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    Entecon Industries Ltd

    Since 1963 Entecon has been providing the powder handling, conveying and processing industry with a wide range of innovative bulk material handling solutions.

    Entecon has over fifty years of expertise in this sector and is able to provide a wide range of industries with market leading products that have been designed to exceed the expectations and excite the interest of its customers.

    Our Products Markets

    ...� Conveyors
    ...� Sack Openers
    ...� Sack Tip Stations
    ...� Vacuum Sack Lifters
    ...� Electric Vibrators
    ...� Feeders
    ...� Big Bag Discharge Systems
    ...� Big Bag Filling Stations

    � Pharmaceutical
    � Chemical
    � Food
    � Animal Feed
    � Paints
    � Plastics

    Custom Aero Mechanical Conveyor Systems

    The ranges of Aero Mechanical Conveyors from Entecon are in house powder conveying systems that use airflow and have no outside air supply. This innovative system conveys products within a tubular system that is sealed and completely dust free.

    Flexible Screw Conveyors
    Entecon offers a range of Flexible Screw Conveyors with tube diameters ranging from 40 to 140mm. They are extremely well suited to the characteristics of the material being transported.

    Load capacities for our Flexible Screw Conveyors range from 120 to 10,000 kg per hour. To find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Sack Tip Stations
    Entecon also offers a range of highly safe and hygienic Sack Tip Stations for the efficient and comfortable dumping of a wide range of material types.

    All comply with C.O.S.H.H. requirements with minimal dust release.

    Bag Dischargers
    The Bulk Bag Dischargers from Entecon have been created to provide the complete and controlled emptying of bags to provide safe and dust free operation. Our Bilk Bag Dischargers are compatible with a wide range of conveyors for onward movement. They are also compatible with volumetric feeders or loss-in-weight dosing systems.

    Screw Conveyors
    To ensure materials are conveyed over the whole diameter of the conveyor Entecon offers a range of Shaftless Screw Conveyors with a trapezoidal section.

    Huge amounts of materials can be conveyed so your equipment can be used to its full capacity with minimal power consumption.

    The Screw Conveyors from Entecon are available with a number of options such as stainless steel, screw diameter size and pitch lengths so to find out more please visit the Entecon website.

    Vacuum Conveyors
    Vacuum Conveyors are well suited for hygienic applications such as food, pharmaceutical and chemical dry powder products. They have been specifically designed with dedicated tubes, highly efficient layouts and vacuum pumps thus eliminating the need for an outside air source.

    Our Vacuum Conveyors are also available with a wide range of options such as filtering systems, separators, ATEX certification, hopper loaders and more all of which more detailed information may be found on the Entecon website.

    Big Bag Filling Stations
    Entecons range of Big Bag Filling Stations provide a dust free method of filling all kinds of FIBC's. They are safe, reliable and highly efficient with minimum life cycle costs.

    For more details about our range of Big Bag Filling Stations get in touch today.

    Spare Parts
    To further compliment the wide range of innovative materials and bulk handling products Entecon offer a complete Spare Parts service including a customisation service for specific applications.

    Our Customers
    We supply products to a diverse range of industrial sectors on a worldwide basis. Our own dedicated team of designers continually work to pioneer new and innovative material handling solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.

    Entecon is also extremely proficient when it comes to supplying its customers with certified equipment to comply with their particular applications.

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