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  • A global engineering company
  • Dedicated to providing Environmental solutions
  • Technically advanced filtration systems
  • A global engineering company
  • Dedicated to providing Environmental solutions
  • Technically advanced filtration systems
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Luhrfilter Ltd

As a leading engineering company specialising in the provision of environmental solutions Luhrfilter is able to supply and install some of the most advanced filtration systems designed to collect dust, particulates acidic gases, dioxins and heavy metals by gas absorption.

Over the years Luhrfilter has undertaken many successful plant installations across the UK, Europe and the United States and in that time has accumulated a wealth of experience.

We now offer this expertise to bring clients a range of innovative products and services to meet their specific filter requirements including:

    • System Design & Engineering
    • Installation/Commissioning
    • Dust Handling and Transport Systems
    • PLC and Software Design
    • Site Inspections & Surveys
    • LEV Testing On site
    • Bag Testing Facilities
    • After Sales Service/Spare Components

Situated in the very heart of the Midlands Luhrfilter is within easy access to the UKs major road networks, railway and airports making us the ideal choice for your industrial filtration systems wherever you are.

Bag Filters
The range of Flat Bag Filters from Luhrfilter provide solutions for both horizontally and vertically mounted filter elements and can be supplied with a range of cleaning device alternatives depending on the size plant and its application.

Tubular Heat Exchangers
We are able to supply and install Flat Tube Heat Exchangers that operate on the principle of forced draught convection.

These air to air heat exchangers process gases that pass over the surface of the elements. The Heat Exchangers from Luhrfilter can also be equipped with cleaning devices that wipe the surfaces of the elements to remove dust to maintain their efficiency.

Evaporative Coolers
We supply, install and maintain Evaporative Coolers which are used to inject atomised water droplets into the process gas using either compressed air or gas.

Applications include cooling gases from 800 deg while our heat exchangers have a maximum inlet of 550 deg. For further information including downloads please visit our website.

Additive Conditioners
Additive Conditioners are installed as part of a re-circulation system where a proportion of the dust collected is returned to the inlet of the plant. This is then fed into the incoming gas stream then onto the Conditioning Rotor.

Filter Cleaning Systems
The range of Filter Cleaning Systems from Luhrfilter includes our Flat Bag Fabric Filters that comprises of both horizontal and vertical filter elements and can be supplied with various cleaning device alternatives depending on the size and application of the client’s plant requirements.

Ancillary Components
Luhrfilter is also able to supply a wide range of Ancillary Components including Silos, Standalone Filters, Control Panels, PLC & HMI, Dampers, Ducting, Valves and Fans so for further information on these products please visit our website

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