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LTE Scientific Ltd

Greenbridge Lane, Greenfield
Oldham Lancashire

  • Leading European manufacturer and supplier
  • Scientific equipment, autoclaves & servicing
  • Supply, service/testing of medical & laboratory equipment
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    LTE Scientific Ltd

    LTE Scientific is one of Europe's leading manufacturers and distributors of medical and laboratory equipment.

    Covering many industries and markets involved in the scientific and medical sectors, LTE is able to provide customers with a range of high end solutions which have been created to meet all of their medical sterilisation and specialist cleaning needs.


    As one of the most highly respected manufacturers of laboratory equipment LTE is able to supply a vast range of multi-purpose autoclaves ranging from 23 litres to over 1,000 litres.

    These are available either as square section or cylindrical depending on the clients particular sterilisation requirements.

    LTE Range of Scientific Equipment

    With a global reputation to upkeep it goes without saying LTE only supply high end and long lasting products from some of Europes leading manufacturers some of which include Remeda and KEN Hygiene.

    - Autoclaves
    - Washer Disinfectors
    - Ovens
    - Steam Generators
    - Incubators
    - Drying Cabinets
    - Environmental Chambers & Rooms


    Where the medical and dental industry is concerned LTE Scientific covers specialist areas such as decontamination for healthcare, central sterilization and endoscopy departments.

    LTE Medical Sterilization Solutions
    LTE Scientific is the sole UK distributor for the entire range of washer disinfectors from the well-known Danish manufacturer KEN Hygiene.

    We are also sole UK suppliers for Swedish based company Remeda Loading Equipment whose systems are available in fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual formats.

    - Porous Load Sterilizers
    - Endoscope Drying & Storage Cabinets
    - Endoscopic Decontamination Sinks
    - Washer Disinfectors


    LTE is committed to provide a wide range of first class training courses which are available either as standard or they can be tailored to fit in with your company's specific requirements.

    They also range from basic to advanced to meet all levels of your staffs competency. To find out more about the training courses we have available please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    LTE Scientific Service

    To protect and ensure your equipment and keep it running at its optimum capacity LTE Scientific offers a wide range of repair and maintenance services designed to cover most makes and models of equipment purchased.

    - Service and Planned Preventative Maintenance Programs
    - Calibration & Validation
    - Service Contracts
    - HTM Testing
    - UKAS Testing
    - Tailored Testing

    We have a nationwide team of skilled and qualified engineers who are further supported by dedicated technical and administrative staff based at the LTE head office.

    If you would like further information about LTE Scientific, our products or anything else please either visit our website get in touch, thank you.

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    Products and Services

    1. Air Sterilizer
    2. Allergen Sterilizer
    3. Anti-Bacterial Sterilizer
    4. Antibacterial Sterilizer
    5. Auto Claves
    6. Autoclave
    7. Autoclave Benchtop
    8. Autoclave Calibration
    9. Autoclave Castors
    10. Autoclave Cost
    11. Autoclave Dental
    12. Autoclave Distributors
    13. Autoclave Door Seals
    14. Autoclave Equipment
    15. Autoclave Fittings
    16. Autoclave For Sale
    17. Autoclave Horizontal
    18. Autoclave Inline Disc Filters
    19. Autoclave Lab
    20. Autoclave Labels
    21. Autoclave Laboratory
    22. Autoclave Machine
    23. Autoclave Machines
    24. Autoclave Maintenance
    25. Autoclave Manufacturer
    26. Autoclave Manufacturers
    27. Autoclave Medical
    28. Autoclave Oven
    29. Autoclave Parts
    30. Autoclave Pressure
    31. Autoclave Price
    32. Autoclave Process
    33. Autoclave Repair
    34. Autoclave Seals
    35. Autoclave Service
    36. Autoclave Services
    37. Autoclave Servicing
    38. Autoclave Steam Sterilizer
    39. Autoclave Sterilization
    40. Autoclave Sterilizer
    41. Autoclave Sterilizers
    42. Autoclave Suppliers
    43. Autoclave Temperature
    44. Autoclave Testing
    45. Autoclave Validation
    46. Autoclave Valves
    47. Autoclave Vertical
    48. Autoclaves
    49. Autoclaves Door Seals
    50. Autoclaves Reactors
    51. Autoclaves Sterilizers
    52. Autoclaves Validation
    53. B.O.D. Incubators
    54. Bench Top Autoclave
    55. Benchtop Autoclave
    56. Benchtop Autoclaves
    57. Blanket Warming Cabinets
    58. Bottle Steam Sterilizer
    59. Chemical-Free Sterilizers
    60. Cigarette Sterilizer
    61. Composite Autoclave
    62. Dental Autoclave
    63. Dental Sterilizer
    64. Disinfection Equipment
    65. Double-Door Autoclaves
    66. Dry Autoclave
    67. Dry Heat Sterilizer
    68. Drying Cabinet
    69. Drying Cabinets
    70. Drying Oven
    71. Drying Ovens
    72. Electric Bottle Sterilizer
    73. Electric Steam Sterilizer
    74. Electric Sterilizer
    75. Endoscope Decontamination
    76. Endoscope Drying
    77. Endoscope Storage
    78. Environmental Chambers
    79. Environmental Sterilizers
    80. Front Loading Autoclave
    81. Front Loading Autoclave Manufacturer
    82. Front Loading Autoclaves
    83. Glass Washer
    84. Glass Washers
    85. Glassware Washers
    86. High Pressure Autoclave
    87. Horizontal Autoclave
    88. Incubator
    89. Incubators
    90. Industrial Autoclave
    91. Industrial Autoclaves
    92. Industrial Benchtop Autoclaves
    93. Industrial Trolley Washer
    94. Keyboard Sterilizer
    95. Lab Autoclave
    96. Lab Autoclaves
    97. Laboratory Auto Clave
    98. Laboratory Autoclave
    99. Laboratory Autoclave Maintenance
    100. Laboratory Autoclave Manufacturer
    101. Laboratory Autoclave Manufacturers
    102. Laboratory Autoclave Servicing
    103. Laboratory Autoclaves
    104. Laboratory Incubators
    105. Laboratory Loading Systems
    106. Laboratory Ovens
    107. Laboratory Washer Disinfectors
    108. Large Autoclave
    109. Loading Equipment
    110. Medical Autoclave
    111. Medical Autoclaves
    112. Medical Equipment
    113. Medical Equipment Manufacturer
    114. Medical Equipment Manufacturers
    115. Medical Equipment Sale
    116. Medical Equipment Service
    117. Medical Equipment Services
    118. Medical Equipment Suppliers
    119. Medical Ovens
    120. Medical Sterilizer
    121. Medical Sterilizers
    122. Medical Washer Disinfectors
    123. Microbial Sterilizer
    124. Microorganisms Sterilizer
    125. Ozone Sterilizer
    126. Pharmaceutical Autoclave Probes
    127. Plasma Air Sterilizer
    128. Portable Autoclave
    129. Portable Autoclave Sterilizer
    130. Portable Sterilizer
    131. Power Door Autoclaves
    132. Pressure Sterilizer
    133. Refurbished Autoclave
    134. Research Grade Autoclaves
    135. Scientific Equipment
    136. Small Autoclave
    137. Small Autoclaves
    138. Smoke Sterilizer
    139. Steam Autoclave
    140. Steam Autoclave Sterilizer
    141. Steam Autoclaves
    142. Steam Generators
    143. Steam Sterilizer
    144. Steam Sterilizer Autoclave
    145. Steam Sterilizers
    146. Sterilization Autoclave
    147. Sterilizer
    148. Sterilizer Autoclave
    149. Sterilizer Machine
    150. Sterilizer Steam
    151. Sterilizers
    152. Sterilizers Autoclave
    153. Sterilizers.
    154. Table Top Autoclave
    155. Table Top Sterilizer
    156. Tobacco-Smoke Sterilizer
    157. Top Loading Autoclaves
    158. Vacuum Autoclave
    159. Validation Of Autoclave
    160. Vertical Autoclave
    161. Washer Disinfector Servicing
    162. Washer Disinfector Testing

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