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    GaragePride Ltd

    GaragePride is a leading UK supplier of garage cabinets, wall storage solutions and floor tiles. Take pride in your workshop or home garage with our excellent range of top quality modular cabinets and interlocking floor tiles.

    Over the years our main focus has been on the residential sector, however a growing proportion of our supplies now go to industry and commercial garages due to the durability and quality of the range we choose to offer. To date we have supplied over 10,000 garages in the UK with our wall storage, floor tiles or cabinets.

    Our business is largely focused on telephone sales or e-commerce with our reliable and secure online facilities, we also provide services like on-site installation and garage interior design, covering much of the UK.

    Modular Garage Cabinets

    Our cabinet products can be DIY fitted or installed nationally by our team of experts. We have carefully selected three of the best selling brands to stock with all of our cabinets being manufactured in steel with heavy duty industrial powder coatings. The powder coating not only provides a great look but also adds protection from moisture and scratches.

    Our complete range is delivered on pallets, fully manufactured and ready for use.

    Garage Wall Storage

    When it comes to garage wall storage there are two brands that we trust; StorePanel and new to the UK; MOTOSTOR.

    We are very proud that the MOTOSTOR range of wall storage are unique to GaragePride in the UK, they make maximum use of higher walls providing safe storage options. Their wall storage comes with extra safety features making them excellent for commercial purposes and do not require ladders, overhead lifting or stretching.

    These wall kits are available in 3 different sizes, consist of heavy duty panels and come with locking hook and basket accessories for you to store many items, safely, tidily and readily accessible for use. The panel colour is approximately RAL 7004 (a light to medium grey).

    Garage Flooring

    Our Interlocking PVC floor tiles really give your garage that showroom look! Our complete flooring range is by EVOtile, they provide a lifetime garage flooring solutions, once it's down, its down. We feel EVOtile offer not only the best appearance and colour but also durability, and with a massive range to choose from we will have something to suit everyone's style.

    Our floor tiles offer a life span of over 20 years and are 100% recyclable.

    General Steel Storage Cupboards

    If you are just looking for high quality individual storage cupboards then we stock an excellent range for garage, office and industry. They all come ready to use with no assembly required. All of our steel cabinets are manufactured here in the UK to the highest standards with shelf load capacities of typically 75kg.

    Garage Lighting

    If you want to give your garage the 'WOW' factor our brand new super easy to install LED garage lighting will do exactly that. Our garage lighting comes in a honeycomb grid that produces eye catching modular lighting that is available in any size, it offers a sleek contemporary style that will seriously turn heads.

    If the wow factor isn't enough our garage lighting even saves you up to 70% energy when compared to traditional garage lighting, in fact our LED lighting is so flexible due to its design that it can even be used in workshops, shops, gyms, beauty salons and anywhere else you can think of.

    Draper BUNKERŪ Modular Storage System

    Our new Draper BUNKERŪ Modular Storage System elegantly transforms your workshop or garage into the ultimate storage haven. Crafted from top tier steel and boasting a resilient textured industrial powder coated finish in matt black for durability. Elevate your storage with the Draper BUNKERŪ Modular Storage System where style meets functionality.

    Workbench Roller Tool Cabinets

    The exclusive Workbench Roller Tool Cabinets by GaragePride revolutionize workspace efficiency by utilizing mobility and precision to offer impeccable tool organization. Fast 2 - 3 day delivery, 12 months guarantee and a 10 year warranty.

    Premium Tools

    Efficiency is the key to success, whether you're a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, the right tools can make all the difference. Our range of Premium Tools are designed to make every task a breeze and elevate productivity.

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