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    Rayda Plastics Ltd

    Plastic Extrusions UK | Extruded Plastics | Extruded Plastic Profiles

    Rayda Plastics Ltd in Devon specialise in Plastic Extrusions UK we are manufacturers of plastic extrusion profiles and Extruded Plastics. We have been manufacturing a wide variety of plastic extrusion profiles, pipes and tubes for over 40 years and are ISO accredited.

    Rayda Plastics plastic extrusion specialists manufacture bespoke products to either the customer's specification or can design a product for a specific purpose. We have a well equipped tool room and state of the art twin and single screw extruders.

    We can also:

    ...� Print on our customers' products with state of the art inkjet printers or hot melt printers.
    ...� Extruded Plastics in a wide range of stock colours as well as full colour matching service.
    ...� Co-extrude two different but compatible plastics onto the same product.
    ...� Design and develop extrusion tools in house.
    ...� Punch out and router holes as part of the process.
    ...� Offer Extruded Plastics.

    More About Us:

    At Rayda we do plastic extrusion profiles in a wide variety of material types including PVC (flexible PVC), UPVC (Rigid PVC), ABS, Polyethylene (LDPE, LLDPE & HDPE), Polypropylene, food grade and recycled materials. Extruded plastics are our speciality.

    We have been trading with some of our current customers for over 20 years and take our 9001 accreditation for quality very seriously, priding ourselves on our annual customer survey results. We are also audited by the BBA (British Board of Agr�ment) every six months and have been described as 'excellent' and 'running a tight ship' by their auditor.

    The management team at Rayda Plastics has over 75 years of direct extrusion experience between them. Our design engineer has over 35 years experience.

    We are a family run company with a long established production team and engineers dedicated to the quality and continual improvement of our customers' product range.

    We have been extremely busy over the past eight years fulfilling both our long-standing and new customer requirements but now, due to continued investment, we have significantly expanded our production capabilities and warehousing.

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    6. Acrylic Extruded Antireflective
    7. Acrylic Extruded Clear
    8. Acrylic Extruded Clear High Impact
    9. Acrylic Extruded Opal
    10. Acrylic Extruders
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    12. Automotive Rubber Extrusions
    13. Belting
    14. Belting Manufacturers
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    18. Cladding Extrusions
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    21. Co-Extrusions
    22. Coextrusion Blown Film Lines
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    26. Custom Made Extrusions
    27. Custom Plastic Extrusions
    28. Custome Made Extrusions
    29. Engineered Rubber Extrusions
    30. Extruded Acrylic
    31. Extruded Acrylic Rod
    32. Extruded Acrylic Sheet
    33. Extruded Acrylic Tube
    34. Extruded Angles
    35. Extruded Fin Tube
    36. Extruded Graphite Rod
    37. Extruded Plastics
    38. Extruded Polystyrene
    39. Extruded Polystyrene Boards
    40. Extruded Products
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    42. Extruded Rod
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    63. Flexible PVC Strip Profile Extruders
    64. Flexible PVC Tube Extrusion
    65. High Density Polyethylene Extruded Tube
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