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J & R Fabrications Ltd

Park View Farm, Old Wokingham Road
Wokingham Berkshire
RG40 3BX

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    J & R Fabrications Ltd

    J & R Fabrications Ltd provides a high quality structural fabrication service for both the commercial and domestic sectors so whether you require a stylish metal staircase for your home or a fabricated structure for your building project we can help.

    From Stainless steel through to wrought iron we are able to provide one of the most comprehensive metal fabrication services and what's more at a competitive price.

    With a combined 100 years of experience in this industry our highly skilled staff can design and produce almost anything from top quality metals including gates and railings, unique staircases, security gates and more so please do not hesitate to get in touch for further details.

    Products & Services
    From our up to date manufacturing facility based in Wokingham, J & R Fabrications offers a complete design and build service covering:

    Gates & Railings
    For the domestic and commercial sectors we specialise in all kinds of iron gates and railings so why not transform your garden or business premises with a unique and beautiful wrought ironwork gate from J & R Fabrications Ltd

    All products can be made to meet your specific requirements and will be manufactured to the highest standards. You'll also find our prices quite good too!

    Bespoke Metal Staircases
    If you've been searching for a reliable company to design and fabricate a modern and stylish metal staircase for your office or home then look no further.

    We have been designing and manufacturing beautiful metal bespoke staircases for years and know exactly how to give your premises that wow factor.

    We can create for you the perfect staircase so if you're after something more traditional or even a unique spiral staircase we are here to help.

    High Quality Structural Fabrications
    At J & R Fabrications we are able to fabricate all types of structural elements for both the commercial and domestic sectors and all at competitive prices.

    We also pride ourselves on our skills and abilities. Our team of skilled craftsman can design and manufacture a wide range of fabrications to meet you precise needs so please get in touch to find out more.

    Custom Made Sheet Metal Fabrications
    Made completely to your specifications. At J & R Fabrications no job is too large or too small.

    Our craftsman can manufacture virtually anything from sheet metal and what's more able to supply large amounts of metalwork on demand.

    This is only a small sample of the wide range of metal fabrication services J & R Fabrications Ltd has to offer so if you would like to find out more why not head over to our website or get in touch directly.

    Wrought Iron Gates & Sheet Metal Fabrications

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    Products and Services

    1. Access Covers
    2. Access Safety
    3. Access Safety Systems
    4. Access Stairs
    5. Architectural Handrails
    6. Architectural Metal Fabricators
    7. Architectural Metalwork
    8. Architectural Metalworkers
    9. Automatic Barrier Safety Systems
    10. Automatic Gate Safety Systems
    11. Balustrade
    12. Balustrade And Handrail Manufacturers
    13. Balustrade Manufacturers
    14. Balustrade Railings
    15. Balustrades
    16. Bespoke Clean Rooms
    17. Bespoke Engineering
    18. Bespoke Metal Work
    19. Bespoke Stainless Steel Fabrication
    20. Bespoke Stairs
    21. Bump Rails
    22. Canopies
    23. Cantiliver Staircase
    24. Catch Pits
    25. Central Stringer Staircase
    26. Clean Room Catering
    27. Cleanroom Furniture
    28. Cleanroom Hygiene
    29. Commercial Stainless Steel Kitchen
    30. Contemporary Staircases
    31. Curved Acylic Balustrade
    32. Curved Glass Balustrade
    33. Curved Handrails
    34. Curved Slotted Handrails
    35. Curved Staircase
    36. Curved Toughened Glass Balustrade
    37. Design Engineering
    38. Design Engineering Service
    39. Dog Leg Staircase
    40. Drain Covers
    41. Drain Inspection Chamber
    42. Drainage
    43. Drainage Channel
    44. Drainage Channels
    45. Drainage Design
    46. Drainage Equipment
    47. Drainage Gulleys
    48. Drainage Inspection Chamber
    49. Drainage Inspection Chambers
    50. Drainage Specialist
    51. Drainage System
    52. Drainage Systems
    53. Edge Protection
    54. Edge Protection Guardrails
    55. Edge Protection Safety Services
    56. Edge Protection Strips
    57. Engineering Drawing
    58. Engineering Precision Stainless Steel
    59. Exhibition Metalwork
    60. Exterior Staircase
    61. External Staircases
    62. Fabrication Engineering
    63. Fabrication Stainless Steel
    64. Fabrications Stainless Steel
    65. Fabricators Stainless Steel
    66. Factory Drainage
    67. Fall Prevention Safety Systems
    68. Fall Protection
    69. Fall Protection Equipment
    70. Fall Protection Systems
    71. Fall Safety Equipment
    72. Falling Stairs
    73. Feature Staircase
    74. Feature Staircases
    75. Floating Staircase
    76. Floor Drainage
    77. Gates
    78. Gates And Railings
    79. Glass Balustrade Systems
    80. Glass Balustrades
    81. Glass Spiral Staircase
    82. Glass Stair Balustrade
    83. Glass Staircase
    84. Gully Covers
    85. Handrail Manufacturers
    86. Handrails & Balustrade
    87. Heavy Duty Safety Barrier
    88. Heavy Load Material Handling
    89. Height Safety Access
    90. Height Safety Equipment
    91. Height Safety Protection
    92. Height Safety Systems
    93. Helical Staircase
    94. Helical Stairs
    95. Hygienic Stainless Steel
    96. Hygienic Stainless Steel Fittings
    97. Industrial Staircases
    98. Inspection Chamber
    99. Inspection Chambers
    100. Internal Balustrades
    101. Internal Inspection Chambers
    102. Kitchen Wall Stainless Steel
    103. Laser Cutting
    104. Laser Cutting Metal
    105. Laser Cutting Stainless Steel
    106. Loading
    107. Loading Bay Equipment
    108. Loading Equipment
    109. Loading Systems
    110. Long Radius Bend
    111. Long Radius Bends
    112. Man Holes
    113. Manhole Covers
    114. Manhole Units
    115. Manholes
    116. Material Handling
    117. Metal Balustrades
    118. Metal Spiral Staircases
    119. Metal Staircase
    120. Metal Work
    121. Metal Workers
    122. Metal Working
    123. Metal Working Fabricator
    124. Metalwork
    125. Metalwork - Aluminium
    126. Metalwork - Mild Steel
    127. Metalwork - Stainless Steel
    128. Metalwork Assemblies
    129. Metalworkers
    130. Metalworking
    131. Metalworking Manufacturing
    132. Mezzanine Floor Safety Gates
    133. Mezzanine Floor Staircase
    134. Mezzanine Safety Gate
    135. Mezzanine Safety Gates
    136. Mezzanine Staircase
    137. Mobile Safety Step
    138. Mobile Safety Step Supplier
    139. Mobile Safety Step Suppliers
    140. Mobile Safety Steps
    141. Mobile Safety Steps Platforms
    142. Mobile Step Units
    143. Mobile Warehouse Safety Steps
    144. Pallet Gates
    145. Pallet Racking Protection
    146. Pallet Racking Protection Barriers
    147. Pallet Safety Gate
    148. Pallet Safety Gates
    149. Plastic Inspection Chamber
    150. Plastic Inspection Chambers
    151. Precision Sheet Metal Work
    152. Precision Sheet Metalwork
    153. Precision Sheet Metalworkers
    154. Precision Sheet Metalworking
    155. Protection Barriers Pallet Racking
    156. Safe Access Solutions
    157. Safe Working At Height
    158. Safe Working At Heights
    159. Safety At Height
    160. Safety At Height Equipment
    161. Safety Barrier
    162. Safety Barrier Design
    163. Safety Barrier Systems
    164. Safety Barriers
    165. Safety Bollards
    166. Safety Fall Arrest Systems
    167. Safety Pallet Loading Gates
    168. Safety Platforms
    169. Safety Step
    170. Safety Step Ladders
    171. Safety Steps
    172. Security Gates
    173. Self Loading
    174. Sheet Metal Work
    175. Sheet Metal Workers
    176. Sheet Metal Working
    177. Sheet Metalwork
    178. Sheet Metalwork Assembly
    179. Sheet Metalwork Assembly Specialists
    180. Sheet Metalwork Design
    181. Sheet Metalwork Fabrication
    182. Sheet Metalwork Fabricators
    183. Sheet Metalwork Fabricators/Fabrications
    184. Sheet Metalwork Machines
    185. Sheet Metalworking
    186. Single Spine Helical Staircase
    187. Slotted Stainless Steel Handrail
    188. Specialist Sheet Metalworking
    189. Spiral Stair
    190. Spiral Staircase
    191. Spiral Staircases
    192. Spiral Stairs
    193. Spiralled Handrails
    194. Stainless Handrails
    195. Stainless Steel
    196. Stainless Steel 304
    197. Stainless Steel 316
    198. Stainless Steel Access Ladders
    199. Stainless Steel And Glass Balconies
    200. Stainless Steel And Glass Balustrades
    201. Stainless Steel And Glass Handrail
    202. Stainless Steel Balconies
    203. Stainless Steel Balustrade
    204. Stainless Steel Balustrades
    205. Stainless Steel Barriers
    206. Stainless Steel Bollards
    207. Stainless Steel Channels
    208. Stainless Steel Drainage
    209. Stainless Steel Fabrication
    210. Stainless Steel Fabricators
    211. Stainless Steel Food Industry
    212. Stainless Steel For Food Industry
    213. Stainless Steel Gates
    214. Stainless Steel Gullies
    215. Stainless Steel Hand Rails
    216. Stainless Steel Handrailing
    217. Stainless Steel Handrails
    218. Stainless Steel Hygiene Equipment
    219. Stainless Steel Laser Cutting
    220. Stainless Steel Laser Profiling
    221. Stainless Steel Manufacturer
    222. Stainless Steel Manufacturers
    223. Stainless Steel Manufacturing
    224. Stainless Steel Metalwork
    225. Stainless Steel Pharmaceutical Equipment
    226. Stainless Steel Precision Engineering
    227. Stainless Steel Products
    228. Stainless Steel Railings
    229. Stainless Steel Sheet Fabrication
    230. Stainless Steel Sheet Metal
    231. Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Fabrications
    232. Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Work
    233. Stainless Steel Sheet Metalwork Engineers
    234. Stainless Steel Sheet Metalwork Fabricators
    235. Stainless Steel Sheet Metalworking
    236. Stainless Steel Spiral Stairs
    237. Stainless Steel Square Bar
    238. Stainless Steel Staircase
    239. Stainless Steel Staircases
    240. Stainless Steel Walkway Systems
    241. Stainless Steel Walkways
    242. Stainless Steel Wall Protection
    243. Stair Balustrades
    244. Stair Safety Solutions
    245. Staircase
    246. Staircase Fabricators
    247. Staircase Manufacturers Metal
    248. Staircases
    249. Stairs
    250. Steel Balustrades
    251. Steel Safety Barrier
    252. Steel Sheet Metalwork
    253. Steel Staircases
    254. Steel Stairs
    255. Straight Stairs
    256. Structural Fabrication
    257. Structural Glass Balustrade
    258. Surface Drainage Channels
    259. Surface Drainage Systems
    260. Timber Staircase
    261. Twin Wall Drainage
    262. Twin Wall Drainage Pipe
    263. Twin Wall Drainage Pipe 600Mm
    264. Twin Wall Pipe
    265. Twin Wall Pipe Suppliers
    266. Twin Wall Pipes
    267. Twin Wall Plastic Pipe
    268. Twin Walled Pipe
    269. Twinwall Pipe
    270. Underground Drainage
    271. Vehicle Loading Systems
    272. Wall Protection
    273. Warehouse Safety Barrier
    274. Wood Staircase
    275. Wooden Staircase
    276. Wooden Stairs

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