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    Xtra-Sense Ltd

    Museum Alarm Systems and Museum Security Systems

    Xtra-Sense Ltd is a designer and manufacturer of unique alarm systems, museum alarm systems, security sensors, museum security systems and wireless communication systems. Established in 2000, we specialise in innovative, simple to use products.

    Our products have an excellent record of reliability and are used by both prestigious blue-chip organisations and by small companies and individuals.

    Our products are ideal for use as museum alarm systems

    The Plinth, Pad and Painting Alarm products can be used either as stand-alone alarms for exhibits, or as detectors linked to a larger security system. Importantly, the sensor can remain live during visitor opening hours.

    The Merlin mains power wiring signalling products provide an option for wireless signalling for museum alarm systems. Alarm signals can be communicated over long distances to central monitoring and control points through a building's existing power wiring, avoiding the cost and problems of installing new cabling, especially in large, solidly-constructed or Graded properties.

    Xtra-Sense Alarms, Detectors and Sensors

    The Xtra-Sense range of alarms, sensors and detectors for protecting items on display are based on an innovative method of detecting changes in weight or pressure on a display system caused by someone attempting to remove an object, or even just part of an object, from the display. The detection of pressure changes can range from a few grams up to kilograms, if required.

    We have designed the technology to fit a range of display types. The systems are especially useful where customers prefer not to display objects in cabinets or behind glass. Critically, alarms can be operational 24 hours a day.

    Built into display plinths / pedestals / pads, we offer a battery operated, wireless, and highly portable alarm system for displaying items such as sculptures, figurines, vases, clocks etc.

    Kit Sensor Systems are modular and offer a flexible, cost effective solution to a wide range of security applications for larger types of displays, including alarms for display cabinets, display shelves and bookshelves, table displays, retail window displays, and church altars.

    Painting Alarm products can provide either a stand-lone alarm unit, or an alarm detector that signals into a larger security system. Importantly, they do not need to be attached to the painting to be protected. The high degree of immunity to false alarms from vibration offers an excellent solution to applications where paintings are liable to minor movement caused by air flows, accidental knocks and cleaning, such as corporate art collections and those in private residences.

    Key applications include security in museum alarm systems, historic houses, shops, galleries, churches and libraries either as stand-alone alarms, or as detectors within an integrated security system.

    Merlin and MSL Wireless Signalling Systems

    The Merlin and MSL wireless signalling products provide a means to communicate simple signals over long distances, within a building and between collections of buildings, through the existing mains power supply system.

    Products can simply plug into standard mains power points to quickly and easily create a communication system within a building. Applications include personnel help-call systems, local alarm systems, and remote control and switching systems. The Merlin Eco products are used to save power by offering the capability to switch remote electrical equipment on and off without the need to install new control cabling.

    To learn more about our products and download leaflets please visit our web-site. Alternatively, please email or call us to discuss how our products could solve your security or power saving problems.

    LFS Stress Security Detectors
    The LFS range of Stress Detector has been specifically designed for detecting attacks on items such as ATMs, safes, doors, walls and ceilings. Using a unique approach to the applications, the technology provides a reliable form of detection and simultaneously significantly reduces or eliminates the potential for false alarms.

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