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    Valentinos Displays

    Valentino's Displays - Mannequins For Sale | Wooden Coat Hangers

    Established in 2011 Valentino's Displays are a specialist supplier of retail display equipment, Mannequins For Sale, Wooden Coat Hangers & shop fittings. Our service is now backed by a brand new and unique highly focused e-commerce website. Serving the retail sector amongst others Valentino's boasts an extensive product range including; Clothes Rails, Mannequins & Hangers all available for immediate despatch with next day UK delivery available, free delivery over £100.00, we also supply outside of the UK across Europe and the rest of the world.

    Wooden Coat Hangers for Sale

    Valentinos Displays stock premium quality wooden coat hangers . They are suitable for all types of garments whether they are suits, dresses, tops or any other garment type. Durable and hard wearing, valentinos displays has an extensive range of wooden coat hangers perfect for the retail environment whether you are looking for adult wooden coat hangers or child wooden coat hangers you will not be disappointed with the choice on offer with various sizes and colours available. Whether you are looking for natural finish wooden coat hangers, walnut or dark wooden coat hangers or our stunning white & black finish wooden coat hanger range, valentinos displays offers a fantastic choice of hanger requirements at excellent prices.

    Our wooden coat hangers are finished off with chrome or gold hooks and fittings. Our hangers are supplied in box quantities depending on the style of the hanger this can be either 25, 50 or 100 pieces per box. Whether you are looking for a hanger with notches or the hanger to have a rounded or squared neck your find all of these wooden hangers on our website.

    Mannequin For Sale

    Valentinos Displays is a specialist retail display supplier, shop fittings which include clothes mannequins for sale. Whether you are looking for our fashion fibreglass mannequins, flexible bendable mannequins, or our sports mannequins we have an extensive display range ideal for all your shop window & visual merchandising displays. We have fibreglass, plastic or polystyrene male, female or child mannequins for sale. You may need to alter clothing garments therefore a dressmakers dummy also known as a tailors dummy typically used for tailoring would be ideal. Our extensive range of mannequins for sale include display busts, body forms & torsos as well as mannequin body parts like mannequin display heads or mannequin display feet.

    Heavy Duty Clothes Rail

    If you take a look in any exclusive clothing store or boutique you will notice one similarity, they all use mobile heavy duty clothes rails and garment rails. Not only are heavy duty clothes rails exceptionally affordable, there is also something undeniably elegant about their classic design when used to display clothing.

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    Valentino's Displays Overview

    Service/Product range

    Our clothes rails also known as garment rails are UK manufactured made from the strongest steel and designed to carry maximum weight for the retail environment these are more than adequate for domestic use. Available in a range of colours including; black, white or chrome, a range of sizes from 3ft wide to 6ft wide with a standard height of 5ft and a large selection of accessories such as height extensions, covers, rubber castors or centre bars to turn one clothes rail into two rails. Our clothes mannequins include; abstract mannequins and sculptured hair mannequins. We also offer a large selection of sports posed mannequins perfect for window and merchandising displays, the largest throughout the UK. If you are not looking for a fibreglass mannequin then we have a wide selection of dressmakers mannequins, tailors dummies, display busts and display body forms available for next day delivery. We boast a wide selection of clothes hangers available in wood, plastic, satin, metal, velvet, padded, dry cleaners wire hangers and non slip finishes in a range of sizes and colours. Hangers sold individually or in box quantities depending on your sized order, those looking for larger numbers the website provides great discounts on higher volume.

    Personalised Branding
    We can ink print or laser engrave your company logo onto our coat hangers! We can brand your hangers with your corporate logo we are specialists when it comes to printed hangers you only need to see our case studies page on our website to see for yourselves. If ink printed hangers are not for you then how about using Valentino's for laser engraved coat hangers, an exciting new way of branding your company ideal for retailers. Hanger branding is currently extremely popular whether you decide just to have them for visual pieces within your retail space or as most of our clients with high end garments give them to their clients when a purchase is made so it's used as an advertising tool then printed and engraved hangers could be a perfect way to bring customers through your doors.

    Product Range
    Our product range also includes; A Boards, Carrier Bags, Display Counters & Point of Sale Display Showcases, Chrome Grids, Chrome Tube, Mannequins For Sale, Wooden Coat Hangers, Glass Cubes, Slatwall, Gondola, Portable Displays such as Roller Banners, Banner stands, Exhibition Displays, Poster Browsers, Art Display Stands, Poster Frames, Shop Shelving, Shopping Baskets and much more!.

    Customer Base
    Our customer base varies from individuals for domestic use to large retail companies looking to display new fixtures and fittings. We pride ourselves on offering our customers an extensive product range, excellent prices with the service to match, our unique selling point is the ability to never say never, your success is our reputation! Whether you are looking for a product off the shelf or a bespoke item made to order we are experienced in achieving unbelievable results!


    Our experienced sales team will find the right retail display for you to fit your requirements. Valentino's Displays offers 3 important things to our clients; choice, value & service. We believe our client's our purchasing the service we provide, after all "your success is our reputation". Featuring thousands of display products to purchase online, Valentino's Displays are your one stop shop for all your retail display equipment and shop fitting needs. Our website has a host of facilities available for our customers including additional services such as customer branding, printing or powder coating, testimonials, downloadable product PDF's, case studies, product zoom facility, multiple images, fast order entry and videos! We believe this is part of offering excellent customer care.

    Valentino's Displays can be contacted by visiting our website (link at the top of the page), emailing us or by calling our sales hotline. The sales hotline is available Monday to Friday from 8am - 5:30pm.Ordering can be placed online through the website or by telephone or by email at [email protected].

    Areas Covered

    Areas Covered

    Valentinos Displays are able to supply heavy duty clothes rails, mannequins, wooden coat hangers and everything else we have for sale to the following areas and the rest of the UK:
    1. Bath
      County Durham
      East Sussex
      Greater London
      Greater Manchester
      Isle of Wight
      Isles of Scilly
      Milton Keynes
      North Yorkshire
      South Gloucestershire
      South Yorkshire
      Tyne & Wear
      West Midlands
      West Sussex
      West Yorkshire

    Opening Hours

    Monday 08:00 to 17:30
    Tuesday 08:00 to 17:30
    Wednesday 08:00 to 17:30
    Thursday 08:00 to 17:30
    Friday 08:00 to 17:30
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed

    Accepted Payment Methods

    Visa Debit
    Online Bill Payments
    Direct Debit

    Payment Terms

    Pro-Forma 15 days 30 days 60 days
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    Products and Services

    1. 100L Supermarket Shopping Trolley
    2. 120L Supermarket Shopping Trolley
    3. 140L Supermarket Shopping Trolley
    4. 180L Supermarket Shopping Trolley
    5. 210L Supermarket Shopping Trolley
    6. 212L Supermarket Shopping Trolley
    7. 240 L Supermarket Shopping Trolley
    8. 25Mm Snap Frames
    9. 32Mm Snap Frames
    10. 60L Supermarket Shopping Trolley
    11. 80L Supermarket Shopping Trolley
    12. A Frame
    13. A-Board
    14. A-Frames
    15. A0 Poster Frame
    16. A0 Snap Frames
    17. A1 A-Boards
    18. A1 Snap Frames
    19. A2 A-Boards
    20. A2 Snap Frames
    21. A3 Snap Frames
    22. A4 Frames
    23. A4 Leaflet Holders
    24. A4 Snap Frames
    25. A5 Leaflet Holders
    26. ABoards
    27. Acrylic Business Card Holders
    28. Acrylic Display
    29. Acrylic Display Cases
    30. Acrylic Displays
    31. Acrylic Literature Display Stand
    32. Acrylic Poster Holders
    33. Acrylic Retail Display
    34. Acrylic Sign Holder
    35. Advertising Boards
    36. Advertising Signs
    37. Aluminium Football Goals
    38. Aluminum Snap Frames
    39. Banner Display Stands
    40. Banner Displays
    41. Banner Stand Suppliers
    42. Banner Stands
    43. Banner Stands Distributers
    44. Banner Stands Suppliers
    45. Bespoke Display Stands
    46. Bespoke Exhibition Design
    47. Bespoke Exhibition Stands
    48. Bespoke Pavement Signs
    49. Bespoke Snap Frames
    50. Black Snap Frames
    51. Brown Retail Bags
    52. Bugdet A-Boards
    53. Business Card Box
    54. Business Card Display
    55. Business Card Holders
    56. Cabinet Display Lighting
    57. Cabinets And Display Cases
    58. Cable Display Lighting
    59. Cable Display System
    60. Cable Displays
    61. Car Show Room Displays
    62. Card Holders
    63. Card Stands
    64. Carrier Bags
    65. Chalk Boards
    66. Chalk Pens
    67. Chalkboard A-Boards
    68. Cheap Banners
    69. Coloured Slatwalls
    70. Coloured Snap Frames
    71. Counter Displays
    72. Counter Rolls
    73. Custom Built Exhibition Stands
    74. Display Advertising
    75. Display Boards
    76. Display Boxes
    77. Display Cabinets
    78. Display Case
    79. Display Cubes
    80. Display Cubes Display Kit
    81. Display Equipment
    82. Display Figures
    83. Display For Retail
    84. Display Kits
    85. Display LCD
    86. Display Lighting
    87. Display Manufacturers
    88. Display Panels
    89. Display Pictures
    90. Display Products
    91. Display Screens
    92. Display Shelves
    93. Display Stand Manufacturer
    94. Display Stand Units
    95. Display Stands
    96. Display Systems
    97. Display Tables
    98. Display Unit Design
    99. Display Units
    100. Displays
    101. Displays Exhibition Uk
    102. Dl Leaflet Holders
    103. Door Signs
    104. Double Sided Poster Display
    105. Dry Erase Boards
    106. Dry Wipe Boards
    107. Drywipe Board
    108. Equipment
    109. Estate Agent Window Display
    110. Exhibit Booths
    111. Exhibition Boards
    112. Exhibition Brochure Stand
    113. Exhibition Cases
    114. Exhibition Counters
    115. Exhibition Design And Installation
    116. Exhibition Display
    117. Exhibition Display Stands
    118. Exhibition Display System
    119. Exhibition Displays
    120. Exhibition Equipment
    121. Exhibition Kits
    122. Exhibition Lightboxes
    123. Exhibition Lighting
    124. Exhibition Modular Displays
    125. Exhibition Panels
    126. Exhibition Signs
    127. Exhibition Stand Contractors
    128. Exhibition Stand Designers
    129. Exhibition Stand Displays
    130. Exhibition Stand System
    131. Exhibition Stands
    132. Exhibition Stands And Displays
    133. Exhibition Systems
    134. Exhibition Track Display Lighting
    135. Exhibitions - Display Designers
    136. Exterior Notice Boards
    137. Exterior Poster Cases
    138. Exterior Signage
    139. External Notice Boards
    140. Fire Resistant Notice Boards
    141. Flexi-Frames Display Stands
    142. Floor Sign Holder
    143. Floor Standing Brochure Holders
    144. Floor Stands
    145. Folding Brochure Stands
    146. Folding Display Boards
    147. Folding Display Kit
    148. Folding Display Stands
    149. Folding Exhibition Boards
    150. Folding Exhibition Stands
    151. Food Counters
    152. Footwear Hangers
    153. Forecourt Signs
    154. Framed Posters Display Graphics
    155. Frames For Posters
    156. Free Standing Snap Frames
    157. Freestanding Dispensers Display Kit
    158. Freestanding Dispensers Display Stands
    159. Freestanding Large Display Kit
    160. Freestanding Large Display Stands
    161. Freestanding Shelving Display Kit
    162. Freestanding Shelving Display Stands
    163. Freestanding Signs
    164. Freestanding Small Display Kit
    165. Freestanding Small Display Stands
    166. Freestanding Snap Frames
    167. Freestyle Kits Display Stands
    168. Garden Centre Signage
    169. Garment Rails
    170. Glass Display Cabinets
    171. Glass Display Counters
    172. Glass Retail Displays
    173. Glass Shelving
    174. Glass Shop Display
    175. Glass Shop Display Cabinets
    176. Glass Shop Display Cases
    177. Glass Shop Display Shelving
    178. Glass Shop Displays
    179. Glass Showcases
    180. Glazed Notice Boards
    181. Gondola Display
    182. Hangers
    183. Hanging Displays
    184. Hanging Rails Display Graphics
    185. Hotel Foyer Signs
    186. Illuminated Signs
    187. Indoor Signs
    188. Industrial Displays
    189. Infoposts Display Stands
    190. Information Display Stands
    191. Information Displays
    192. Internal Notice Boards
    193. Jewellery Displays
    194. Leaflet Dispensers
    195. Leaflet Dispensers Display Graphics
    196. Leaflet Dispensers Display Kit
    197. Leaflet Display
    198. Leaflet Display Unit
    199. Leaflet Holders
    200. Leaflet Racks
    201. Light Box Display
    202. Light Box Manufacturer
    203. Light Boxes Light Box
    204. Lightbox Supplier
    205. Lightboxes
    206. Lighting Accessories Display Lighting
    207. Literature Dispenser
    208. Literature Dispensers
    209. Literature Display Stands
    210. Literature Displays
    211. Literature Holders
    212. Literature Racks
    213. Literature Stands
    214. Lockable Cases
    215. Lockable Notice Boards
    216. Lockable Notice Cases
    217. Lockable Poster Cases
    218. Lockable Poster Frames
    219. Lockable Snap Frames
    220. Locking Notice Boards
    221. Locking Poster Cases
    222. Locking Poster Frames
    223. Magnetic Display Boards
    224. Magnetic Notice Boards
    225. Mannequins
    226. Mannequins For Sale
    227. Marketing Displays
    228. Memo Boards
    229. Menu Boards
    230. Menu Display Boards
    231. Menu Displays
    232. Menu Holders
    233. Menu Holders Display Graphics
    234. Menu Stands
    235. Modular Display Systems
    236. Movie Poster Frame
    237. Museum Display Cases
    238. Necklace Displays
    239. Notice Boards
    240. Office Bulletin Board
    241. Office Door Sign
    242. Office Dry Wipe Boards
    243. Office Notice Boards
    244. Office Signage
    245. Opti Snap Frames
    246. Outdoor Leaflet Holders
    247. Outdoor Notice Boards
    248. Outdoor Poster Holders
    249. Outdoor Signs
    250. Pavement Display
    251. Pavement Sign
    252. Pavement Sign Manufacturer
    253. Pavement Sign Supplier
    254. Pavement Signs
    255. Pavement Signs Manufacturer
    256. Pavement Signs Supplier
    257. Pavement Signs Uk
    258. Plastic Retail
    259. Plastic Retail Packaging
    260. Plastic Sign Holders
    261. Plastic†Display Hangers
    262. Point Of Purchase Retail Stands
    263. Point Of Purchase Signs
    264. Point Of Sale Display Design
    265. Point Of Sale Display Manufacturers
    266. Point Of Sale Display Stands
    267. Point Of Sale Displays
    268. Point Of Sale Equipment
    269. Point Of Sale Frames
    270. Point Of Sale Hangers†Plastic
    271. Pole & Panel Display Boards
    272. Pole & Panel Display Stands
    273. Pop Up Literature Rack
    274. Pop Up Stands
    275. Portable Display Stands
    276. Portable Display Systems
    277. Portable Displays
    278. Portable Exhibition Stands
    279. Portable Floor Stands
    280. Portable Signs
    281. Portables Displays
    282. POS Display Manufacturers
    283. POS Display Systems
    284. POS Display Unit Design
    285. POS Displays
    286. Pos Holders
    287. Poster Browsers
    288. Poster Cases
    289. Poster Display Signs
    290. Poster Display Stands
    291. Poster Display Systems
    292. Poster Displays
    293. Poster Frame
    294. Poster Frame Manufacturer
    295. Poster Frames
    296. Poster Holders
    297. Presentation Lectern
    298. Price Guns
    299. Pricing Guns
    300. Printed Counter Retail Displays
    301. Printed Retail Display Stands
    302. Printed Retail Displays
    303. Printed Retail Shopping Bags
    304. Printed Shop Display
    305. Printed Shop Display Stands
    306. Product Displays For Retail
    307. Promotional Counters
    308. Promotional Displays
    309. Promotional Products
    310. Promotional Signs
    311. Reception Area Displays
    312. Reception Area Signs
    313. Restaurant Menu Boards
    314. Restaurant Menu Holder
    315. Restaurant Signage
    316. Retail
    317. Retail & Commercial Signs
    318. Retail Acrylic Display
    319. Retail Counter
    320. Retail Counter Display
    321. Retail Counters
    322. Retail Display
    323. Retail Display Cabinet
    324. Retail Display Stands
    325. Retail Displays
    326. Retail Equipment
    327. Retail Glass Display Cabinets
    328. Retail Glass Display Showcases
    329. Retail Gondola
    330. Retail Kiosks
    331. Retail Light Boxes
    332. Retail Packaging
    333. Retail Packaging Boxes
    334. Retail Paper Bags
    335. Retail Plastic Carrier Bags
    336. Retail Plastic Packaging
    337. Retail Point Of Sale
    338. Retail POS
    339. Retail Printed Carrier Bags
    340. Retail Promotion
    341. Retail Rollouts
    342. Retail Shelving
    343. Retail Shop Display
    344. Retail Shop Displays
    345. Retail Shop Fittings
    346. Retail Shopfitting
    347. Retail Signage
    348. Retail Signs
    349. Retail Store Displays
    350. Retail Store Signs
    351. Retail Systems
    352. Retail Window Display
    353. Retractable Barriers
    354. Rod Display Lighting
    355. Rod Displays
    356. Roller Banner Stands
    357. Roller Banners Design
    358. Roller Banners Manufacturer
    359. Roller Banners Supplier
    360. Rotating Signs
    361. Safety Signs
    362. Sale Signs
    363. School Classroom Dividers
    364. School Display Boards
    365. School Notice Boards
    366. Screens & Light Boxes Digital Display
    367. Secure Snap Frames
    368. Security Snap Frames
    369. Shelving Glass Display
    370. Shelving Units Glass Display
    371. Shoe Displays
    372. Shop Display
    373. Shop Display Counters
    374. Shop Displays
    375. Shop Fitting
    376. Shop Fitting Services
    377. Shop Fitting Suppliers
    378. Shop Fittings
    379. Shop Fittings Displays
    380. Shop Fixtures
    381. Shop Rollouts
    382. Shop Shelving
    383. Shop Signage
    384. Shop Window Display
    385. Shopfit Equipment
    386. Shopfitting Services
    387. Shopfittings
    388. Shopping Trolleys
    389. Showroom Display Stands
    390. Sign Company
    391. Sign Design
    392. Sign Display
    393. Sign Frames
    394. Sign Holders
    395. Sign Letters
    396. Sign Makers
    397. Sign Making
    398. Sign Manufacturers
    399. Sign Stands
    400. Sign Supplies
    401. Sign Systems
    402. Sign Trade Supplier
    403. Signage
    404. Signedge Signage
    405. Signs
    406. Slat Wall
    407. Slat Wall Accessories
    408. Slat Wall Hooks
    409. Slat Walls
    410. Slatwall
    411. Slatwall Accessories
    412. Slatwall Accessory
    413. Slatwall Acrylic Display
    414. Slatwall Acrylic Displays
    415. Slatwall Boards
    416. Slatwall Display
    417. Slatwall Display Systems
    418. Slatwall Display Units
    419. Slatwall Displays
    420. Slatwall Euro Hooks
    421. Slatwall Fitting
    422. Slatwall Fittings
    423. Slatwall Fixtures
    424. Slatwall Gondola
    425. Slatwall Hook
    426. Slatwall Hooks
    427. Slatwall Insert
    428. Slatwall Inserts
    429. Slatwall Leaflet Holders
    430. Slatwall Panel
    431. Slatwall Panels
    432. Slatwall Poster Holders
    433. Slatwall Prongs
    434. Slatwall Single Hooks
    435. Slatwall Stands
    436. Slatwall Supplier
    437. Slatwall Suppliers
    438. Slatwall Supplies
    439. Slatwall System
    440. Slatwall Systems
    441. Slatwall Ticket Holders
    442. Slatwall Units
    443. Slatwalls
    444. Snap Frame
    445. Snap Frame A-Boards
    446. Snap Frame Manufacturer
    447. Snap Frame Supplier
    448. Snap Frames
    449. Snap Poster Frames
    450. Stackable Shopping Baskets
    451. Stainless Steel Garment Rails
    452. Stainless Steel Hanging Racks
    453. Store Rollouts
    454. Store Signs
    455. Supermarket Shopping Trolley
    456. Supermarket Shopping Trolleys
    457. Suspended Poster Frames
    458. Swinger Pavement Signs
    459. Swinging Signs
    460. Table Sign Holders
    461. Table Top Displays
    462. Tamper Proof Frames
    463. Tamper Proof Notice Boards
    464. Tamper Proof Notice Cases
    465. Tamper Proof Poster Frames
    466. Tamperproof Notice Boards
    467. Tile Signs
    468. Track Display Lighting
    469. Track Lighting
    470. Trade Show Displays
    471. Trade Show Stands
    472. Trifold Leaflet Holders
    473. Ultra Slim Light Box
    474. Ultra Slim Light Boxes
    475. Vandal Resist Poster Frames
    476. Vandal Resist Snap Frames
    477. Velcro Banner Stands
    478. Velcro Display Boards
    479. Velcro Display Stands
    480. Velcro Exhibition Boards
    481. Velcro Exhibition Stands
    482. Velcro Pop-Up Stands
    483. Void Fill
    484. Wall Displays
    485. Wall Mounted Display
    486. Wall Sign Supports Signage
    487. Wall Supports Signage
    488. Warehouse Signs
    489. Waterproof Boards
    490. Waterproof Cases
    491. Waterproof Leaflet Holders
    492. Waterproof Notice Board
    493. Waterproof Snap Frames
    494. Weatherproof Cases
    495. Weatherproof Notice Boards
    496. White Boards
    497. Wholesale Displays
    498. Widescreen Display
    499. Window Displays
    500. Wire Hangers
    501. Wood Frame Notice Board
    502. Wooden A-Boards
    503. Wooden Coat Hangers
    504. Woodgrain Slatwalls

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