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    Ultravalve Ltd

    Valve Supplier

    Ultravalve are specialists in RPZ Valves, Solenoid Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Pressure reducing valves, RPZ Valves, Vexve Valves for District Heating, Butterfly Valves, Pneumatic Actuators, Brass Ball Valves and both wafer and lugged butterfly valves and much more. Ultravalve are proud to be appointed valve suppliers / distributors for some of the biggest manufacturing names in the valve industry and are able to offer the most technically advanced industrial valves including butterfly valves, stainless steel non return valves, stainless steel manifolds and associated equipment in the world.

    Ultravalve are quality registered to BS EN ISO9001-200 and also have accreditation to the safe contractor scheme. We are able to offer nation-wide next day delivery service on a vast selection of products / valves from our centrally located warehouse. bQuality of the product, at a competitive price, is essential. Ultravalve's policy to meet the demands of a multitude of industrial customers and assist in the selection of the correct product for the application.

    Ultravalve is a privately owned independent company, proud of it's success to date and with the experience we have, able to meet the demands and challenges of the market place in the future.

    Ultravalve's total product range includes numerous types of RPZ valves and accessories from many worldwide manufacturers. We look carefully at each customers enquiry, including the application and any preference for a particular valve. However whichever make of RPZ valve is being supplied we always offer the complete package of supply, commission and test with certificate and annual testing, we also provide an installation service if required.

    WRAS Approved Pressure Tanks
    Ultravalve is proud to be a UK distributor of WRAS Approved Pressure Tanks. Our extensive product range includes a full line of pressure vessels in sizes from 0.16-10,000 litres for different applications.

    Exclusive UK Distributors

    Ultravalve Limited B63 2Bn, Birmingham are Exclusive Uk Distributors For:-

    - Ultravalve Pulsar Descaler
    - Mondeo Stainless Steel Non-Return Valves, Cromax, Idjra
    - Pump Stainless Steel Manifolds
    - Vamien Butterfly Valves Plus All Butterfly Valves Wafer, Lugged & Flanged
    - Unique Suplier Of Rpz Valves (Ba Devices)
    - We Offer Supply, Installation, Commisssion/Test, Service Contract
    - Duplex Filters

    Distributors For:-

    - Amri Butterfly Valves
    - Ari Armaturen Complete Range
    - Braukmann Water Products
    - Danfoss Socla Products
    - Gemu Valves
    - Masoneilan Rotary Control Valves
    - WRAS Approved Pressure Tanks
    - Glb Manufacturing Co Ltd
    - Gresswell Safety Valves
    - Honeywell Products
    - Meca Inox Valves
    - Ksb Valves
    - Ode Solenoid Valves
    - Valpres, Valbia Range Of Pneumatic Electric, Manual Operated Valves
    - Wsv Manufacturing Co Ltd
    - Ultravalve Floating Ball Valve/Trunnion In Cast Steel
    - Ultravalve Cast Steel Trunnion Ball Valve
    - Ultravalve Forged Steel Trunnion Ball Valve
    - Ultravalve Check Valve
    - Ultravalve Y Strainer
    - Ultravalve Special Alloy Valves
    - ZGZH Manufacturing Co Ltd


    UK Distributors

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    Products and Services

    1. 3 Way Ball Valve
    2. Actuated Valve Packages
    3. Air And Hydraulic Filters
    4. Air Compressor Pneumatic Equipment
    5. Air Regulators
    6. Bauer Coupling
    7. Brass Fittings
    8. Brass Gate Valve
    9. Brass Hose Tails And Fittings
    10. Brass Strainer
    11. Brass Valve
    12. Brewers Hose
    13. Butterfly Valve
    14. Butterfly Valves
    15. Carbon Steel Flanges
    16. Carbon Steel Tube And Fittings
    17. Cast Iron Valve
    18. Class 800 Valve
    19. Compression Fittings
    20. Compressor Hoses
    21. Control Valve
    22. Cylinders
    23. Dairy Pipework Valves And Fittings
    24. Diaphragm Valve
    25. Direct Acting Solenoid Valve
    26. Ducting Hose
    27. Electric Actuator
    28. Eye Protection
    29. Fail Safe Electric Actuator
    30. Filter Regulator Lubricator
    31. Fire Protection Valves
    32. Fire Safe Valve
    33. Flange Gaskets
    34. Flanged Valve
    35. Flexible Metallic Hose
    36. Flow Indicators
    37. Flow Switch
    38. Food Quality Hose
    39. Gas Board Approved Valve
    40. High Pressure Ball Valves
    41. Hose
    42. Hose Clips And Clamps
    43. Hose Fittings And Clips
    44. Hose Reel
    45. Hydraulic Adaptors
    46. Hydraulic Hose
    47. Hydraulic Hose Assemblies
    48. Hydraulic Hose Assembly
    49. Hydraulic Test Kits
    50. Hydraulic Tube
    51. Hygenic Fittings
    52. Industrial Hose Assembly
    53. Itap Brass Valve
    54. Jubilee Clip
    55. Knife Gate Valve
    56. Lubricators
    57. Lugged Pattern Butterfly Valve
    58. Malleable Pipe Fittings
    59. Mechanical Switch Box
    60. Metallic Hose Assembly
    61. Mondeo Valves
    62. Non Return Valves
    63. Norma Clips
    64. Nylon Tube
    65. Oil Suction And Delivery Hose
    66. Plastic Actuator
    67. Plastic Tube And Fittings
    68. Plastic Valve
    69. Plumbing Equipment
    70. Pneumatic Actuator
    71. Pneumatic Fittings
    72. Pneumatic Positioner
    73. Pneumatic Tube
    74. Pneumatic Valve
    75. Pressure Control Valve
    76. Pressure Gauges
    77. Pressure Reducing Valve
    78. Pressure Regulator
    79. Pressure Switch
    80. Proximity Sensors
    81. Ptfe Tube
    82. Quick Release Couplings
    83. Re-Coil Hoses
    84. Re-Useable Fittings
    85. RPZ Valves
    86. Safety Relief Valve
    87. Self Retracting Hose Reel
    88. Self Retracting Hose Reels
    89. Signs And Pipeline Information Tape
    90. Snap Tite Couplings
    91. Solenoid Valve
    92. Spring Return Ball Valve
    93. Stainless Steel Actuator
    94. Stainless Steel Ball Float Valve
    95. Stainless Steel Ball Valve
    96. Stainless Steel Check Valve
    97. Stainless Steel Fittings
    98. Stainless Steel Flanges
    99. Stainless Steel Gate Valve
    100. Stainless Steel Globe Valve
    101. Stainless Steel Manifolds
    102. Stainless Steel Needle Valve
    103. Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve
    104. Stainless Steel Strainer
    105. Stainless Steel Tube And Fittings
    106. Steam Hose
    107. Storage Systems
    108. Temperature Control Valve
    109. Temperature Gauges And Thermometers
    110. Tools And Consumables
    111. Vacuum Gauges
    112. Vacuum Hose
    113. Valpes Actuator
    114. Valve
    115. Valve Distributor
    116. Valve Manufacturer
    117. Valve Mnufacture
    118. Valves
    119. Vexve Valves
    120. Welding Spares And Accessories
    121. Wrc Approved Valve