Hulme Martin Heat Sealers Ltd

Hulme Martin Heat Sealers Ltd

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  • All Hulme Martin machines are British made
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    'Manufacturing Quality Heat Sealers Since 1960'

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    Hulme Martin Heat Sealers Ltd

    Hulme-Martin are Specialist Manufacturers of Heat Sealers

    Hulme-Martin Heat Sealers are manufacturers of a wide range of high quality heat sealers designed for an equally wide range of packaging applications.

    Basically our heat sealers can be divided into two categories, Impulse Heaters and Constant Heat Sealers.

    Impulse Heat Sealers
    Hulme-Martin manufactures a range of impulse heaters which are used to weld like for like thermo plastic films. Our standard impulse sealers are able to weld up to 1000 gauge polythene film without difficulty. Hulme-Martins special purpose double element machines are also available for repetitive heat sealing applications and heavier gauge and gusseted polythene products.

    Constant Heat Sealers
    Our constant heat sealers are normally used for sealing laminated materials that are made from layers of thermo plastic films with different melting points and properties. These include foils, cellophane, coated papers and polypropylene laminates. They also use temperature controllers to ensure the element bar remains stable throughout the sealing process.

    Vacuum Sealers
    Essentially there are two types of vacuum sealers, Chamber Vacuum Sealers and Probe Vacuum Sealers.

    Our chamber vacuum sealers are simple in operation and provide consistent results and come with digital controls and stainless steel chambers. Typical applications include engineering products, food, and electronic products.

    Holme-Martins range of probe vacuum sealers are designed to be more versatile and are able to seal most solid products. They can also be manufactured with special jaws so as to allow the product to be sealed in the upright position which makes them ideal for larger packaging products such as sacks.

    Hand Operated and Foot Operated Heat Sealers
    We also offer a range of heat sealers in either hand or foot operated formats to cater for today�s ever changing manufacturing applications. More information about the options available can be found on our web site.

    Hulme-Martin are able to design and manufacture a range of special sealers for applications ranging from Medical Validatable Sealers and Pneumatic Gantry Sealers to Vertical Band Sealers, Bench top Rotary Sealers and Medical Packaging Sealers.

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