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    European SprayDry Technologies

    As a leading provider of one of the largest ranges of spray drying solutions European SprayDry Technologies provides a comprehensive supply service to include both products and associated services such as product testing, product development, repairs, spare parts, servicing, maintenance and installation.


    � Spray Drying
    � Fluid Beds
    � Evaporators
    � Laboratory Spray Dryer
    � Refurbished Equipment
    � Spare Parts

    Spray Drying
    Over the years European SprayDry Technology has developed a wide range of spray dry chambers which can be used on an equally wide range of materials.

    From 599g/hr through to 10,000 kg/hr high volume production models we will meet all of your industrial application needs.

    All of our equipment is manufactured from thick gauge steel to meet all pressure vessel codes.

    Fluid Beds
    Being the most versatile forms of powder processing equipment the fluid beds from European SprayDry Technology are capable of performing a whole range of tasks and all within one plant.

    Typical functions include drying, chilling, blending, coating, cooling, agglomerating and classifying, processes all of which are regularly used within the industry.

    We supply a wide range of falling film evaporators to a broad spectrum of market sectors including but not limited to the dairy, food and chemical industry.

    Our evaporators are available in both single and multi-stage formats and can be employed within a process as a standalone evaporator for concentrating liquids for transportation or further processing when used in conjunction with our spray drying systems.

    All are manufactured in both 316 and 304 stainless steel and available with various options to include mechanical or thermal vapour recompression.

    Laboratory Spray Dryers
    The ESDT1 laboratory spray dryer from European SprayDry Technologies offers a cost effective solution where an entry level product is required for laboratory applications.

    It offers all the basic features necessary for the testing and development of powders within this demanding environment.

    This highly cost effective mobile model features two fluid nozzles, integral compressor, PID automatic control and CALgrafix process monitoring software.

    With its robust design, simple service connections and electrical heating the ESDT1 provides the user with a wide range of benefits including easy cleaning, `plug and play` and a range of operating parameters.

    Refurbished Equipment
    To further complement our range of spray drying solutions we are also able to stock a range of both used and refurbished equipment. This equipment can be sited and installed practically anywhere in the world.

    To find out more about the current range of refurbished and used equipment from European SprayDry Technologies please give us a call.

    Spare Parts
    European SprayDry Technologies is able to design and manufacture a wide range of spare parts in order to support the prolonged use of our spray dryers and associated equipment. We can also provide a retrofitting service for customers with equipment supplied by other manufacturers so to find out more please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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