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    Leemark Spinnings Ltd

    Metal Forming, Metal Fabrication and Welding Specialists

    Leemark Spinnings is a Birmingham based manufacturing company that specialises in metal spinning, metal forming and fabrication.

    Over the years Leemark Spinnings has built a reputation for its excellent customer service. From initial consultation through to production and delivery we will lead you all through your metalworking project so whether it’s welding or metal fabrication, small volume to large volume we will deliver on time and what's more within budget.
    Metal Forming Birmingham
    Whatever your metal forming requirements are here at Leemark Spinnings we offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of forming and fabrication services in Birmingham.

    Leemark Spinnings is not just your one stop shop for metal spinning and fabrication but one of the leading providers in the UK following most of international standards.

    We offer everything you could possibly need from a metal forming company including advice, guidance and a fast turnaround so why not get in touch to find out more.
    Sheet Metal Fabrication
    When it comes to sheet metal fabrication Leemark Spinnings have you covered. No matter the project our expert team of sheet metal fabricators are on hand to help, big batch or small, on budget and on time.
    Industrial Metal Spinning
    Our highly trained and skilled work force allows us to deliver an industrial metal spinning service to the highest quality.
    Hand Metal Spinning
    Hand metal spinning is available up to 2 meters in length, 6mm thick and 1 meter in diameter. We have been hand metal spinning for over 25 years.
    Solid Copper Kettles Manufactured in the UK
    Leemark Spinnings are a leading UK manufacturer of copper kettles. We manufacture eco friendly copper kettles, sustainable copper kettles bespoke for clients. Our kettles are handmade in solid copper, they provide quality and are aesthetically pleasing.
    Metal Light Fitting Manufacturers
    Leemark are able to manufacture a range of metal light fittings for the lighting industry. We also regularly manufacture a vast array of bespoke lighting parts and street lighting.
    Aerospace Welding
    Leemark Spinnings Ltd are proud to announce the we are an approved aerospace welding and manufacturer for the aerospace industry.

    We offer our services to wide customer base specialising in industries including:

    • Automotive
    • Aerospace
    • Air Conditioning
    • Swimming Pools
    • Fire Fighting Equipment
    • Bathrooms
    • Bar Fittings
    • Kitchenware
    • Lighting
    • Commercial Aluminium Ware
    • Recreational Aluminium Ware
    Based in Birmingham in the West Midlands Leemark Spinning offer a range of services for metal forming and metal spinning including:
    • Metal Spinning up to 2 metres
    • Up to 1 meter in Diameter
    • Sheet Metal Fabrication
    • Welding to Aircraft Specifications
    • Guillotine Services
    • Circling
    • 140 Tonne Power Press
    • One Off Prototypes

    Our products are precisely formed and expertly worked to rigorous quality standards by our highly skilled team of engineers. When you combine this with our superb customer service you know you'll be dealing with the best.

    If you would like more details on the wide range of quality metal spinning and metal forming services Leemark Spinnings Ltd has to offer please do not hesitate to get in touch, alternatively please visit our website.


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    Products and Services

    1. Aluminium Sheet Metal Fabrications
    2. Aluminium Spinning
    3. Architectural Metal Fabricators
    4. Bespoke Metal Fabricators
    5. Brass Sheet Metal Fabrications
    6. Brass Spinning
    7. CNC Metal Forming
    8. CNC Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication
    9. CNC Spinning
    10. Copper Kettle
    11. Copper Kettles
    12. Copper Sheet Metal Fabrications
    13. Copper Spinning
    14. Corten Spinning
    15. Custom Metal Fabrications
    16. Eco Friendly Copper Kettles
    17. Eco Friendly Kettles
    18. Electrical Industry Sheet Metal Fabrications
    19. Hand Spinning
    20. Hastalloy Spinning
    21. Hastelloy Spinning
    22. Inconel Spinning
    23. Inconnel Spinning
    24. Metal Fabrication
    25. Metal Fabrication Machinery
    26. Metal Fabrication Machines
    27. Metal Fabrication Paint Spraying
    28. Metal Fabrication Services
    29. Metal Fabrication Supplies
    30. Metal Fabrication To Specification
    31. Metal Fabrication Tools
    32. Metal Fabrications
    33. Metal Fabricators
    34. Metal Forming
    35. Metal Forming Equipment
    36. Metal Forming Machinery
    37. Metal Forming Machines
    38. Metal Forming Tools
    39. Metal Spinners
    40. Metal Spinning
    41. Metal Spinning And Pressing
    42. Metal Spinning Service
    43. Metal Spinning Services
    44. Metal Welding
    45. Metal Welding To Specification
    46. Mild Steel Sheet Metal Fabrications
    47. Mild Steel Spinning
    48. Monel Spinning
    49. Precision Metal Spinning Services
    50. Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication
    51. Precision Sheet Metal Fabricators
    52. Sheet Metal Fabrication
    53. Sheet Metal Fabrication Assembly
    54. Sheet Metal Fabrications
    55. Sheet Metal Fabricator
    56. Sheet Metal Fabricators
    57. Sheet Metal Forming
    58. Sheet Metal Welding
    59. Sheetmetal Fabrication
    60. Sheetmetal Fabricator
    61. Sheetmetal Fabricators
    62. Solid Copper Kettles
    63. Spinning
    64. Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Fabrications
    65. Stainless Steel Spinning
    66. Steel Sheet Metal Fabrications
    67. Sustainable Copper Kettles
    68. Sustainable Kettles
    69. Titanium Alloy Spinning
    70. Titanium Spinnings
    71. Tube Metal Fabrication
    72. Ultrasonic Metal Welding
    73. Used Metal Fabrication Equipment

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