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  • World Class Metal Detection Systems
  • Design, Manufacture & Sales of Metal Detectors
  • Fortress has Become a Truly Global Success
  • World Class Metal Detection Systems
  • Design, Manufacture & Sales of Metal Detectors
  • Fortress has Become a Truly Global Success
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Fortress Technology Europe Ltd

World Class Metal Detection Systems

Since its inception in 1996 Fortress Technology has been designing and manufacturing high quality, Metal Detectors to meet the needs of food manufacturers around the world requiring superior and sustainable equipment that requires simple operation and provides outstanding reliability and exceptional performance.

Fortress Technology is the only metal detector manufacturer that custom manufactures its equipment and software to meet the customer’s specific needs and applications and provide optimal metal detection with high ROI.

Our products are used extensively throughout the world and as a global company have offices in the UK, Canada and Brazil making us more than capable of serving customers on a worldwide basis.

Fortress Technology distribution covers North America, South America, Central America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania so if you would like to find a distributer near you please visit the website.

Never Obsolete

With a 'never obsolete' policy, Fortress Technology has always engineered its equipment to be fully supported throughout its entire life. All of our latest equipment can be quickly and economically installed into a detector that was built 19 years ago including parts, software upgrades and servicing.

In effect this means you stay continually up to date with your food safety without purchasing a new detector to keep up with today’s technological changes.


With around 30 Fortress Technology metal detector models and ancillary equipment available all offering simplistic operation, reliability and high performance, we are able to cover a broad spectrum of industry needs.

Interceptor Metal Detectors
The Interceptor metal detectors are custom made in order to achieve superior results in the most challenging of applications. It uses simultaneous multi-frequency operation that processes the transmission and reception of multiple frequencies continuously over a wide spectrum.

It is this unique operation that facilitates an improvement in detection capabilities by up to 100% with stainless steel, particularly when inspecting traditionally wet products.

From the Interceptor metal detector through to the Stealth Gravity, Vector Conveyor system and Phantom metal detector built to withstand the harshest applications, the range of equipment from Fortress Technology has been created to cover every food application possible including:

• Bakery
• Meats
• Packaged Products
• Dairy
• Confectionary
• Healthcare
• Prepared Meals
• Fresh Foods
• Chilled Foods
• Frozen Foods

Raptor Combi System
Raptor Combi is a collaborative first between Fortress Technology and Sparc Systems. Raptor is a brand new full integrated checkweighing and metal detection system designed for manufacturers where tractability is paramount.

Raptor has been designed to be modular, it can be used standalone or integrated with a metal detector for a sleek combi system. This system accurately inspects products weighing 8kg and 300 x 400mm in size whilst also running 150 packs per minute.

Halo Automatic Testing System
Our halo system is a revolutionary automatic metal detector testing device. Halo has been designed to automatically test stainless steel, non-ferrous and ferrous samples on any Fortress metal detector.

Automatic testing saves not only time and money but also labour. It removes the risk of work place injury and human error whilst complying to industry standards.

Other Applications

...• Consumer Goods
...• Textiles
...• Pharmaceutical
...• Lumber
...• Pipeline
...• Freefall - Bulk
...• Bottle Filling


Fortress Technologies has an extremely reputable customer support service covering before sales, through sales and after sales.

We have no set service contracts at all you just simply get our efficient response when and wherever you need it.

Our Commitment

At Fortress Technology we are so confident in our products that if they do not perform well as expected we will work with you to find a solution or provide you with a full refund.

This is only a small sample of the wide range of products and professional services provided by Fortress Technology. To find out more please visit our website or contact one of our centres.

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