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  • 30 years of casting & manufacturing experience
  • Castings, forgings & plastic injected products
  • We have extensive machining facilities
  • UK Manufacturer
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    Intercast UK

    Based in Sheffield and with over 30 years of experience working in the metal processing sector Intercast UK is able to provide a range of cost efficient products and services including Castings (Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel), Forgings, Cold Stampings and Extrusions.

    Intercast UK has a number of associated sites in China who also work to certain specifications in order to meet the high standard of products and services we have become renowned for.

    All manufacturing sites in the UK are accredited to ISO9000 working to European and American standards.
    Intercast also holds a number of standards for Surface Finish, Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant Inspection and Radiographic Inspection.

    All services provided by Intercast UK have been established to provide customers everywhere with a simple yet dependable range of economic benefits.

    Stainless Steel Castings
    Stainless steel castings are often used where corrosion resistance is required at elevated and normal temperatures. Stainless steel castings offer good wear resistance along with reasonable strength. Our castings are manufactured to meet the specific needs of customers from a wide range of industrial sectors some of which include Equipment, Automotive, Architecture, Hardware and Valves.

    Carbon Steel Castings
    Carbon steel castings are characterised by their high carbon composition delivering toughened steel and high strength for use in high pressure conditions. Carbon steel castings are ideal for structural and mechincal applications.

    Other Castings
    As experts in the manufacture of a wide range of high quality castings Intercast UK offers the following products and services. From just a few grams to 35 tonnes Intercast UK casting service is one of the most comprehensive anywhere around.

    � Iron Castings
    � Non-Ferrous Castings
    � Disamatic Castings
    � Squeeze Castings
    � Die Castings
    � Pressure Die Castings
    � Aluminium Gravity Die Castings
    � Plastic Injection Mouldings

    We offer a range of highly efficient machining services designed to cover all of our customers finished product supply chain needs.

    � CNC Milling
    � CNC Turning
    � Spark Erosion
    � Laser Cutting
    � Flame Cutting
    � Drilling

    Our Fabrication service also provides customers with a cost effective production alternative as opposed to sub-contracting out their Welding, Press Brake and Assembly requirements.

    Heat Treatment
    Where our Heat Treatment service is concerned Intercast UK offers Flame Hardening, Hot Isostatic Pressing, Rapid Quench and Carbon Controlled Atmospheres.

    Finishing Processes
    Painting, Polyester Coating, Hand Polishing from N4 to Mirror Finish, Galvanizing, Zinc Plating and Sheradising to name but a few are also provided to the same quality standard.

    Areas Covered

    Stainless Steel Castings, Carbon Steel Castings and all of our other services are available to the following locations and the rest of the UK:

    County Durham
    East Sussex
    Greater London
    Greater Manchester
    Isle of Wight
    Isles of Scilly
    Milton Keynes
    North Yorkshire
    South Gloucestershire
    South Yorkshire
    Tyne & Wear
    West Midlands
    West Sussex
    West Yorkshire

    Opening Hours

    Monday 09:00 to 17:00
    Tuesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Wednesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Thursday 09:00 to 17:00
    Friday 09:00 to 17:00
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed
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    Products and Services

    1. Aerospace Castings
    2. Aerospace Forgings
    3. Aireset Non Ferrous Castings
    4. Airset Alloy Casting
    5. Airset Alloy Sand Casting
    6. Airset Aluminium Castings
    7. Alloy Steel Castings
    8. Alloy Steel Investment Castings
    9. Alloy Steel Lost Wax Castings
    10. Aluminium Alloy Casting
    11. Aluminium Alloy Castings
    12. Aluminium Alloy Castings Supplier
    13. Aluminium Alloy Extrusions
    14. Aluminium Alloy Gravity Die Castings
    15. Aluminium Alloy Sand Castings
    16. Aluminium Anodising
    17. Aluminium Bronze Casting
    18. Aluminium Bronze Castings
    19. Aluminium Bronze Forging
    20. Aluminium Bronze Sand Casting
    21. Aluminium Bronze Sand Castings
    22. Aluminium Casting
    23. Aluminium Casting Services
    24. Aluminium Castings
    25. Aluminium Castings Foundries
    26. Aluminium Castings Foundry
    27. Aluminium Castings Machined
    28. Aluminium Castings NDT
    29. Aluminium Castings Supplier
    30. Aluminium Castings Total Solution
    31. Aluminium Die Casting
    32. Aluminium Die Casting Supplier
    33. Aluminium Die Castings
    34. Aluminium Diecastings
    35. Aluminium Extrusion Sawing
    36. Aluminium Extrusion Services
    37. Aluminium Extrusion Solutions
    38. Aluminium Extrusion Specialist
    39. Aluminium Extrusion Stocking
    40. Aluminium Extrusion Stockist
    41. Aluminium Extrusion Supplier
    42. Aluminium Extrusion Suppliers
    43. Aluminium Extrusions
    44. Aluminium Extrusions Manufacturer
    45. Aluminium Extrusions UK
    46. Aluminium Fencing Extrusions
    47. Aluminium Forging
    48. Aluminium Forgings
    49. Aluminium Gravity Casting
    50. Aluminium Gravity Castings
    51. Aluminium Gravity Die Casting
    52. Aluminium Gravity Die Castings
    53. Aluminium Impact Extrusions
    54. Aluminium Investment Casting
    55. Aluminium Investment Castings
    56. Aluminium Mould Casting
    57. Aluminium Precision Castings
    58. Aluminium Precison Castings
    59. Aluminium Pressure Die Casting
    60. Aluminium Profile Extrusions
    61. Aluminium Sand Casting
    62. Aluminium Sand Castings
    63. Aluminium Sheet Metal Fabrications
    64. AluminiumSand Castings
    65. Anodising
    66. Architectural Castings
    67. AS9100 Casting
    68. Automotive Castings
    69. Automotive Forgings
    70. Beryllium Copper Casting Chill Vent
    71. Beryllium Copper Castings
    72. Beryllium Copper Centrifugal Castings
    73. Beryllium Copper Continuous Castings
    74. Beryllium Copper Forgings
    75. Beryllium Copper Investment Castings
    76. Beryllium Copper Moulded Castings
    77. Beryllium Copper Pressure Castings
    78. Beryllium Copper Sand Castings
    79. Block Casting
    80. Brass Casting
    81. Brass Sand Casting
    82. Broadcasting
    83. Broadcasting Aerials
    84. Broadcasting Equipment
    85. Broadcasting Service
    86. Broadcasting Services
    87. Broadcasting Solutions
    88. Broadcasting.
    89. Bronze Alloy Castings
    90. Bronze Castings
    91. Bronze Sand Casting
    92. Bronze Sand Castings
    93. Carbon Steel Castings
    94. Carbon Steel Forgings
    95. Carbon Steel Precision Castings
    96. Carbon Steel Sand Casting
    97. Carbon Steel Sand Castings
    98. Cash Flow Forecasting
    99. Cast Iron And Aluminium Castings
    100. Cast Iron Castings
    101. Casting
    102. Casting Consultancy
    103. Casting Lubricant
    104. Casting Plaster
    105. Casting Resins
    106. Casting Services
    107. Casting Suppliers
    108. Castings
    109. Castings Aerospace Industry
    110. Castings Aluminium Alloys
    111. Castings Defence Industry
    112. Castings Lost Wax Process
    113. Castings Machined
    114. Castings Machining
    115. Castings Machinists
    116. Castings Powder Coating
    117. Castings To Specification
    118. Castings X-Rayed
    119. Centrifugal Casting
    120. Centrifugal Castings
    121. Closed Die Forgings
    122. CNC Castings
    123. CNC Drilling
    124. CNC Machined Aluminium Castings
    125. CNC Machined Castings
    126. CNC Machined Diecastings
    127. CNC Machines Castings
    128. CNC Machining Of Castings
    129. CNC Milling
    130. CNC Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication
    131. CNC Turning
    132. Communication Castings
    133. Copper Alloy Castings
    134. Copper Beryllium Casting Alloys
    135. Copper Castings
    136. Copper Nickel Forging
    137. Copper Sand Casting
    138. Cylinder Head Casting
    139. Die Casting
    140. Die Casting Foundry
    141. Die Casting Manufacturers
    142. Die Castings
    143. Die Castings Supplier
    144. Diecasting
    145. Diecasting Equipment
    146. Diecasting Machines
    147. Diecasting Services
    148. Diecastings
    149. Draft Free Castings
    150. Drainage Casting
    151. Drainage Castings
    152. Duplex Stainless Steel Lost Wax Casting
    153. Electronic Castings
    154. Electronic Enclosure Castings
    155. Enclosure Castings
    156. Engine Castings
    157. Exotic Alloy Sand Casting
    158. Exterior Casting
    159. Extrusion Service
    160. Extrusion Supplier
    161. Extrusions
    162. Extrusions Plastic Section
    163. Extrusions Plastic Standard
    164. Extrusions Plastic Stock
    165. FDA Compliant Extrusions
    166. Ferrous Casting
    167. Ferrous Castings
    168. Ferrous Metal Castings
    169. Financial Forecasting
    170. Flame Cutting
    171. Flexible Plastic Extrusions
    172. Forging
    173. Forging Dies
    174. Forgings
    175. Galvanising
    176. Gravity Die Aluminium Castings
    177. Gravity Die Casting
    178. Gravity Die Castings
    179. Gravity Die Castings Foundry
    180. Gravity Diecasting
    181. Greensand Alloy Castings
    182. Greensand Alloy Sand Castings
    183. Greensand Castings
    184. Grey Iron Castings
    185. Heat Treated Castings
    186. Heat Treatment
    187. Heat Treatment Of Castings
    188. Heatsink Casting
    189. High Pressure Die Casting
    190. High Pressure Die Castings
    191. High Strength Castings
    192. High Volume Castings
    193. Inconel Casting
    194. Inconel Castings
    195. Investment Casting
    196. Investment Castings
    197. Investment Castings Nonferrous
    198. Investment Castings Stainless Steel
    199. Investment Castings Steel
    200. Iron Castings
    201. ISO9001 Approved Castings
    202. Large Scale Clear Resin Casting
    203. Large Scale Resin Casting
    204. Laser Cutting
    205. Lead Castings
    206. Lifting Castings
    207. Light Alloy Castings
    208. Lightweight Castings
    209. LM25 Casting
    210. LM6 Casting
    211. London Webcasting
    212. Lost Wax Carbon Steel Castings
    213. Lost Wax Casting
    214. Lost Wax Investment Casting
    215. Lost Wax Investment Castings
    216. Lost Wax Stainless Steel Castings
    217. Low Volume Castings
    218. Machined Aluminium Castings
    219. Machined Aluminium Die Castings
    220. Machined Castings
    221. Machined Chemically Bonded Aluminium Castings
    222. Machined Die Castings
    223. Machined Precision Castings
    224. Machining
    225. Machining Castings
    226. Manufactured Aluminium Castings
    227. Marine Castings
    228. Medium Volume Castings
    229. Metal Casting
    230. Metal Castings
    231. Mild Steel Sheet Metal Fabrications
    232. Military Aluminium Castings
    233. Military Castings
    234. Municapul Castings
    235. National Aluminium Casting Supplier
    236. Ni-Resist Castings
    237. Nickel Alloy Castings
    238. Nickel Alloy Castings Machined
    239. Nickel Alloy Forgings
    240. Nickel Alloy Investment Castings
    241. Nickel Alloy Lost Wax Castings
    242. Nickel Based Castings
    243. Nickel Forgings
    244. No Draft Castings
    245. Non Ferrous Aluminium Die Castings
    246. Non Ferrous Casting
    247. Non Ferrous Castings
    248. Non Ferrous High Pressure Die Casting
    249. Non Ferrous High Pressure Die Castings
    250. Non Ferrous Zinc Die Castings
    251. Non-Ferrous Alloy Castings
    252. Non-Ferrous Castings
    253. Non-Ferrous Metal Castings
    254. Nonferrous Die Casting
    255. Nonferrous High Pressure Die Casting
    256. Nonferrous High Pressure Die Castings
    257. Painting
    258. Petro Chemical Castings
    259. Plastic Extrusion Suppliers
    260. Plastic Extrusions
    261. Plastic Extrusions And Moulding
    262. Plastic Extrusions Manufacturer
    263. Plastic Extrusions Manufacturers
    264. Plastic Extrusions Supplier
    265. Plastic Extrusions UK
    266. Plastic Pressure Die Casting
    267. Plastics Extrusions
    268. Polyester Coating
    269. Polyurethane Casting
    270. Polyurethane Castings
    271. Polyurethane Resin Casting
    272. Powder Coated Aluminium Castings
    273. Powder Coated Castings
    274. Powder Coated Non Ferrous Castings
    275. Precision Aluminium Castings
    276. Precision Castings
    277. Precision Metal Castings
    278. Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication
    279. Precison Castings
    280. Pressure Die Casting
    281. Pressure Die Casting Services
    282. Pressure Die Castings
    283. Pressure Diecasting
    284. Prototype Castings
    285. Prototype Vacuum Resin Castings
    286. Quality Aluminium Die Castings
    287. Rail Castings
    288. Railway Castings
    289. Resin Casting
    290. Resin Vacuum Casting
    291. Rolling Stock Castings
    292. Sand Casting
    293. Sand Castings
    294. Sand Castings Foundry
    295. SG Iron Castings
    296. SG Irons Castings
    297. Sheet Metal Fabrication
    298. Sheet Metal Fabrication Assembly
    299. Sheet Metal Fabrications
    300. Sheet Steel Fabrication
    301. Sheetmetal Fabrication
    302. Sheradising
    303. Shot Blasting Aluminium Castings
    304. Small Castings
    305. Stainless Steel Castings
    306. Stainless Steel Forgings
    307. Stainless Steel Investment Casting
    308. Stainless Steel Sand Casting
    309. Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Fabrications
    310. Steel Castings
    311. Steel Castings X-Rayed
    312. Steel Forging
    313. Steel Forgings
    314. Steel Investment Casting
    315. Steel Sheet Metal Fabrications
    316. Strong Castings
    317. Sub Sea Castings
    318. Supply Castings
    319. Telecommunication Castings
    320. Thin Wall Castings
    321. Titanium Castings
    322. Titanium Forging
    323. Titanium Forgings
    324. Transport Castings
    325. Vacuum Casting
    326. Vacuum Casting Models
    327. Vacuum Casting Services
    328. Video Podcasting
    329. Water Jet Cutting
    330. Webcasting
    331. Welding
    332. White Metal Casting
    333. X-Ray Of Castings
    334. Zinc Alloy Castings
    335. Zinc Casting
    336. Zinc Castings
    337. Zinc Die Casting
    338. Zinc Die Castings
    339. Zinc Diecastings
    340. Zinc Gravity Castings
    341. Zinc Gravity Die Casting
    342. Zinc Gravity Die Castings
    343. Zinc Plating

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