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    North East Assemblies Ltd

    Over 20 years experience manufacturing your specialist parts

    Machined Parts

    North East Assemblies is a precision engineering company that produces machine turned and milled parts by utilising the very latest in Sliding Head, Twin Spindle and Fixed Head Machine technology. To further compliment these services, all machinery uses magazine bar feeds making for a fast, highly efficient and economical precision machining service.

    We have the capacity to machine precision turned parts from 3mm to 300mm in diameter using a range of state of the art machinery and equipment, from sliding head and slant bed lathes to twin pallet machining centres. This allows North East Assemblies to produce a diverse range of machined components in an equally diverse range of materials.

    Quality - BSI ISO 9001:2008 Accredited

    At North East Assemblies quality comes first, from initial customer enquiry through to production, inspection and delivery ensuring every single component is machined to perfection first time every time.

    Full Traceability
    Our reputation for quality is second to none. All of our highly trained and experienced engineers are responsible for each manufacturing process, to ensure conformity is maintained throughout to produce zero defect parts.

    Our Capacity

    We have the capacity to machine turned and milled components from 3mm to 63.5mm diameter using the latest magazine bar feeds. We also have billet capacities up to 300mm in diameter using our sliding head, twin spindle and multi-axis fixed head machines, so whatever your precision machined component requirements are, North East Assemblies can deliver.

    From prototypes and small batchwork through to large volume production runs, North East Assemblies has the capacity to provide a fast turnaround service for all of your production needs.

    We can manufacture a wide range of complex parts incorporating hexagons, flats, cross holes and screw threads in a single operation using our 10 and 12 axis machines.

    This not only achieves a better quality component but results in greater cost reductions compared to traditional machining operations. It also allows us to offer our customers a service that is very competitively priced.


    North East Assemblies has a vast experience in the manufacture of precision machined components from a wide range of materials, from mild steel, stainless steel, brass and copper through to duplex and various plastic materials and what's more to the tightest of tolerances.


    ...� Complex Shaft work including milling, tapping, cross drilling etc
    ...� Components up to 920mm long x 32mm diameter
    ...� Components up to 600mm long x 16mm diameter
    ...� Billets up to 300mm diameter
    ...� Bar Fed parts up to 63.5mm diameter
    ...� CNC Turning including Sliding Head, Mutli-Axis Fixed Head and Twin Spindle
    ...� Milling Capacity using Twin Table Machining Centres
    ...� 24/7 Production Service
    ...� Full Traceability BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Accreditation
    ...� Vast Range of Materials
    ...� Reworks
    ...� Modifications

    North East Assemblies will produce precision machined components either from drawings or samples, so please do not hesitate to get in touch and discuss your machining requirements.


    We also offer a comprehensive range of finishing services including various plating processes, heat treatment and anodising amongst other surface finishes.

    We have onsite facilities for deburring, polishing and component washing in order to ensure all parts are finished to perfection before delivery.


    North East Assemblies is based in Durham and provides a complete nationwide precision machining service, so wherever you are and whatever your requirements please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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    251. Precision Turned Parts - Ferrous Metals
    252. Precision Turned Parts - Mild Steel
    253. Precision Turned Parts - Non Ferrous
    254. Precision Turned Parts - Nylon
    255. Precision Turned Parts - Plastic
    256. Precision Turned Parts - Plated
    257. Precision Turned Parts - Small Batch
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    260. Precision Turned Parts CNC
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    266. Sliding Head CNC Turning Precision Machining
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