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    DSP offers you a one stop shop for all of your office interior, storage, material handling and furniture requirements.

    We have a vast range of quality products and equipment available so whether its warehouse shelving, workbenches, lockers or material handling equipment just simply head over to our online shop and take a peek.


    Steps & Ladders
    Trucks & Trolleys
    Racking & Shelving

    Warehouse Longspan Shelving
    DSP supplies one of the most comprehensive ranges of warehouse shelving around. From longspan shelving, heavy duty shelving and plastic bin shelving through to boltless shelving, kanban shelving and mobile shelving systems so we guarantee you won't be disappointed when you visit our online shop.

    Heavy Duty Rivet Shelving
    The range of heavy duty rivet shelving supplied by DSP provides robust, effective use and has been designed to simply tap together using a mallet.

    Typical assembly time is around 10 minutes making it the perfect choice for a busy or productive working environment. We have a wide range of heights, depths and widths available so why not visit our online shop to find out more.

    Heavy Duty Workbenches
    Where workbenches are concerned we offer a vast range of high quality and robust equipment all of which have been chosen to cover virtually every possible workshop, warehouse and garage application needs so whether you're after a simple utility workbench or a high tech modular system to meet your specific needs we can help.

    Battery Charging Lockers
    We supply cupboards, security cages, storage solutions for hazardous products, drum and IBC storage systems and so much more, however if you've been specifically looking for a company that supplies battery charging lockers look no more.

    DSP offers a range of special purpose lockers including battery charging lockers which are well suited for the secure charging of power tools and batteries. All are CE tested and meet all EU safety requirements.

    The interior itself is fitted with a galvanised security shelf to prevent any unauthorised access to the compartment below. All are fitted with mastered cam locks that require 2,000 differs.

    Our battery charging lockers are also powder coated with germ guard active technology paint Reaction to Fire Classification EN 13501-1.

    We are here to provide expert advice on all products to make sure you get the most suitable equipment for your workspace.

    Expert Advice
    Site Surveys
    Design Layouts
    Project Management

    Site Surveys
    We also offer free site surveys and can even project manage your whole project from initial design layouts through to delivery.

    For further details on any of the above products and services please visit our online shop where you'll also find a great range of steps & ladders, trucks & trolleys, lifting and office equipment.

    Areas Covered

    The main areas we cover are: Cheshire, Crewe, Manchester, North Wales, Wrexham, Chester, Liverpool, Merseyside, Stoke & Staffordshire, we can also supply to surrounding areas, please get in touch to find out if we can reach you.

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    2. APEX Longspan Shelving
    3. Bar Trucks
    4. Barriers
    5. Battery Charging Lockers
    6. Benches
    7. Cabinets
    8. Cantilever Racking
    9. Certified EN Steps
    10. Charging Lockers
    11. Clamps
    12. Cleaning
    13. Cleaning & Hygiene
    14. Cloakroom Equipment
    16. Container Trolleys
    17. Containers
    18. Cupboards
    19. Cylinder Cages
    20. Cylinder Handling
    21. Cylinder Storage
    22. Display Systems
    23. Distribution Trolleys
    24. Dollies
    25. Drawer Cabinets
    26. Drip Trays
    27. Drum Accessories
    28. Drum Lifting
    29. Drum Storage
    30. Drum Transporting
    31. First Aid
    32. Flood Protection
    33. Folding Box Trucks
    34. Furniture
    36. Gas Cylinder Stands
    39. Heavy Duty Rivet Shelving
    40. Heavy Duty Workbenches
    41. Hoists
    42. Hygiene
    43. IBC
    44. IBC Storage
    45. Identification
    46. Kick Steps
    47. Ladders
    48. Laptop Charging Lockers
    49. Lift Cages
    50. Lifters
    51. Lockers
    52. Long Span Shelving
    53. Long Span Shelving Systems
    54. Longspan Racking
    55. Longspan Shelves
    56. Longspan Shelving
    57. Longspan Shelving Systems
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    69. Packaging Equipment
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    74. Podiums
    75. PPE
    76. Premises Equipment
    77. Racking
    78. Racking & Shelving
    79. Ratchets
    80. Retail Equipment
    81. Rivet Shelving
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    105. Steps & Ladders
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