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    Bellingham + Stanley, a Xylem brand

    Bellingham + Stanley, a Xylem brand, is one of the world�s leading manufacturers of Refractometers & Polarimeters.

    Our many years of experience in the field of optical engineering, software design and electronics has enabled Bellingham + Stanley to develop and manufacture instruments that are used in a wide range industries including chemical, pharmaceutical, food, drinks and petroleum sectors.

    As one of the world�s leading manufacturers of Digital Refractometers and Optical Refractometers as well as digital polarimeters, Bellingham + Stanley has created a full range of products for a wide range of applications.

    Digital Density Meter Manufacturer
    Our DSG Series of Digital Density Meters come in 2 models. The DSG40 and The DSG50, the latter offers a higher measurement accuracy to 5 decimal points. They are both designed for the measurement of specific gravity which is commonplace in a wide range of industries; from multiple instrument experiments within chemical, food, pharmaceutical and beverage industries to raw material testing.

    Automatic Laboratory Titrator
    Our automatic laboratory titrator range are all easy to use, compact volumetic titrator for water determination.The most precise and selective method for water determination is according to Karl Fisher (KF), all of our automatic laboratory titrators measure according to KF.

    Hand Held digital models include the OPTi Food and Beverage, OPTi Life Science, OPTi Industrial, OPTi Custom, OPTi+ full rnage Brix instruments. Our range of Handheld Optical Refractometers include the Eclipse Professional models that are manufactured form high quality aluminium with thick rubber sleeve to give ultimate robustness and temperature control. We also provide a range of high precision digital laboratory and bench models such as the RFM700, RFM300 Peltier, RFM900 Peltier as well as the traditional optical Abbe 5 for academia.

    Bellingham and Stanley�s range of impressive and high quality Polarimeters include the AD400 series comprising ADP430 for use with a waterbath or ICUMSA ATC and the ADP450 that is fitted with XPC Technology, Xylem�s patented Peltier control system that stabilizes the sample temperature without the need to a waterbath. Our ADS400 series Saccharimeters satisfy the sugar market with zucker readings in accordance with ICUMSA as well as Purity and the optical Model D7 remains one of the highest accuracy optical polarimeters in the world.

    We offer a wide range of Accessories for all of our products and these include Refractometer Accessories and Polarimeter Accessories along with general accessories such as water baths, printers, barcode readers, polarimeter tubes, water proof power supplies and PC software.

    We also have a comprehensive range of refractometer and polarimeter calibration materials that are manufactured in accordance with ISO 17025 in our UKAS calibration laboratory No. 0834. And are ideal for verifying, validation and calibration.


    Bellingham + Stanley are able to provide an instrument repair service for all B+S manufactured products. Head over to our website for further information.

    We are a UKAS accredited testing laboratory and can provide certified refractive index measurement of liquid or solid samples at 20�C and 589.3nm.

    Calibration, Verification, Validation and Commissioning
    Our services also include a calibration service for materials, testing services, instrument repair and calibration, on-site verification and commissioning.

    Touchscreen Technology from Bellingham + Stanley, a Xylem brand

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    Key Personnel
    David Partin-Ginno
    David Partin-Ginno Sales Manager - UK & Ireland

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