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    Glasdon UK Ltd

    Glasdon UK is a market leading designer and manufacturer of one of the largest collections of high quality and robust outdoor and indoor products ranging from street furniture, cigarette bins and petrol forecourt equipment to road safety products, recycling bins, water safety equipment and shelters.

    Indoor & Outdoor Litter Bins
    Glasdon UK offers a wide range of hard wearing indoor and outdoor litter bin products ranging from pedal bins and sack holders through to cigarette bins, dog waste bins and catering and food waste bins.

    Indoor & Outdoor Recycling Bins
    Where recycling is concerned Glasdon supplies one of the largest collections of top quality products in the UK.

    � Office Recycling Bins
    � Cup Recycling Bins
    � Stackable Recycling Bins
    � Battery Recycling Bins
    � Newspaper and Magazine Recycling Containers

    External Benches and Commercial Outdoor Seating
    From park benches and street benches to recycled material picnic tables, wheelchair accessible picnic tables and children�s seating, Gladstones range of commercial benches have all been expertly designed and produced to last the test of time.

    Road Safety Products & Equipment:

    � Road Traffic Bollards
    � Plastic Bollards
    � Illuminated Traffic Bollards
    � Flexible Rebound Bollards

    GRP Buildings & Equipment Housings
    An incredible range of robust GRP modular buildings, portable steel office buildings, GRP kiosks, security booths and outdoor equipment storage cabinets available from the Gladstone online shop.

    Lifebuoys and Lifebuoy Housings
    As one of the world�s leading suppliers of water safety equipment Gladstone is able to supply over six high performance products to choose from to meet the requirements of your particular environments safety needs.

    Express Products
    If you've been looking for a supplier of high quality commercial products that can be dispatched within 48 hours of purchase we can help. We have a great range of express products available including grass verge markers, recycling bins and dog waste bins to name but a few.

    This is only a tiny sample of the vast range of outdoor and indoor storage and recycling products we have to offer. If you would like to find out more about Gladstone UK, our products and services please visit our online shop or get in touch.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 09:00 to 17:00
    Tuesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Wednesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Thursday 09:00 to 17:00
    Friday 09:00 to 17:00
    Saturday Closed
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    Payment Terms

    Pro-Forma 30 days
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    Products and Services

    1. Anti-Ram Bollards
    2. Battery Recycling Bins
    3. Benches
    4. Bike Stands
    5. Bollards
    6. Buildings
    7. Cabinets
    8. Canopies
    9. Chevron Boards
    10. Chevron Signs
    11. Childrens Seating
    12. Cigarette Bins
    13. Confidential Waste Bins
    14. Contemporary Seating
    15. Crisp Packet Recycling Bins
    16. Cup Recycling Bins
    17. Cycle Compounds
    18. Cycle Lane Bollards
    19. Cycle Shelters
    20. Cycle Stands
    21. Delineator Posts
    22. Dog Waste Bins
    23. Electrical Enclosures
    24. Enclosures
    25. Flexible Rebound Bollards
    26. FOD Bins
    27. Food Waste Bins
    28. Forecourt Bins
    29. Forecourt Equipment
    30. Free-Standing Cigarette Bins
    31. Gateway Boundary Signage
    32. Gateway Signs
    33. Grit Bins
    34. GRP Booths
    35. GRP Enclosures
    36. GRP Housings
    37. GRP Kiosks
    38. GRP Offices
    39. Hardwood Seating
    40. Hazard Markers
    41. Health And Safety Products
    42. Heritage Seating
    43. Highway Lighting
    44. Home Recycling Bins
    45. Home Waste Bins
    46. Housings
    47. Illuminated Traffic Bollards
    48. Indoor Litter Bins
    49. Indoor Recycling Bins
    50. IP Rated Cabinets
    51. Lifebuoys
    52. Litter Bins
    53. Manual Grit Spreaders
    54. Memorial Seating
    55. Metal Litter Bins
    56. Modular Buildings
    57. Novelty Litter Bins
    58. Office Recycling Bins
    59. Offices
    60. Outdoor Equipment Cabinets
    61. Outdoor Litter Bins
    62. Outdoor Recycling Bins
    63. Outdoor School Seating
    64. Park Benches
    65. Park Litter Bins
    66. Pedal Bins
    67. Petrol Forecourt Bins
    68. Petrol Forecourt Equipment
    69. Pharmacy Bins
    70. Picnic Tables
    71. Plastic Bollards
    72. Plastic Litter Bins
    73. Poster Displays
    74. Recycled Material Picnic Tables
    75. Recycled Material Seating
    76. Recycling Bin Housings
    77. Recycling Bin Screens
    78. Recycling Bins
    79. Recycling Stands
    80. Recycling Stations
    81. Retail Storage Units
    82. Retroreflective Bollards
    83. Road Bollards
    84. Road Safety
    85. Road Safety Equipemnt
    86. Sack Holders
    87. School Litter Bins
    88. School Recycling Bins
    89. Seats
    90. Security Bollards
    91. Shelters
    92. Signs
    93. Smoking Canopies
    94. Smoking Shelters
    95. Snow Shovels
    96. Stackable Recycling Bins
    97. Steel Buildings
    98. Steel Cabinets
    99. Steel Enclosures
    100. Steel Housings
    101. Storage Containers
    102. Street Benches
    103. Street Furniture
    104. Street Lighting
    105. Street Litter Bins
    106. Street Orderly Barrows
    107. Towable Gritters
    108. Traffic Bollards
    109. Verge Markers
    110. Waiting Canopies
    111. Waiting Shelters
    112. Walk In Enclosures
    113. Wall Mounted Cigarette Bins
    114. Waste Bins
    115. Waste Management Audit
    116. Water Rescue Device
    117. Water Safety Equipment
    118. Wheelchair Accessible Picnic Tables
    119. Wheelie Bin Housings
    120. Winter Safety Equipment

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