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    Cut Profiles Ltd

    CUT PROFILES LIMITED - Delivering Solutions

    Cut Profiles Ltd provides customers with one of the most comprehensive cutting solutions covering CNC Routing and Die Cutting Formes.

    We are specialists in flat bed cutting formes of every kind which can be manufactured from a file, mock up, sample of concept brief.

    We can also create digital files for you and your drawing and help with your design to achieve accurate results.

    Although engaged in state of the art technology Cut Profiles Ltd still maintains its vital traditional skills to create only the best quality die formes and what's more at a competitive price.

    Die Cutting Formes

    Generated by our CAD system, Cut Profiles Ltd are able to produce flatbed dies of the finest precision. They are then CNC routered or laser cut and ruled using the most up to date automated or manual bending machinery. Our die cutting formes are used as a template to stamp out the shape of your packaging. Die cutting formes can be custom produced to your specific requirements.

    CNC Router Profiling

    If you're looking for letter cutting, fretwork, plywood, trellis or sign engraving or have a complex shape you need processing we are equipped with a range of up to date CNC routing equipment and can provide you with the perfect solution.

    We are able to produce bespoke shaping, cutting & profiling from a vast range of materials including:

    � Wood
    � Foam
    � Plastic
    � Rubber
    � Aluminium

    � Plastazote
    � Flexible Magnets
    � Carpet
    � Corrugated Sheet Plastic
    � Cork

    � Thin Metals
    � Composite
    � Fabric
    � Felt

    Just simply forward your designs or ideas so we can put to use our superior CNC routing machinery and provide you with your desired profiles.

    Die Cutting

    Cut Profiles provide a low cost contract die cutting service designed to cover a wide range of companies or businesses nationwide so please get in touch to find out more about our quality service.

    From one off prototypes and small batches to high volumes Cut Profiles Ltd has the expertise and equipment to provide you with the perfect solution.

    Assembly Service

    To further complement our quality services Cut Profiles has the facility to assist you with an assembly service to help with your project from start to finish.

    Our Mission

    At Cut Profiles we aim to build stronger relationships with customers by providing a creative cutting solution along with an outstanding service so why not contact us with your requirements to find out how we can help your business.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 08:30 to 17:00
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    4. Abrasive Cutting Off Machines
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    6. Abrasive Water Jet Cutting
    7. Abrasive Waterjet
    8. Abrasive Waterjet Cutting
    9. Aluminium CNC Machining
    10. Architectural GRP
    11. Batch CNC Machining
    12. Bespoke GRP Composite
    13. Bespoke Grp Fibre Glass
    14. Bespoke GRP Manufacturing
    15. Bespoke Grp Moulders
    16. Bespoke GRP Moulding
    17. Bespoke Grp Mouldings
    18. Brass CNC Machining
    19. Carbon Fibre
    20. Carbon Fibre Fabrics
    21. Carbon Fibre Products
    22. Carbon Fibre Sheet
    23. Card Cutting
    24. Card Laminating
    25. Card Laminating Machines
    26. Carpet Tile Cutting
    27. Case Inserts
    28. CNC Cut Foams
    29. CNC Cutting
    30. CNC Cutting Tables
    31. Cnc Die Cutting
    32. CNC Foam
    33. CNC Foam Router
    34. Cnc Knife Cutting
    35. CNC Laser Cutting Cardboard
    36. CNC Laser Cutting Wood
    37. CNC Machining
    38. CNC Machining Alloy
    39. CNC Machining Aluminium
    40. CNC Machining Brass
    41. CNC Machining Mild Steel
    42. CNC Machining Nylon
    43. CNC Machining Of Castings
    44. CNC Machining Plastic
    45. CNC Machining Specialists
    46. CNC Machining Steel
    47. CNC Machining To Specification
    48. CNC Plastic Machinery
    49. CNC Profile Cutting
    50. CNC Routed Foam Inserts
    51. CNC Router
    52. CNC Router Cutting
    53. CNC Router For Sale
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    61. CNC Routing
    62. CNC SubContract
    63. CNC Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting
    64. CNC Water Jet Cutting
    65. CNC Water Jet Cutting Brass
    66. CNC Water Jet Cutting Bronze
    67. CNC Water Jet Cutting Carbon Steel
    68. CNC Water Jet Cutting Ceramics
    69. CNC Water Jet Cutting Foam
    70. CNC Water Jet Cutting Glass
    71. CNC Water Jet Cutting Granite
    72. CNC Water Jet Cutting Graphite
    73. CNC Water Jet Cutting Hard Rubber
    74. CNC Water Jet Cutting Hardened Steel
    75. CNC Water Jet Cutting Machinery
    76. CNC Water Jet Cutting Marble
    77. CNC Water Jet Cutting Services
    78. CNC Water Jet Tiles
    79. CNC Waterjet Cutting
    80. CNC Wood Router
    81. CNC Woodworking
    82. CNC Woodworking Router
    83. CNC-Machining
    84. Composite GRP
    85. Composite Panels
    86. Composite Sandwich Panel Manufacturers
    87. Composite Sandwich Panel Suppliers
    88. Composite Sandwich Panels
    89. Contract Die Cutting
    90. Copper CNC Machining
    91. Custom Flight Cases
    92. Custom GRP Composite
    93. Customised Gasket Cutting
    94. Cutting Formes
    95. Cutting Presses
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    118. FibreglassGRP
    119. Fine Cutting
    120. Fine Laser Cutting
    121. Flat Bed Cutting
    122. Flat Bed Die Cutting
    123. Flatbed Cutting
    124. Flight Cases
    125. Flight Cases With Foam
    126. Foam Case Inserts
    127. Foam Cutting
    128. Foam Die Cuts
    129. Foam Die Cutting
    130. Foam Inserts
    131. Foam Inserts For Cases
    132. Foam Routing
    133. Foamex
    134. Gasket Cutting
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    137. General GRP
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    188. Large CNC Machining
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    190. Leather Embossing Dies
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    194. Milling CNC Machining Plastic Components
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    196. Perspex Routing
    197. PET Die Cut
    198. Plastic Card Cutting
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    213. Project Management CNC Machining
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    216. Router Letter Templates
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    240. Water Jet
    241. Water Jet Cutting
    242. Water Jet Cutting Brass
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    244. Water Jet Cutting Carbon
    245. Water Jet Cutting Ceramics
    246. Water Jet Cutting Foam
    247. Water Jet Cutting Glass
    248. Water Jet Cutting Granite
    249. Water Jet Cutting Graphite
    250. Water Jet Cutting Hard Rubber
    251. Water Jet Cutting Hardened Steel
    252. Water Jet Cutting Machinery
    253. Water Jet Cutting Machines
    254. Water Jet Cutting Marble
    255. Water Jet Cutting Servces
    256. Water Jet Cutting Services
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    259. Water Jet Machine Repairs
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