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Electrolab Biotech Ltd

Unit E2, Northway Trading Estate
Tewkesbury Gloucestershire
GL20 8JH

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    Electrolab Biotech Ltd

    Providers of a Measured Response for your Fermentation needs

    Electrolab Biotech is a specialist designer and manufacturer of fermenters and cell structure systems.

    From design through to final testing Electrolab Biotech offers a first class service and support you will not find anywhere else. We are always here and available to contact so whatever your requirements we are her to assist.

    ��� � Bioreactor Fermenters
    ��� � Software & Analysis
    ��� � Special Projects
    ��� � Accessories
    ��� � Upgrades
    ��� � Servicing

    Based in the UK, Tewksbury, Gloucestershire Electrolab Biotech not only offers its services here at home but is able to export to over forty countries worldwide both in Europe and the Americas.

    Our highly capable network consists of distributors and agents with a technical back-up system to provide customers everywhere with the same high level of support wherever they are.

    Bioreactors Fermenters - World Class Bioreactors
    Whether you require one bioreactor or a multiple complex system we offer one standard of technical excellence, support and application to meet your precise needs.

    FerMac 310/60 - Autoclavable, Bench Top Bioreactor Control System
    The FerMac 310/60 is a highly versatile fermenter which has been created with the modern laboratory in mind.

    Designed with the modern multi-function laboratory in mind the FerMac 310/60 offers the control and footprint of an integrated system combined with the flexibility normally associated with a modular system.

    Key Features

    ��� � Microbial and culture versions available
    ��� � Autoclavable and bench top
    ��� � Wide range of fully Autoclavable vessels with unique and replaceable drive shaft systems
    ��� � Powerful, intuitive measurement control system
    ��� � Pre-figured controller for system expansion
    ��� � 4 pumps fitted as standard
    ��� � Stainless steel framework and robust for easy cleaning

    To find out more about the FerMac 310/60 please visit our website or contact us directly.

    The line-up of world class bioreactor products from Electrolab Biotech continues with:

    ��� � FerMac 320 Modular Bioreactor Control System
    ��� � FerMac 200 Modular Bench Top Bioreactor System
    ��� � FerMac 368 Gas Analyser
    ��� � FerMac Air Lift Vessel
    ��� � Photobioreactor Light Shroud

    Software & Analysis
    Additionally Electrolab Biotech offers a range of innovative software and analysis products and systems including:

    ��� � Data Acquisition � eLogger
    ��� � Fermentation Software

    Data Acquisition - eLogger
    Easy to use and highly versatile eLogger data acquisition system which can be used with the FerMac 200 bioreactor modular system and the FerMac 368 gas analyser.

    Fermentation Management Software
    Our license free software enables easy expansion and is provided with free support and upgrades for one year so to find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Special Projects
    Our extensive expertise and years of experience in this field allows us to provide our customers with a range of special project services working closely with them to find practical solutions.

    These include:

    ��� � Multiple Fermenter Systems
    ��� � Peek/Glass Vessels

    For further information about this service please contact us.

    ��� � Trace C2 Sampling
    ��� � Laboratory Glucose Measurement
    ��� � Low Flow Rate Pumps
    ��� � Cell Density Monitoring

    We also provide dedicated service engineers to carry out a comprehensive support service for our Bioreactor Systems so to find out more please visit our website.