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    Charpak Ltd

    The UK�s Premium Thermoformed Packaging Company

    Charpak Ltd is one of the fastest growing and most competitive vacuum-formed packaging producers, Food & Retail Manufacturers in the UK. Our excellent reputation for innovative design, quality, value and customer service has added a number of demanding, �blue chip� companies to our client list.

    Our custom-designed packaging can be found in all the major UK supermarkets and retail outlets and we were one of the first companies to achieve the BRC/IoP Technical Standard for hygienic food packaging production in 2001.

    Charpak specialises in working closely with clients to match the packaging to the exact technical and retail requirements of their particular products � whether for direct contact food, shelf display, promotional, gift or medical packaging.

    Bespoke Thermoformed Packaging

    Food Packaging
    Charpak have the highest BRC AA approval for food packaging. We supply a wide range of food packaging for chilled and ambient food.

    Chocolate Packaging
    When it comes to packaging for chocolate confectionery and luxury selection boxes Charpak can custom design and manufacture packaging to suit your need.

    Fish & Shellfish Packaging
    Our packaging will give your seafood, sushi and shellfish the real wow factor, it combines exceptional design that stands out with BRC AA food contract approved protection to keep your products fresh.

    Convenience Packaging
    Convenience and ready to go food is an ever growing area which requires well designed packaging to increase interest in the product. Our convenience packaging is imaginative and custom designed.

    Automotive Packaging
    Charpak also manufacture a special range of packaging for automotive components that offer extra protection whilst still looking great.

    Luxury Gift Packaging
    Luxury gifts are a competitive market, they include premium beverages, beauty and cosmetics products, all of which need to be displayed beautifully. Our luxury gift packaging is high end, it delivers results you will be pleased with.

    RPET Plastic Food Packaging

    Charpak�s BRC AA approved packaging can be found in all nationwide retailers and convenience stores.

    Specialists in Food and Food Service, Charpak manufacture RPET Plastic Food Packaging for ready meals, convenience and food-to-go; bakery, cakes and celebration cakes; desserts; chocolate confectionery; cheese and dairy; seafood, fish and shellfish; premium alcohol and beverages.

    Non-food Packaging

    Charpak�s clients include automotive component manufacturers, DIY, industrial and commercial, electronics and electrical; beauty, cosmetics and personal care, luxury gifting, medical and healthcare, and contract packaging suppliers.

    Charpak guarantees:

    - Custom, bespoke packaging designs
    - Recyclable and reusable rigid plastic packaging
    - Prototype, sample production and full manufacture
    - Industry-leading NPD packaging consultancy and technical materials knowledge
    - Exceptional lead times and responsive customer service

    PPE Face Visors

    Charpak are pleased to announce the launch of our PPE Face Visors to help NHS Staff and Key Workers battle COVID-19 and stay safe. We are now in a position to rapidly ramp up production of our PPF Face Visors, so no matter what industry you are in, please get in touch about availability.

    Our NPD approach

    Charpak specialise in working closely with clients matching the exact technical requirements for your products, whichever industry sector. Collaborative working with product developers, designers, packaging technologists, commercial managers, or sales and marketing teams ensures we deliver the complete end-to-end packaging solution, right first time.

    We can achieve a design turnaround time of 5 days, prototype samples in two weeks and be in full production in four weeks. Short lead times are no problem with the entire process managed in-house.

    Sustainability Matters

    We take corporate responsibility, sustainability and environmental impact seriously. With plastics demand expected to double in the next 20 years Charpak is committed to delivering a SMART, realistic, co-ordinated and sustainable packaging solutions for our clients.

    Choose your Material

    All material Charpak uses are produced from either recycled grade plastic, or are fully reusable or recyclable. We mark all manufactured products with the correct plastics recycling symbol to aid recycling

    Charpak offer closed loop recycled materials � with 100% traceability of material. We design and manufacture packaging using PET, CPET, Bio-PET, PP, HIPS, Flocked materials and PVC.

    Charpak design the right packaging, fit for purpose. As a full service provider there is no packaging challenge too great for the packaging design, production and technical team.

    Company Overview

    Key Personnel
    Paul  Smith
    Paul Smith Managing Director
    Gary Smith
    Gary Smith Technical Director
    Justin  Kempson
    Justin Kempson Sales & Innovation Director
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    ISO 9001 Quality management systems BRC Global Standard

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