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  • Based in Bradford, West Yorkshire
  • Working and fabricating plastic from flat sheets
  • Custom fabrications, design and build
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    Formation Plastics

    Formation Plastics the fabrication specialists that bring unique, bespoke projects to life

    Materials we regularly work with include but are not limited to include:

    - PVC
    - Polypropylene
    - Acrylic
    - Foam PVC
    - Polycarbonate Sheets
    - PETG
    - PVDF
    - FEP
    - PFA
    - Aluminium Composite
    From a 15,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility housing up to date machinery and equipment our team of skilled engineers produce a wide range of high-quality fabricated plastic products using hot gas welders, CNC milling, turning and routing machines.
    - Fabricated Tanks, Bunds, Hoppers & Vessels
    - Water Treatment Cabinets & Tanks
    - Custom and Bespoke Products
    - Van Linings
    - Machine Guards
    - Food Grade Plastic Products
    - Steel Fabrications
    - Point of Sale
    - Signage
    PETG & Polycarbonate Machine Guards
    When choosing your type of Plastic for your Clear Plastic Guard or similar, careful consideration should be taken. For example, is it for impact safety, splash resistance, display protection only, sneeze guard, corner cover or just a simple viewing window? These are just some of the questions you may have to consider when deciding on the correct Plastic for the job.

    PETG Guards
    PETG is a cost-effective alternative to Polycarbonate, hence making it a popular choice of Material in more general-purpose applications. For hot line bending and welding PETG is highly suitable Material when compared to Polycarbonate. CNC Routed to shape or cut to size, PETG is most used in commercial applications such as making factory Machine guards, high strength display units and impact resistant glazing.

    (Polyethylene terephthalate, semi crystalline) PETG is a strong, stiff Engineering Plastic with excellent Machining characteristics, chemical resistance, and bearing and wear properties. PETG is often used for food processing machinery applications where low moisture absorption, low thermal expansion, resistance to staining, or resistance to cleaning chemicals is required. When manufacturing machine guards we specialise in doing so with food grade and food safe materials such as Natural Grade Nylon 6 & 6.6, Acetal, Grade 300-500 Polyethylene, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, PETG and UHMWPE.

    Polycarbonate Guards
    Polycarbonate guards are typically used in industries where high levels of hygiene are required, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our polycarbonate guards meet all necessary requirements relating to machine safety and food health and safety.

    In the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, polycarbonate guards withstand regular washdowns. Furthermore, polycarbonate has good impact resistance, which can be important for viewing windows within machine enclosures, for example. Polycarbonate also tolerates coolants and other process fluids.
    Polycarbonate is often specified for perimeter guarding when excellent process visibility is required
    Laser Cutting and Etching
    Formation Plastics provide a laser cutting and etching service for materials like Acrylic, PETG and Polycarbonate.

    We are able to take on any project no matter how big or small.
    Fabricated Tanks, Bunds, Hoppers & Vessels
    Whatever size tank, whether a small portable storage tank or large bund of up to 50,000 cubic meters Formation Plastics offers the complete bespoke plastic fabrication service which can be tailored around our customers exact requirements.
    Water Treatment Cabinets & Tanks
    Since day one when we formed in 1995, we have been designing, manufacturing and installing quality products for water treatment company's manufacture bespoke tanks fabricated form polypropylene (PP) to suit our clients' specific requirements. Polypropylene is the hardest and stiffest Polyolefine and has excellent chemical resistance properties. Polypropylene is rigid, odourless with high impact strength and is widely use in the water treatment, swimming pool and pharmaceutical industries. It corresponds to the recommendations and guideline for the production of consumer goods and the contact with food.

    Every single one of our engineers hold full CSCS and National Water Hygiene Certification so you can rest assured your new installation will meet all the necessary health and safety criteria.
    Van Linings
    Lining a van not only protects the van interior from dents and scratches but also offers improved protection for the van's cargo, and can often improve the re-sale value of a van.

    Whatever your budget !!
    Polypropylene can be used to line the sides and door panels of vans, and for anti-slip flooring. It can be welded and shaped to contour your vehicle and offers a professional vehicle interior finish, making it popular with councils.

    Using a polypropylene vehicle lining reduces weight (compared to plywood) and offers a non-absorbent wipe clean service, making it a good option for carriers of oils and contaminants as spills can be easily cleaned up.
    Point of Sale & Signage
    What better way is there of advertising your products than with a well-designed and stunningly made display located at your point of sale. Whether a one-off display or a collection of varying eye-catching displays we will get your products looking the best they can possibly be.

    The phrase 'point-of-sale display' covers a huge range of printed promotional materials.

    Point of sale display refers to any graphics placed in a prominent position in a shop, supermarket, wholesale outlet, petrol station or garden centre that aim to encourage customers to make a purchase.

    Cleverly-designed signs and displays can make a big difference to your sales figures as they give you the chance to say what's so good about your products - they can do the selling for you!
    A HDPE Canal Boat
    40' x 10' and built using 20mm for the base of the boat 15mm for the sides and 12mm for the upper sections. It has steel reinforcing in the base just to stop any flexibility when being moved, during our research we found that HDPE is what actually used for a lot of lifeboats builds even fishing boats, due to its strength, so, we knew that this would be a perfect choice for a canal boat as it will be able to take the unpredictable weather of a canal.

    - HPDE (high-density polyethylene) is a strong and robust material deviated from petrol.
    - Unlike other Polyethylenes, HDPE is heavy and firm. Approximately, 1.75 kg petrol is used to produce 1 kg HDPE raw material.
    - HDPE is lighter than water and together with its durability it becomes a preferred material for marine purposes.
    - HDPE boats can be shaped by moulding and extrusion methods.
    - It can be processed in workshops and can be welded with special methods.
    - It is difficult to combine with adhesives.
    - HDPE is a very strong material with a density between 150000 - 400000. Its resistant to water and chemicals.
    - HDPE's mechanical composition is extremely strong on impact and tension.
    - Normally the tension resistance is like 225-350 kg./cm2 and heat resistance is above 100 OC.
    - HDPE is widely used in pressure pipes, gas distribution pipes, liquid containers, machine and home appliance parts and in insulation.
    - Because of its resistance to water, it is also used in tank and boat manufacturing.
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