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Durham Pumps Ltd

Unit 11b, Belmont Industrial Estate
Durham County Durham

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    Durham Pumps Ltd

    Durham Pumps provides a highly comprehensive range of products and services created to meet the demands of today�s commercial, industrial and HVAC application needs.

    Further applications we cover include chemical, packaging, pharmaceutical, food, waste water, paint & ink, oils & coolants so you can rest assured when you talk to Durham Pumps you`re talking to the experts.

    Key Products
    If you're looking for a reliable and efficient pump supply service in the North of England then Durham Pumps offers you the one stop shop.

    World Class Solutions:

    � Allweiler
    � Blagdon Pump
    � FLYGT
    � Lowara
    � Gorman-Rupp
    � KSB

    Whether it�s centrifugal pumps, screw pumps or propeller pumps we offer the largest supply service in the North of England with products sourced from some of the world�s leading manufacturers such as Allweiler, Blagdon, Gorman-Rupp, Lowara and Xylem.

    � Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps
    � Vacuum Pumps
    � Centrifugal Pumps
    � Vertical & Horizontal Multi-Stage Pumps
    � Submersible Pumps
    � Gear & Rotary Lobe Pumps
    � Progressive Cavity & Screw Pumps
    � HVAC � Circulation Pumps
    � Booster Sets

    All customers of Durham Pumps can benefit from our deep knowledge of pump technology and fluid handling applications and as specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of cold water booster sets we are able to cover areas such as irrigation, building services, agricultural, domestic and industrial applications.

    Pump Repairs & Services
    Durham Pumps offers an unrivalled range of pump repair and back up services including 24 hour support. Our highly trained engineers based in our repair facility regularly undertake repairs, installation and the commissioning of all makes of both pumps and rotating equipment.

    We also offer a highly efficient breakdown service to keep you up and running when you most need it.

    Service contracts are also available as is the extensive stock holding of quality spare parts for the world leading pumps we supply. For further details on all of the spare parts we stock please refer to our website.

    � Pump & Part Sales
    � Pump Repairs
    � Electric Motors
    � Valves
    � Vessels
    � Fans
    � Service and Maintenance Contracts
    � Design
    � Installation
    � Commissioning
    � Inspection

    Allweiler Pumps
    From Allweiler comes world leading pump technology with a product portfolio unrivalled in the pump industry.

    Allweiler offers a range of products to meet the needs of almost all pump applications including centrifugal, propeller, screw spindles, progressive cavity pumps and more.

    On top of this Durham Pumps supplies and repairs Allweiler peristaltic pumps and macerators.

    This is only a small sample of the wide range of products and services Durham Pumps is able to provide. To find out more please visit our website or get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you.

    Pumps from the world's leading pump manufacturers


    Opening Hours

    Monday 09:00 to 17:00
    Tuesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Wednesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Thursday 09:00 to 17:00
    Friday 09:00 to 17:00
    Saturday Closed
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    Products and Services

    1. Air Operated Diaphragm Pump
    2. Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps
    3. Air Operators Diaphragm Pumps
    4. Air Source Heat Pump Repair
    5. Air Source Heat Pump Service
    6. Air Source Heat Pump Servicing
    7. Aluminium Gear Pumps
    8. ATEX Centrifugal Pumps
    9. ATEX Certified Centrifugal Pumps
    10. Biofluid Dosing Pump
    11. Booster Sets
    12. Buy Sewage Pump
    13. Buy Sewage Pumps
    14. Cast Iron Gear Pumps
    15. Centrifugal Pump
    16. Centrifugal Pumps
    17. Chemical Dosing Pump
    18. Chemical Dosing Pumps
    19. Chemical Metering Dosing Pumps
    20. Chemistry Diaphragm Pumps
    21. Chlorine Dosing Pump
    22. Circulation Pumps
    23. Cold Water Booster Sets
    24. Compact Direct Diaphragm Dosing Pump
    25. Constant Pressure Booster Sets
    26. Continuous Gear Pump
    27. Diaphragm Pump
    28. Diaphragm Pump Distributor
    29. Diaphragm Pump Spares
    30. Diaphragm Pump Supplier
    31. Diaphragm Pumps
    32. Digital Dosing Pumps
    33. Direct Diaphragm Dosing Pump
    34. Dosing Pump
    35. Dosing Pump Installation
    36. Dosing Pumps
    37. Double Diaphragm Pump Hire
    38. Double Diaphragm Pumps
    39. Drainage Pumps
    40. Dual Pump Booster Set
    41. Electronic Dosing Pump
    42. End Suction Centrifugal Pump
    43. End Suction Centrifugal Pumps
    44. End-Suction Centrifugal Pumps
    45. Etatron Dosing Pumps
    46. Fan Repair
    47. Gear Pump
    48. Gear Pump Motors
    49. Gear Pumps
    50. Ground Source Heat Pump Repairs
    51. Ground Source Heat Pump Servicing
    52. Ground Source Heat Pump Suppliers
    53. Heat Pump Accessories
    54. Heat Pump Service
    55. Heat Pump Suppliers
    56. Heavy Duty Submersible Pumps
    57. High Pressure Pump Supplier
    58. Horizontal Multistage Pumps
    59. House Booster Sets
    60. HVAC
    61. Hydraulic Diaphragm Dosing Pump
    62. Hydraulic Gear Pumps
    63. Hydraulic Piston Pump Repairs
    64. Hydraulic Pump Repairs
    65. Hygienic Centrifugal Pumps
    66. Immersion Vertical Multistage Pumps
    67. Industrial Pump Suppliers
    68. Industrial Vacuum Pumps
    69. Internal Gear Pumps
    70. Interpump Spares
    71. Laboratory Vacuum Pumps
    72. Liquid Diaphragm Pumps
    73. Marine Mechanical Seals
    74. Mechanical Seal
    75. Mechanical Seal Pumps
    76. Mechanical Seal Rings
    77. Mechanical Seals
    78. Multi Screw Pumps
    79. Multi Stage Pumps
    80. Multi-Stage Pumps
    81. Multistage Pumps
    82. Offshore Pump Service
    83. Packaged Pump Sets
    84. Packaged Pumping Systems
    85. Peristaltic Dosing Pumps
    86. Piston Dosing Pump
    87. Precision Gear Pumps
    88. Progressing Cavity Pumps
    89. Progressive Cavity Pumps
    90. Prominent Dosing Pumps
    91. Pump
    92. Pump Accessories
    93. Pump Bearings
    94. Pump Connector
    95. Pump Connectors
    96. Pump Dispensers
    97. Pump Filters
    98. Pump Fitting
    99. Pump Fittings
    100. Pump Hoses
    101. Pump Installation
    102. Pump Kits
    103. Pump Maintance
    104. Pump Maintenance
    105. Pump Motor Bearing
    106. Pump Motor Bearings
    107. Pump Parts
    108. Pump Refurbishment
    109. Pump Repair
    110. Pump Repair And Service
    111. Pump Repairs
    112. Pump Replacement
    113. Pump Sales
    114. Pump Seals
    115. Pump Services
    116. Pump Servicing
    117. Pump Spares
    118. Pump Springs
    119. Pump Supplier
    120. Pump Suppliers
    121. Pump Supply
    122. Pump Supply/Servicing
    123. Pumps
    124. Pumps ATEX
    125. Pumps Beverage
    126. Pumps Brewery
    127. Pumps Centrifugal
    128. Pumps Chemical
    129. Pumps Dairy
    130. Pumps Diaphragm
    131. Pumps Filtration
    132. Pumps Flameproof
    133. Pumps Food
    134. Pumps For Filtration
    135. Pumps For Freeze Drying
    136. Pumps Hygienic
    137. Pumps Industrial
    138. Pumps Installation
    139. Pumps Multistage
    140. Pumps Positive Displacement
    141. Pumps Sales
    142. Ram Pump Distributor
    143. Ram Pump Supplier
    144. Rotary Lobe Pump
    145. Rotary Lobe Pump Components
    146. Rotary Lobe Pumps
    147. Screw Pump
    148. Screw Pumps
    149. Sewage Pump
    150. Sewage Pump For Sale
    151. Sewage Pump Supplier
    152. Sewage Pumping Systems
    153. Sewage Pumps
    154. Sewage Pumps For Sale
    155. Sewage Pumps Supplier
    156. Small Centrifugal Pump
    157. Small Centrifugal Pumps
    158. Smart Variable Speed Booster Sets
    159. Solenoid Dosing Pump
    160. Split Mechanical Seals
    161. Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps
    162. Submersible Drainage Pumps
    163. Submersible Pump
    164. Submersible Pump Design
    165. Submersible Pump Manufacture
    166. Submersible Pump Manufacturers
    167. Submersible Pump Repairs
    168. Submersible Pumps
    169. Vacuum Pump
    170. Vacuum Pump Bearings
    171. Vacuum Pump Distributor
    172. Vacuum Pump Distributors
    173. Vacuum Pump Preventative Maintenance
    174. Vacuum Pump Repair
    175. Vacuum Pump Repairs
    176. Vacuum Pump Sales
    177. Vacuum Pump Servicing
    178. Vacuum Pump Spares
    179. Vacuum Pumps
    180. Valve Repair
    181. Valve Repair And Refurbishment
    182. Valve Repair Service
    183. Valveless Dosing Pump
    184. Variable Speed Booster Sets
    185. Vertical Multistage Pumps
    186. Water Booster Sets

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