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    Flynn Product Design

    A Leading UK Product Design Company

    Flynn Product Design is one of the most innovative product designers in the UK established in 2003.

    Product design Agency Bristol
    Innovative Product Development / IP Creation
    Industrial Design Consultancy
    Strategic Product Design & Development
    Industrial Design Research
    Product Design for Manufacture

    Complete Product Life Cycle
    We have over 20 years of experience in helping clients reach their true product potential, so from initial consultancy through to seeing your products come to life your project will be monitored through its entire life cycle.

    Product Design Conultancy Bristol
    With offices based in both Bristol and Exeter we are able to provide one of the most comprehensive product design consultancy services in the South West of England.

    Product Development in the Southwest and Beyond
    At Flynn Product Design Studio we work with entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses and large organisations in Somerset and beyond help create outstanding looking products.

    Clients Large or Small, the Goal is the Same
    Over the years we have had the pleasure in working alongside companies big and small from all over the world from consumer products to specialised medical solutions.

    Personally Project Managed
    Each and every one of our designers has a minimum of 15 years industry experience. All clients have access to our studio and will be assisted through each stage of their project.

    One on One Product Consultancy for Start Up's
    A product can only be as good as its brief so why not make the first move and spend an afternoon with Flynn Product Design to gain decades of industry insight on the best way forward for you to kick start your product.

    Prototyping on demand
    With two decades expertise in product prototyping, we can select the correct approach and technique based on the goals of the prototyping round. We would support the bigger picture on how these fits into your end objectives. Prototyping techniques from FDM, MJF from Hewlett Packard and metal sintering are amongst our most popular methods.

    Challenge Us?
    If you've been looking for a design consultancy that is able to guide you through a successful product launch, please do not hesitate in getting in touch.

    Key Personnel
    Chris Flynn
    Chris Flynn Director

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    Products and Services

    1. 3D Plastic Product Design
    2. 3D Product Design
    3. 3D Prototyping
    4. Aluminium Product Design
    5. Automotive Product Development Design
    6. Bespoke Product Design
    7. Bespoke Prototyping
    8. CAD Product Design
    9. Design Prototypes
    10. Electronic Packaging Product Design
    11. Electronic Product Design
    12. Electronic Product Design Surrey
    13. Engineer Product Development
    14. Engineering Product Design
    15. Ergonomics Product Design
    16. Food Safety Product Development
    17. Industrial Product Design
    18. Industrial Prototypes
    19. Led Product Design
    20. Life Sciences Product Design
    21. Medical Device Product Development
    22. Medical Product Design
    23. Medical Product Design Service
    24. Medical Product Development
    25. Metal Product Design
    26. Metal Product Design Development
    27. New Product Development
    28. New Product Development Consultancy
    29. Novel Product Design
    30. OEM Product Design
    31. Physical Sciences Product Design
    32. Plastic Molded Product Design
    33. Plastic Moulded Product Design
    34. Plastic Product Design
    35. Plastic Prototype
    36. Plastic Prototypes
    37. Plastic Prototyping
    38. Precision Component Prototyping
    39. Product Design
    40. Product Design And Development
    41. Product Design And Development Consultancy
    42. Product Design And Development Services
    43. Product Design And Production
    44. Product Design Company
    45. Product Design Consultancy
    46. Product Design Consultant
    47. Product Design Consultants
    48. Product Design Development
    49. Product Design Services
    50. Product Designers
    51. Product Designs
    52. Product Development
    53. Product Development Consultancy
    54. Product Development Consultants
    55. Product Development Engineers
    56. Product Development Research
    57. Product Development Services
    58. Product Developments
    59. Prototype
    60. Prototype Cad Design
    61. Prototype Components
    62. Prototype Consultancy
    63. Prototype Design
    64. Prototype Designers
    65. Prototype Development
    66. Prototype Engineering
    67. Prototype Engineering Production
    68. Prototype Engineers
    69. Prototype Machining
    70. Prototype Manufacturer
    71. Prototype Plastic Products
    72. Prototype Plastics
    73. Prototype Service
    74. Prototype Services
    75. Prototypes
    76. Prototyping
    77. Prototyping Companies
    78. Prototyping Service
    79. Prototyping Services
    80. Rapid Prototype
    81. Rapid Prototypes
    82. Rapid Prototyping
    83. Research & Product Development
    84. Rubber Product Design
    85. Sheet Metal Product Design
    86. Stainless Steel Bespoke Product Design
    87. Stainless Steel Product Design

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