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Liftsafe Solutions Ltd

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    Liftsafe Solutions Ltd

    Liftsafe Solutions are specialists in the supply of lifting equipment, fall protection equipment, lashing equipment, material handling products, servicing and maintenance.

    We supply only high quality lifting equipment from some of the industry�s leading manufacturers including Action Ram, GT, Tractel, Hackett Chains, Camlock, Tirfor, Steerman and Unitex to name but a few. All products are supplied with full certification and ready for service.

    All lifting equipment and associated equipment can either be purchased from our online store or by getting in touch with one of our experienced sales team so why not give us a call today for a competitive quotation.

    Lifting Equipment
    Liftsafe solutions supplies one of the most comprehensive ranges of lifting equipment all coming with full certification and relevant documentation to meet the latest legislation.

    ...� Beam Trolleys
    ...� Beam Clamps
    ...� Chain Blocks
    ...� Chain Slings
    ...� Electric Chain Hoists

    � Drum Handling
    � Forklift Attachments
    � Hydraulic Lifting
    � Material Handling
    � Load Cells
    � Mobile Gantry
    � Fixed Gantry
    � Lifting Clamps
    � Lifting Hooks
    � Lifting Magnets

    The above is only a brief description of the wide range of quality and competitive lifting equipment that can be found on our online shop so why not head over to our website for more information.

    Fall Protection Equipment
    We are Fall Arrest, Fall Protection and Fall Restraint equipment suppliers with products from leading manufacturers in the industry including RidgeGear, G Force and IKAR all with clearly marked identification and full traceability.

    Products supplied range from Harnesses, Lanyards, Karabiners and Safety Helmets through to Fall Arrest Blocks, Controlled Descent Devises, Anchorage Devices and Rescue Equipment

    If you're not quite sure which type of fall protection equipment you require or need further assistance please do not hesitate to speak to one of our experienced team.

    Lashing Equipment
    If you're looking for high quality and reliable Lashing Equipment then look no further because at Lifting Solutions we offer one of the most extensive ranges of products all of which have been designed and manufactured to a high specification for securing your load or cargo.

    � � Chain Binders
    � � Web Ratchet Straps

    The range of Chain Load Binders from Lifting Solutions are manufactured from steel and polyester making them ideally suited for securing loads with sharp edges and abrasive surfaces.

    For more information about our quality range of Lashing Equipment please visit our online shop.

    Material Handling
    From Pallet Trucks to Scissor Lift Tables and Load Moving Skates you will not find a better selection of quality products available.

    You can buy direct from our online shop or talk to one of our experienced sales team for more in depth information.

    Pallet Trucks - Pfaff-Silberblau
    Lifting Solutions supply Standard Pallet Trucks, High Lift Hand Pallet Trucks and Electric Hand Pallet Trucks from one of the industry�s leading manufacturers of robust and reliable equipment, Pfaff Silberblau.

    Lifting capacities range from 1000kg up to 2500kg so for more details why not head over to our website.

    Our team of skilled and experienced engineers can provide you with a full servicing, repair and maintenance service for your cranes, lifting equipment including inspections and examinations with detailed reports supplied.

    For more detailed information about Lifting Solutions or any of our products please go to our website or contact us directly.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 08:00 to 16:30
    Tuesday 08:00 to 16:30
    Wednesday 08:00 to 16:30
    Thursday 08:00 to 16:30
    Friday 08:00 to 16:30
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed

    Accepted Payment Methods

    Visa Debit
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    Products and Services

    1. 2 Tonne Pallet Truck
    2. 5 Tonne Pallet Truck
    3. Access & Lifting Equipment
    4. Adjustable Pallet Truck
    5. All Terrain Pallet Truck
    6. Automated Material Handling Equipment
    7. Barrel Lifting
    8. Barrel Lifting And Handling
    9. Barrel Lifting And Handling Equipment
    10. Barrel Lifting Attachments
    11. Barrel Lifting Equipment
    12. Battery Lifting Beams
    13. Beam Clamp
    14. Beam Clamps
    15. Beam Lifting
    16. Beam Trolley
    17. Beam Trolleys
    18. Beamclamp
    19. Below The Hook Lifting Equipment
    20. Bespoke Engineering
    21. Bespoke Engineering Solutions
    22. Bespoke Lifting Beam Manufacturers
    23. Bespoke Lifting Equipment
    24. British Engineering
    25. Budget Pallet Truck
    26. Bulk Material Handling Equipment
    27. Chain Blocks
    28. Chain Slings
    29. Chain Slings Repairs
    30. Cheap Hand Pallet Truck
    31. Cheap Hand Pallet Trucks
    32. Cheap High Lift Pallet Truck
    33. Cheap High Lift Pallet Trucks
    34. Cheap Pallet Truck
    35. Cheap Pallet Trucks
    36. Clean Room Lifting Platforms
    37. Collar Eyebolts
    38. Collective Fall Protection
    39. Collective Fall Protection Systems
    40. Collective Roof Fall Protection
    41. Concrete Lifting
    42. Container Lifting
    43. Contract Lifting
    44. Contract Lifting Services
    45. Crank Lifting Table
    46. Custom Design Lifting Equipment
    47. Custom Design Packaging Material Lifting Equipment
    48. Custom Design Pallet Lifting Equipment
    49. Custom Design Reel Lifting Equipment
    50. Custom Design Roll Lifting Equipment
    51. Custom Design Vessel Lifting Equipment
    52. Custom Lifting Beam Manufacturers
    53. Custom Made Lifting Equipment
    54. Custom Made Scissor Lifts
    55. Disabled Scissor Lifts
    56. Double Horizontal Scissor Lift
    57. Double Scissor Lift Table
    58. Double Scissor Lifting Table
    59. Double Scissor Lifts
    60. Double Vertical Scissor Lift
    61. Drum Handler Scissor Grab
    62. Drum Handlers
    63. Drum Handling
    64. Drum Handling And Lifting
    65. Drum Handling Equipment
    66. Drum Lifting
    67. Drum Lifting And Handling
    68. Drum Lifting And Handling Equipment
    69. Drum Lifting Attachments
    70. Drum Lifting Equipment
    71. Drum Lifting Grabs
    72. Dynamo Eyebolts
    73. Economic Scissor Lift
    74. Electric Chain Hoist
    75. Electric Chain Hoists
    76. Electric Lifting Table
    77. Electric Pallet Truck
    78. Electric Pallet Trucks
    79. Electric Scissor Lift
    80. Electric Scissor Lift Table
    81. Electric Scissor Lift Trolleys
    82. Electric Scissor Lifting Table
    83. Engineering
    84. Engineering Companies
    85. Engineering Company
    86. Euro Pallet Truck
    87. Eye Bolt
    88. Eye Bolts
    89. Eyebolt Testing
    90. Eyebolts
    91. Eyebolts With Link
    92. Fall Arrest
    93. Fall Arrest Anchor
    94. Fall Arrest Anchor Solutions
    95. Fall Arrest Block
    96. Fall Arrest Blocks
    97. Fall Arrest Devices
    98. Fall Arrest Equipment
    99. Fall Arrest Harnesses
    100. Fall Arrest Ladders
    101. Fall Arrest Supply And Fit
    102. Fall Arrest Systems
    103. Fall Arrest Testing
    104. Fall Arrest Track
    105. Fall Arrester Devices
    106. Fall Protection
    107. Fall Protection Equipment
    108. Fall Protection Products
    109. Fall Protection Solutions
    110. Fall Protection System Installation
    111. Fall Protection Systems
    112. Fall Protection Testing
    113. Fall Protection Training
    114. Folding Pallet Truck
    115. Fork Lift Attachments
    116. Forklift Attachments
    117. Glass Lifting Equipment
    118. Goods Scissor Lift Tables
    119. Goods Scissor Lifts
    120. Hand Chain Blocks
    121. Hand Pallet Truck
    122. Hand Pallet Trucks
    123. Harnesses
    124. Heavy Duty Drum Handling Equipment
    125. Heavy Duty Lifting Equipment
    126. Heavy Duty Mobile Scissor Lift
    127. Heavy Duty Packaging Material Handling Equipment
    128. Heavy Duty Pallet Truck
    129. Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks
    130. Heavy Duty Scissor Lift Tables
    131. Heavy Duty Scissor Lifts
    132. Hi Jacker Pallet Truck
    133. Hi-Lift Pallet Truck
    134. High Lift Pallet Truck
    135. High Lift Pallet Trucks
    136. High Lift Scissor Lift Tables
    137. High Lift Scissor Lifts
    138. Horizontal Safety Line
    139. Horizontal Scissor Lift
    140. Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck
    141. Hydraulic Lifting Equipment
    142. Hydraulic Lifting Gear Service
    143. Hydraulic Lifting Gear Servicing
    144. Hydraulic Lifting Machines
    145. Hydraulic Lifting Platforms
    146. Hydraulic Lifting Table
    147. Hydraulic Lifting Trolley
    148. Hydraulic Pallet Truck
    149. Hydraulic Pallet Trucks
    150. Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table
    151. Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables
    152. Hydraulic Scissor Lifting Table
    153. Hydraulic Scissor Lifts
    154. Industrial Lifting Equipment
    155. IPAF Scissor Lift
    156. JCB Pallet Truck
    157. Large Capacity Scissor Lifts
    158. Large Lifting Table
    159. Lashing Equipment
    160. Lever Hoist
    161. Lever Hoists
    162. Lift Pallet Truck
    163. Lift Pallet Trucks
    164. Lifting
    165. Lifting Accessories
    166. Lifting Aids
    167. Lifting And Handling Cable Assemblies
    168. Lifting And Handling Equipment
    169. Lifting And Handling Manufacturer Of Wiring Solutions
    170. Lifting And Handling Panel Wiring
    171. Lifting And Handling Ribbon Cables
    172. Lifting And Handling Sub Assemblies
    173. Lifting And Handling Wiring Manufacturing Excellence
    174. Lifting Applications
    175. Lifting Attachment
    176. Lifting Attachments
    177. Lifting Bags
    178. Lifting Balls
    179. Lifting Beam
    180. Lifting Beam Installation
    181. Lifting Beam Manufacturers
    182. Lifting Beam Testing
    183. Lifting Beams
    184. Lifting Brackets
    185. Lifting Cages
    186. Lifting Castings
    187. Lifting Certification
    188. Lifting Chains
    189. Lifting Components
    190. Lifting Consultancy
    191. Lifting Engineers
    192. Lifting Equipment
    193. Lifting Equipment Consultants
    194. Lifting Equipment Designers
    195. Lifting Equipment Hire
    196. Lifting Equipment Inspection
    197. Lifting Equipment Inspection And Testing
    198. Lifting Equipment Inspections
    199. Lifting Equipment Installation
    200. Lifting Equipment Repair
    201. Lifting Equipment Sales
    202. Lifting Equipment Service
    203. Lifting Equipment Supply And Installation
    204. Lifting Equipment Testing
    205. Lifting Equipment Training
    206. Lifting Examinations
    207. Lifting Frames
    208. Lifting Gear
    209. Lifting Gear Equipment Hire
    210. Lifting Gear Hire
    211. Lifting Gear Repair
    212. Lifting Gear Service
    213. Lifting Gear Servicing
    214. Lifting Hire
    215. Lifting Hoists
    216. Lifting Installation
    217. Lifting Jacks / Turntables
    218. Lifting Jibs & Gantries
    219. Lifting London
    220. Lifting Lugs
    221. Lifting Magnets
    222. Lifting Platforms
    223. Lifting Points
    224. Lifting Products
    225. Lifting Rollers
    226. Lifting Safety Equipment
    227. Lifting Sales
    228. Lifting Services
    229. Lifting Shackles
    230. Lifting Slings
    231. Lifting Solutions
    232. Lifting Systems
    233. Lifting Tables
    234. Lifting Tables (Feed Stations)
    235. Lifting Tables (Heavy Duty Up To 10 Tonnes
    236. Lifting Tables (Mobile)
    237. Lifting Tables (Multi-Task)
    238. Lifting Tables (Pallet Handlers)
    239. Lifting Tables (Work Stations)
    240. Lifting Tackle
    241. Lifting Tackle Inspections
    242. Lifting Training
    243. Lifting Trolley
    244. Light Duty Mobile Scissor Lift
    245. Light Duty Pallet Truck
    246. Lightwieght Lifting Equipment
    247. Load Cells Lifting
    248. Long Shank Stainless Steel Eye Bolts
    249. Low Lifting Table
    250. Low Profile Pallet Truck
    251. Low Profile Scissor Lifts
    252. Low Profile Static Scissor Lift
    253. Machinery Lifting
    254. Magnet Lifting Beams
    255. Magnetic Lifting
    256. Mandrel Lifting Grabs
    257. Manual Handling Equipment
    258. Manual Handling Lifting Equipment
    259. Manual Lifting Trolley
    260. Manual Pallet Truck
    261. Manual Pallet Trucks
    262. Marine Lifting Equipment
    263. Material Handling Equipment
    264. Material Handling Equipment Hire
    265. Material Handling Equipment Manufacturer
    266. Material Handling Equipment Training
    267. Material Handling Equipment3
    268. Material Lifting And Handling
    269. Material Lifting Equipment
    270. Mechanical Pallet Truck
    271. Medium Duty Mobile Scissor Lift
    272. Mezzanine Floor Scissor Lifts
    273. Mini Pallet Truck
    274. Mobile Fall Arrest
    275. Mobile Gantry
    276. Mobile Gantry Castors
    277. Mobile Gantrys
    278. Mobile Heavy Duty Scissor Lift Tables
    279. Mobile Lifting Gantry
    280. Mobile Lifting Hoists
    281. Mobile Lifting Platforms
    282. Mobile Lifting Table
    283. Mobile Lifting Tables
    284. Mobile Lifting Trolley
    285. Mobile Light Duty Scissor Lift Tables
    286. Mobile Medium Duty Scissor Lift Tables
    287. Mobile Scissor Lift Tables
    288. Mobile Scissor Lifting Tables
    289. Modular Lifting Beam
    290. Motorised Pallet Truck
    291. Motorised Pallet Truck Training
    292. Motorized Pallet Truck
    293. Nylon Pallet Truck Rollers
    294. Onsite Lifting
    295. Packaging Material Handling Equipment
    296. Packaging Material Lifting
    297. Packaging Material Lifting And Handling
    298. Packaging Material Lifting And Handling Equipment
    299. Packaging Material Lifting Equipment
    300. Pallet Lifting
    301. Pallet Lifting And Handling
    302. Pallet Lifting And Handling Equipment
    303. Pallet Lifting Equipment
    304. Pallet Truck
    305. Pallet Truck Courses
    306. Pallet Truck Rollers
    307. Pallet Truck Scales
    308. Pallet Truck Training
    309. Pallet Truck With Scales
    310. Pallet Trucks
    311. Pallet Trucks - Hi-Lift
    312. Pallet Trucks - Specialist
    313. Pallet Trucks - Standard
    314. Pedestrian Drum Handler
    315. Pedestrian Pallet Truck Training
    316. Permanent Lifting Magnets
    317. Personal Fall Protection
    318. Plant Lifting
    319. Polyurethane Pallet Truck Rollers
    320. Portable Lifting Equipment
    321. Portable Scissor Lift
    322. Power Pallet Truck
    323. Power Pallet Trucks
    324. Powered Pallet Truck
    325. Powered Pallet Trucks
    326. Precision Lifting Equipment
    327. Premium Pallet Trucks
    328. Printers Pallet Truck
    329. Projector Lifting
    330. Quicklift Pallet Truck
    331. Reel Lifting
    332. Reel Lifting And Handling
    333. Reel Lifting And Handling Equipment
    334. Reel Lifting Attachments
    335. Reel Lifting Equipment
    336. Rescue Equipment
    337. Ridge Mounted Fall Arrest Anchor
    338. Robot Lifting Heads
    339. Roll Lifting
    340. Roll Lifting And Handling
    341. Roll Lifting And Handling Equipment
    342. Roll Lifting Equipment
    343. Roof Safety Lines
    344. Rough Terrain Hand Pallet Truck
    345. Rough Terrain Pallet Truck
    346. Round Slings
    347. Safety Fall Arrest Equipment
    348. Safety Fall Arrest Systems
    349. Safety Helmets
    350. Safety Lines
    351. Scaffolding Lifting
    352. Scissor Lift
    353. Scissor Lift & Boom
    354. Scissor Lift Course
    355. Scissor Lift Courses
    356. Scissor Lift Hire
    357. Scissor Lift Licence
    358. Scissor Lift Pallet Truck
    359. Scissor Lift Sale
    360. Scissor Lift Table
    361. Scissor Lift Tables
    362. Scissor Lift Training
    363. Scissor Lift Training Course
    364. Scissor Lift Training Courses
    365. Scissor Lift Trolleys
    366. Scissor Lift Trucks
    367. Scissor Lifting Table
    368. Scissor Lifting Tables
    369. Scissor Lifts
    370. Scissor Lifts Training
    371. Securing And Lifting
    372. Single Scissor Lift
    373. Single Scissor Lift Tables
    374. Single Scissor Lifts
    375. Site Lifting Equipment
    376. Skylight Fall Protection
    377. Slope Mounted Fall Arrest Anchors
    378. Snatch Blocks
    379. Specialist Lifting
    380. Stainless Steel Chain Slings
    381. Stainless Steel Lifting Equipment
    382. Stainless Steel Pallet Trucks
    383. Stainless Steel Pump Lifting Chains
    384. Stainless Steel Scissor Lifts
    385. Static Heavy Duty Scissor Lift Tables
    386. Static Scissor Lift
    387. Static Scissor Lifting Tables
    388. Static Scissor Lifts
    389. Steel Beam Lifting
    390. Steel Scissor Lifts
    391. Structural Lifting
    392. Suspended Lifting Runway Beams
    393. Swimming Pool Lifting Equipment
    394. Swivel Eyebolts
    395. Timber Roof Truss Lifting
    396. Tool Clamping And Die Lifting Systems
    397. Training Fall Protection
    398. Twin Scissor Lift Tables
    399. Twin Scissor Lifts
    400. U Lifting Table
    401. U Shaped Lifting Table
    402. U Table Lifting Table
    403. Vacuum Lifting
    404. Vacuum Lifting Beams
    405. Vacuum Lifting Equipment
    406. Vertical Fall Protection
    407. Vertical Scissor Lift
    408. Vessel Lifting
    409. Vessel Lifting And Handling
    410. Vessel Lifting And Handling Equipment
    411. Vessel Lifting Equipment
    412. Warehouse Lifting Equipment
    413. Web Slings
    414. Welded Chain Slings
    415. Wheelchair Scissor Lifts
    416. Wheelie Bin Forklift Attachment
    417. Wire Rope Sling
    418. Wire Rope Slings

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