including fast response times and excellent services.

    Product Overview
    For over fifteen years DEWESoft have been creating easy to use measurement software for a wide range of DAQ hardware designed to simplify the work of test engineers.

    DAQ and Control Systems

    High quality signal recording, data recording and processing all come together in one, along with the ability to be used as a real-time control front-end. Our devices are capable of storing hundreds of digital and analog channels at full speed whilst at the same time allowing in parallel data to be sent out to any 3rd party EtherCAT master controller in real time.

    The R8rt is a high channel count DAQ system, it has high end signal conditioning, a powerful computer data logger and provides real time data output capability to and 3rd party EtherCAT real time controller.

    The IOLOITE is an all in one solution for real time control and feedback monitoring. It's main features are; Dual EtherCAT, great signal conditioning, redundant power supply, multiple chassis options, great price to performance ratio and the software included comes with free lifetime upgrades.


    Any signal, any sensor, any form factor

    design and build instruments for one reason - to measure any kind of signal, anywhere, with precision and flexibility.

    Our SIRIUS provides endless configuration possibilities ranging from 4 channel 200 KS/ch distributed USB solutions to high speed 128 channel standalone solutions with built in PC and display.


    Ruggedized, distributed EtherCAT DAQ modules

    IP67, -40 degrees to 85 degrees C, fully EtherCAT compliant.

    The KRYPTON DAQ module is a companion to rely on and is engineered precisely to operate flawlessly in all kinds of harsh environments such as cold, hot, dusty, muddy, wet and ice to name a few.

    With its solid aluminium machined case filled with rubber the KRYPTON is also shock proof and vibration proof making it your companion to rely on.


    Award winning USB DAQ system, small, smart and powerful

    Weighing in at just over 0.5kg the DEWE-43 is a small rugged box that contains the heart of a giant and can be held in just one hand.

    It�s got eight dynamic analogue inputs, each one backed up with a 24 bit AD converter for the simultaneous sampling at the highest resolution making it perfect for more demanding data acquisition applications.


    Measurement and control DAQ system for demanding applications

    This measurement and control system with up to 10k5/s/ch has been designed for many demanding applications particularly in component testing, engine testing, structural monitoring, process performance testing and industrial monitoring.

    It�s also completely modular and very flexible in configuration including analogue, digital, counter, CAN, GPS, USB and Wi-Fi.

    This is only a tiny sample of the wide range of innovative products and services available so if you would like further information about DEWESoft UK Ltd please visit our main website.

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