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  • Leading manufacturer of industrial wax crayons
  • Industrial paint markers of all types
  • Wide range of chalk sticks, blocks, lump & powder
  • Leading manufacturer of industrial wax crayons
  • Industrial paint markers of all types
  • Wide range of chalk sticks, blocks, lump & powder
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Walters & Walters Ltd

Walters & Walters offer an impressive range of
Industrial Paint Markers, Industrial Wax Crayons and much more

Walters & Walters Ltd began in the late 1800s in London as Manufacturers of Fine Sealing Wax. The Company then diversified into the manufacture of Industrial Wax Crayons which is still our main business today.
We also hold a massive range of Industrial Markers and Pens of all types for all surfaces and applications. Whatever you need your Marker to do, we can find a solution.

We are a small family run business and pride ourselves on our friendly customer service and product knowledge, we hope to hear from you very soon!

Industrial Wax Crayons

As the UK’s oldest Crayon Factory, we still make our fantastic Industrial Wax Crayons for all surfaces. Wax Crayon remains the most economical way to mark a given surface and has the benefit of little or no waste at all. We make Crayons for Paper, Card & Leather, Timber, Metal, Stone & Masonry, Rubber & Tyres, Polystyrene and much more!

Some of the other Crayons we can provide:
Specialist Crayons, Road Marking Crayons. Heavy Duty Crayons, WSR Roadmarkers.

Industrial Crayons
Industrial Paint Markers

Available in a multitude of shapes, sizes and types for marking a whole host of surfaces including Metal, Rubber, Glass, Plastic, Timber etc. We can offer Industrial Paint Markers, Ball Paint Pens, Solid Paintstiks, Tamper Proof Security Markers and Layout Fluid

Other Paint Markers we offer include: High Temperature Markers, High Purity Markers, Temperature Indicating Markers, Bleed Through, Washable Markers, Galvanisers Markers and much much more!!

Paint Markers
Road Marking Crayons

Our range of Road Marking Crayons are the largest, most economical and most popular on the UK Market. Available either direct or via our fantastic hub of Distributors, you can be assured of our high quality products, at workable prices. We can also supply a number of Chalks and Chalk Powders to compliment this range.

Some of the other Road Markers we can provide:
Road Marking Crayons, Road Marking Chalk, Railway Chalk, Monster Chalk and more.

Road Marking Crayons
Chalk Sticks & Blocks

Chalk remains one of the most economical way to mark almost any surface with a temporary mark. We offer Chalk Sticks and Blocks in different sizes and colours for marking Metal, Timber, Rubber, Stone & Masonry and much more!

Other Chalks we offer include: Liquid Chalk Markers, Liquid Chalk Spray, Tailors Chalk, Engineers French Chalk Sticks, French Chalk Powder (Talc) and Calcium Carbonate Powder

School Chalk
Ink Markers

Permanent Markers are used by everyone! We offer them in all shapes, sizes and colours. Our range includes Ink Markers of Industrial Strength for marking in harsh environments/weather conditions. We also have an ‘Eco’ Range for environmentally conscience customers.

Other Ink Markers we offer include: Board Markers, Aerospace Markers, High Purity Markers and a number of Refill Inks

Ink Markers
Markal Markers

Industrial Markers made to an exceptionally high standard by this American Manufacturer include, Liquid Paint Pens, Solid Paint Markers & Sticks, Welders Pencils, Permanent Marker Pens, Tamper Proof Security Markers and much more.

Specialised Markers are also available to include Paint Pens that will cut through oil & grease, Galvanising Paint Markers, Low Corrosion/High Purity Markers and a range of French Chalk alternatives called ‘Silver Streak’ Markers.

Markal Markers
Edding Markers

As a European Market Leader, Edding provide writing solutions for all situations. From standard Permanent Markers, to Specialist Markers Hi Tech Markers right through to a massive range of Office Markers such as Board Markers, Highlighters, Flipchart Marers, Refills Inks/Nibs and much more!!

Edding Markers
Dykem Markers

The Dykem Range of Industrial Markers include the Dykem TexPen & Dalo Markers in both Metal and Textile versions.

We also stock Cross Check and Cross Check Plus Markers for Security Marking along with the very popular Steel Blue and Steel Red Layout Fluids.

Dykem Markers
Sakura Markers

This high quality range of Solid Paintstik Crayons have been the most popular product of their type for decades. They will literally mark anything with a clear, bold and very permanent mark.

This manufacturer also makes a range of Arts & Crafts Products, all of which are available in our Arts & Crafts Section.

Sakura Markers

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