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  • The Design and Manufacture of Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Hydraulic Manifold Design and Manufacture
  • Hydraulic Press Refurbishment Service
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    Pressure Design Hydraulics Ltd

    Design & Manufacture of Hydraulic Cylinders, Manifolds and More

    Pressure Design provides a complete fluid power service to a wide range of industrial sectors large and small.

    With a team of professional and qualified engineers with over 100 years combined experience in the industry, Pressure Design is able to offer Proportional Hydraulic Control valves, Hydraulic Press Refurbishment and the design & manufacture of Hydraulic Manifolds and Cylinders.

    Hydraulic Manifold Manufacture
    Hydraulic manifold blocks up to 1000kg can be designed, manufactured and tested by utilising our extensive in house design facilities. We manufacture the highest quality Hydraulic manifolds to your individual specifications.

    Hydraulic Cylinder Design
    We offer a fully comprehensive design, manufacturing and remanufacturing service for hydraulic cylinders along with full test and repair facilities more info of which may be found on our website.

    Hydraulic Press Refurbishment
    We offer a range of hydraulic press equipment from rubber moulding presses to multiple presses some of which were converted from scrap to produce modern production machines with new power units, PLC control systems, PID temperature controllers and guarding to the very latest safety standards. We also provide a first class hydraulic press refurbishment service.

    Our in house capabilities also allow us to design and manufacture proportional hydraulic control valves, pneumatic cylinders, electrical control panels, manifold systems and special valves making us your one stop shop for all of your hydraulic needs.

    Complete Machines
    We provide the design, manufacture, refurbishment, maintenance and service on many types of specialist machinery including bulge formers, stretch formers, super plastic forming, fluid forming, expanding machines and many more.

    Turnkey Projects
    Over the years Pressure Design has been responsible for many turnkey projects, from bridge refurbishment in Sweden through to large tipping platform installations in Spain. To find our more about our design, manufacture and installation services please go to our website.

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    Products and Services

    1. Automated Electrical Control Systems
    2. Axis Control Systems
    3. Bespoke Electrical Services
    4. Bespoke Electronic Controller
    5. Bespoke Electronic Controllers
    6. Bespoke Electronic Controls
    7. Bespoke Industrial Electronic Controller
    8. Bespoke Industrial Electronic Controllers
    9. C Frame Hydraulic Presses
    10. Custom Electronic Controller
    11. Custom Electronic Controllers
    12. Custom Industrial Electronic Controller
    13. Custom Industrial Electronic Controllers
    14. Denison & Sterling Hydraulic Valves
    15. Denison Vane Pumps
    16. Down Stroking Press
    17. Electrical Control
    18. Electrical Control Components
    19. Electrical Control Equipment
    20. Electrical Control Panel
    21. Electrical Control Panel Installation
    22. Electrical Control Panel Manufacturers
    23. Electrical Control Panels
    24. Electrical Control Products
    25. Electrical Control Services
    26. Electrical Control Systems
    27. Electrical Controls
    28. Electrical Controls And Panels
    29. Electrical Controls Control Panels
    30. Electrical Press Refurbishments
    31. Electrical Service
    32. Electrical Services
    33. Electrical Services Calibration
    34. Electronic Control Panel Builder
    35. Electronic Control Panels
    36. Electronic Control Services
    37. Electronic Control System Design
    38. Electronic Control Systems
    39. Electronic Controls
    40. HEB Hydraulic Cylinders
    41. High Pressure Hydraulic Equipment
    42. Honing Hydraulic Cylinders
    43. Hydac Accumulators
    44. Hydac Filter Elements
    45. Hydraulic Control Valves
    46. Hydraulic Cylinder
    47. Hydraulic Cylinder Design
    48. Hydraulic Cylinder Design & Manufacture
    49. Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacture
    50. Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer
    51. Hydraulic Cylinder Removal
    52. Hydraulic Cylinder Repair
    53. Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs
    54. Hydraulic Cylinders
    55. Hydraulic Engineer
    56. Hydraulic Engineering
    57. Hydraulic Engineering & Sales
    58. Hydraulic Engineering Service
    59. Hydraulic Engineering Services
    60. Hydraulic Engineers
    61. Hydraulic Equipment
    62. Hydraulic Equipment Engineers
    63. Hydraulic Equipment Hire
    64. Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturers
    65. Hydraulic Equipment Sales
    66. Hydraulic Equipment Services
    67. Hydraulic Filters
    68. Hydraulic Machinery
    69. Hydraulic Manifold Design
    70. Hydraulic Manifold Design & Manufacture
    71. Hydraulic Manifold Manufacture
    72. Hydraulic Manifolds
    73. Hydraulic Power Units
    74. Hydraulic Press
    75. Hydraulic Press Brakes
    76. Hydraulic Press Controls
    77. Hydraulic Press Electrical Controls
    78. Hydraulic Press Electrical Upgrades
    79. Hydraulic Press Refurbishment
    80. Hydraulic Press Service
    81. Hydraulic Press Systems
    82. Hydraulic Press UK
    83. Hydraulic Press Upgrades
    84. Hydraulic Presses
    85. Hydraulic Presses For Sale
    86. Hydraulic Pressouts
    87. Hydraulic Pressure Gauge
    88. Hydraulic Pressure Gauges
    89. Hydraulic Pressure Regulators
    90. Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valve
    91. Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valves
    92. Hydraulic Pressure Sensors
    93. Hydraulic Pressure Switches
    94. Hydraulic Pressure Transducers
    95. Hydraulic Pressure Transmitter
    96. Hydraulic Services
    97. Hydroline Hydraulic Cylinders
    98. Hydropa Cylinders
    99. Hydropa Gear Pumps
    100. Hydropa Hydraulic Units
    101. Hydropa Pressure Switches
    102. Industrial Electronic Control
    103. Industrial Electronic Controller
    104. Industrial Electronic Controllers
    105. Industrial Electronic Controls
    106. Machine Tool Hydraulic Equipment
    107. Marine Hydraulic Engineers
    108. Parker Hydraulics
    109. Press Electrical Refurbishments
    110. Proportional Hydraulic Control
    111. Proportional Hydraulic Control Valves
    112. Remote Monitoring
    113. Remote Monitoring Panel
    114. Remote Monitoring Panels
    115. Remote Monitoring Safety Devices
    116. Remote Monitoring Services
    117. Rubber Moulding Press
    118. SCADA Systems
    119. Special Purpose Machine Tools
    120. Special Purpose Machinery
    121. Special Purpose Machines
    122. Steel Hydraulic Cylinder Liners
    123. Titan Hydraulic Cylinders
    124. Upstroking Press


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