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    Gemma Lighting Ltd

    Environmentally Friendly, Energy Saving, LED Lighting Solutions

    Gemma Lightingspecialise in UK design and manufacture of environmentally friendly, energy efficient LED Exterior Lighting and LED Solar Lighting Solutions. Our range incorporates street lighting, bollard lighting, car park lighting, flood lighting, and solar applications.

    Utilising our vast experience of over 45 years in technology, Gemma has produced products that can reduce energy consumption by up to 90% by using mains power more efficiently. The addition of controls like DALI dimmable street light and PIR LED bollard enables further reductions in energy consumption.

    If mains power is not available or desired at the location, we have a range of solar lighting solutions which utilise solar panels to store energy and operated through a solar management system.

    We are passionate and dedicated in providing exceptional customer service and pride ourselves in going the extra mile to ensure our clients have the right LED solution for their project application.

    Our LED luminaires optimise the light source through optical lenses which helps maximise performance and efficiency, whilst also avoiding the use of filaments associated with traditional light sources that would either burn out or fracture.

    LED Lighting is highly efficient, clear and robust which reduces energy consumption, light pollution and carbon emissions.

    In addition, it has been proven colour temperature and colour rendering of the light emitted from our fittings is proven to aid visual perception, suitable for areas of anti-social behaviour where CCTV is essential, and also reduced light pollution in the support of protecting our dark skies. In addition, we can provide bat and insect friendly light solutions where the light source needs to be considerate towards habitats and environmental surveys.

    LED Bollard Manufacturers

    We supply a range of LED Bollards from 5W - 20W. Our bollards are available in 3 different materials, Wood, Stainless Steel and Die-Cast Aluminium, they are highly energy efficient and stylish. Ideal solutions from car parks right through to prestigious ground with some of the ranges more aesthetically pleasing bollards.

    LED Floodlights

    These high performance LED Floodlights and Solar LED Flood Lights can be used for lighting larger areas and keep light pollution in neighbouring properties to a minimum. Each floodlight uses various LED and optic configurations to offer good coverage and high uniformity over each specific area.

    LED Car Park Lighting Design

    Our led car park lighting systems are designed to offer long term value due to the reduction in maintenance, energy and carbon emissions. They have been design and manufactured using the very latest in high power LED, heat sink technology and drivers, offer high quality output products with a long life spans.

    LED Street Lighting Solutions

    By using the latest technology in high power LEDs and associated optics we have designed and manufactured a series of street lights that provide significant carbon and energy reductions. Every street light utilises different LED and optic configurations so as to provide high conformity and road coverage.

    Exterior Lighting Supplier

    We are a leading supplier of exterior lighting that includes our excellent LED Solar Lights. Our solar exterior lighting products use 12-24v DC drivers which can be supplied separately or with our solar powered management units. These are all cost effective and a means of collecting solar energy in cases where mains power unavailable.

    LED Bulkhead Lighting

    These luminaires are cost effective solutions to traditional technologies with their low wattage and high lumen output. Bulkhead lighting is ideal for warehouses, distribution centres, corridors and a number of other applications where space is limited and wall mounted solutions are required.


    We are able to supply a wide range of LED bracketry to securely attach your luminaries to the column or walls. Our brackets are available in a wide range of colours and bespoke designs. Please contact a member of our sales team to find out more.


    Gemma lighting are able to supply a comprehensive range of lighting columns for car parks, roads and urban landscapes. When you purchase a column from us we will support you to match the correct bracketry and LED luminaries.

    At Gemma Lighting we offer our customers a fully personalised and unique solution for their lighting requirements. We employ an extremely talented team of engineers to design, manufacture and distribute our products. Technical support and a first class warranty are also provided to offer you further peace of mind.

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