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    Hofbauer (UK) Ltd

    Extrusion Blow Moulded Cases

    Europe�s leading manufacturers of Extrusion Blow Moulded Cases

    Having been established for over 100 years Hofbauer has gained a reputation for innovation and high quality by taking advantage of technical advancements both in material and manufacturing.

    This same reputation is reflected in our market leading range of unbeatable quality case products that are manufactured with �double wall� construction and provide unrivalled benefits in protection and presentation. With such a robust construction and eye catching design these extrusion blown cases offer an unbeatable product.

    Our case products cover a vast range of applications, from computer and military equipment, valuable electronic, medical, scientific and broadcast to communications, diagnostic equipment and more.

    Hofbauer case products briefly include:
    Flight Cases, Heavy duty Cases, Instrument Cases, Lightweight Cases, Military Cases, Peli Cases, Electronic Cases, Cases with Wheels, Wine Carrier Cases, Sample Cases, Tool Cases, Waterproof Cases and Shipping Cases. (For more information and the complete range of Hofbauer case products please visit our website.)

    Polypropylene Double Walled Technology
    When transporting your valuable equipment whether it�s by air, sea or land you are only certain of one thing � the worry of rough handling. That�s where the Hofbauer range of blow moulded cases and legendary customer services come in.

    The double walled construction provides high impact, tough resistant polypropylene that creates a shock absorbing air cushion between the two walls.

    Aluminium Cases
    Where a heavy duty case is required only the most rugged cases will offer the correct application. At Hofbauer we offer aluminium cases that are good looking and impact resistant to provide maximum protection for items whether carried by hand or shipped by transport.

    Foam Inserts and Fitted Interiors
    Interiors can be designed and fitted to suite the requirements of every application possible, from valuable electronics to sales presentation products.

    We use our years of experience to provide you with a professional solution. All inserts are CAD designed and CNC routed or Die Cut to meet your specifications.

    We offer a full range of hi-tec foam materials to protect your valuable contents from rough handling. These interiors also enhances your product presentation and in turn you corporate image.

    So if you would like to find out more about the Hofbauer range of cases please contact us or alternatively visit our website which contains not only detailed information about our products but an online shopping facility, download brochure and customer testimonials.

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    1. 19 Inch Cases
    2. ABS Cases
    3. Aluminium Cases
    4. Aluminium Cases Companies
    5. Aluminium Flight Cases
    6. Aluminum Cases
    7. Amplifier Flight Cases
    8. Audio Flight Cases
    9. AV Cases
    10. AV Flight Briefcases
    11. AV Flight Cases
    12. Batteries
    13. Battery Cases
    14. Bespoke Cases
    15. Bespoke Flight Cases
    16. Bookcases
    17. Brief Cases
    18. Broadcast Equipment
    19. Broadcast Equipment Cases
    20. Broadcast Equipment Flight Cases
    21. Broadcast Flight Cases
    22. Business Card Cases
    23. Business Cases
    24. Cabinets & Display Cases
    25. Cabinets And Display Cases
    26. Camera Cases
    27. Camera Flight Cases
    28. Case Design
    29. Case Foam Inserts
    30. Case Interiors
    31. Case Making
    32. Case Manufacturers
    33. Case Mouldings
    34. Cases
    35. Casing
    36. Component Cases
    37. Computer Carrying Cases
    38. Computer Case
    39. Computer Cases
    40. Computer Server Cases
    41. Computer Transit Cases
    42. Corrugated Cases
    43. Credit Card Cases
    44. Crimp Cases
    45. Custom Cases
    46. Customised Cases
    47. Dry Cases
    48. Electronic Cases
    49. Electronics Cases
    50. Equipment Cases
    51. Euro Containers
    52. Executive Cases
    53. Explorer Cases
    54. Export Packing Case Fittings
    55. Export Packing Cases
    56. Exterior Poster Cases
    57. Fiberboard Cases
    58. Filter Cases
    59. Flight Case Specialists
    60. Flight Cases
    61. Flight Cases Designer
    62. Flight Cases Experts
    63. Flight Cases Maker
    64. Flight Cases Protective Bags
    65. Flight Cases Specialists
    66. Flight Cases Trunks
    67. Foam Inserts For Cases
    68. Foam Routing
    69. Gauge Block Cases
    70. Gun Cases
    71. Hard Cased Protective Storage
    72. Hard Wearing Cases
    73. Hdpe Cases
    74. Heavy Duty Cases
    75. Heavy Duty Protective Cases
    76. Heavy Range Cases
    77. Hot Melt & PVA Case Sealers
    78. Industrial Cases
    79. Industrial Protective Cases
    80. Injection MouldedCases
    81. Instrument Cases
    82. Laptop Carrying Cases
    83. Laptop Cases
    84. Laptop Transit Cases
    85. Locking Poster Cases
    86. Masonic Cases And Wallets
    87. Medical Cases
    88. Metal Cases
    89. MOD Cases
    90. Monitor Transit Cases
    91. Motor Sport Cases
    92. Music Rack Flight Cases
    93. Musical Instrument Cases
    94. Oem Cases
    95. Outdoor Display Cases
    96. Packaging Cases
    97. Packing Cases
    98. PCB Cases
    99. Peli Storm Case
    100. Peli Storm Cases
    101. Plasma Case Supplier
    102. Plasma Cases
    103. Plasma Flight Cases
    104. Plasma Screen Flight Cases
    105. Plastic Boxes
    106. Plastic Cases
    107. Plastics Moulders
    108. Plywood Cases
    109. Polypropylene Cases
    110. Poster Cases
    111. Presentation Cases
    112. Proctective Cases
    113. Promotional Calculator Cases
    114. Promotional Cases
    115. Promotional Cosmetic Cases
    116. Promotional Document Cases
    117. Promotional Key Cases
    118. Promotional Packaging
    119. Promotional Sunglasses Cases
    120. Promotional Zipped Document Cases
    121. Protective Camera Case
    122. Protective Cases
    123. Protective Casing
    124. Protective Casing For Electronics
    125. Protective Casings For Transit
    126. Protective Computer Case
    127. Protective Equipment Case
    128. Protective Equipment Cases
    129. Protective Flight Cases
    130. Protective Storage Case
    131. Rack Mounted Cases
    132. Rack Transit Cases
    133. Rifle Cases
    134. Rotationally Moulded Cases
    135. Rotomoulded Case
    136. Rotomoulded Cases
    137. Safety Torches
    138. Sales Cases
    139. Salsa Cases
    140. Sample Cases
    141. Seal Tight
    142. Security Cases
    143. Service Engineer Toolcases
    144. Service Engineers Cases
    145. Shock Mounted Cases
    146. Show Cases
    147. Silver Card Cases
    148. Slip Cases
    149. Small Tool Cases
    150. Soft Bags
    151. Soft Cases
    152. Specialist Protective Cases
    153. Stage Lighting Cases
    154. Storage Cases
    155. Storage For Measuring Equipment
    156. Storm Case
    157. Storm Cases
    158. Strong Cases
    159. Swing Protect Cases
    160. Test Equipment Cases
    161. TFT Screen Cases
    162. Tool Boxes
    163. Tool Cases
    164. Transit Cases
    165. Transportation Cases
    166. Turntable Cases
    167. Various Cases
    168. Waterproof Camera Case
    169. Waterproof Cases
    170. Waterproof Casing
    171. Waterproof Computer Case
    172. Waterproof Equipment Case
    173. Waterproof Protective Case
    174. Waterproof Storage Case
    175. Watertight Cases
    176. Weapon Cases
    177. Weatherproof Cases
    178. Wheeled Protective Cases

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    • Multi-Laptop Cases for Professional Trainers & Educators

      Multi-Laptop Cases for Professional Trainers & Educators

      Here at Hofbauer, we offer cases that carry multiple laptops, yet we also provide solutions to the shipment of iPads, notebooks, MacBooks and more. We know how valuable these electronic items are, both in the monetary sense, and also in terms of any data. It is vital that such items are intact both externally and internally. There is always a risk when carrying such fragile items that there could be some damage en route if not adequately supported. Why take the risk when you could invest in a great case that is designed specifically to transport laptops and other such items? Read on to find out about just five great features of our multi-laptop cases.

    • All About Our Peli Cases

      All About Our Peli Cases

      Here at Hofbauer, we specialise in providing our customers with the most robust options when it comes to cases, which is why we offer a wide range of Pelican cases

    • Peli Cases  A Safe Way to Transport your equipment

      Peli Cases A Safe Way to Transport your equipment

      When it comes to the safe handling and transport of your expensive, valued and delicate products, there must be no limitations on the quality of the materials used to ensure durability and protection for your precious belongings and cargo. The Peli Case can offer you peace of mind that your equipment, products, samples, tools etc. are safe and secure during transit. Here at Hofbauer, we use only the best quality materials for the job, and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, offer first rate bespoke products, and care deeply about the products and services we provide.

    • All About Our Double Walled Technology

      All About Our Double Walled Technology

      At Hofbauer, we aim to make your life stress-free with high quality cases that you can rely on in the most important situations.