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Polmac (UK) Ltd

3 The Briars, Warrenwood
High Wycombe Buckinghamshire
HP11 1ED

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    Polmac (UK) Ltd

    Custom Wooden Boxes

    Polmac (UK) Ltd specializes in supplying beautifully crafted, custom wooden boxes, storage boxes and gift boxes that help businesses boost their product sales!

    We offer personalized design services at no extra cost, with options to add a company logo and memorable text, using a variety of printing techniques, including metallic foil blocking, silk screen printing and laser etching.

    Polmac (UK) Ltd provides a diverse range of custom wooden boxes including:

     - Wine boxes & Champagne boxes
     - Food & Drink boxes
     - Promotional boxes
     - Aromatherapy boxes & Homeopathy boxes
     - Children's storage boxes
     - China boxes & Glassware boxes
     - Tool boxes
     - Cutlery boxes
     - Decorated boxes
     - Whisky boxes & Gin boxes
     - Cigar boxes
     - Round boxes

    Special Features

    1: Low cost, wood veneer round gift boxes with lift-off lids, suitable for a wide range of products, including specialty foods such as artisan cheeses, whisky gifts, high-end cosmetics and gourmet chocolates.

    2: Special decorative features, including delicate brass strip inlays, carved decorations and pyrographic designs to create stunning finishes that your customers will find irresistible.

    3: Stylish finishes using natural organic wood and wood-based products, from managed and sustainable sources, offering a wide variety of styles, sizes and finishes. These include natural wood and colour stains, clear lacquer finishes to enhance the natural character and beauty of wood and block colours, printed logos & text to match your company branding.

    Customization and Linings

    Polmac offers custom designs based on your individual requirements, or you can choose from existing patterns. Whatever your needs, we’re here to help you.

    Internal fabric linings, including silk, flock and hessian fabrics are available if a more luxuriant, or specialized finish is required.

    For tool boxes and wood boxes for special engineering parts and/or accessories, pre-formed die-cast foam inserts can also be provided.

    Contact Information

    Customers can reach out to Polmac (UK) Ltd for enquiries or assistance through our website: www.polmacuk.com

    Why Use Polmac Custom Wooden Boxes?

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    30 days
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    Products and Services

    1. Aromatherapy Oil Box
    2. Aromatherapy Oil Storage Boxes
    3. Aromatherapy Starter Kit
    4. Boxes For Wine Glasses
    5. Champagne Box
    6. Champagne Boxes
    7. Champagne Flute Box
    8. Champagne Gift Box
    9. Cheese Box
    10. Cheese Boxes
    11. Cheese Gift Box
    12. Cheese Gift Boxes
    13. Childrens Storage Boxes
    14. Chocolate Gift Box
    15. Christmas Food Hampers
    16. Christmas Gift Boxes
    17. Christmas Hamper
    18. Christmas Hampers
    19. Cigar Box
    20. Cigar Boxes
    21. Craft Box
    22. Craft Boxes
    23. Craft Gift Boxes
    24. Custom Gift Box
    25. Custom Gift Boxes
    26. Custom Made Wooden Box
    27. Custom Made Wooden Boxes
    28. Custom Wood Box
    29. Custom Wooden Box
    30. Custom Wooden Boxes
    31. Cutlery Box
    32. Cutlery Boxes
    33. Decorated Box
    34. Decorated Boxes
    35. Decorative Box
    36. Decorative Boxes
    37. Decorative Gift Boxes
    38. Decorative Storage Boxes
    39. Decorative Wooden Storage Box
    40. Decorative Wooden Whisky Boxes
    41. Drawer Tool Box
    42. Engraved Champagne Box
    43. Essential Oil Carrier Case
    44. Essential Oil Starter Kit
    45. Essential Oils Starter Kit
    46. Extra Large Luxury Gift Boxes
    47. Food And Drink Box
    48. Food And Drink Boxes
    49. Food Box
    50. Food Boxes
    51. Food Hampers
    52. Food Storage Box
    53. Gift Box
    54. Gift Box Hamper
    55. Gift Box With Clear Lid
    56. Gift Boxes
    57. Gift Boxes For Glassware
    58. Gift Hampers
    59. Gin Bottle Boxes
    60. Gin Box
    61. Gin Boxes
    62. Gin Gift Boxes
    63. Gin Selection Box
    64. Glassware Gift Boxes
    65. Glassware Storage Box
    66. Glassware Storage Boxes
    67. Hamper
    68. Hamper Baskets
    69. Hamper Box
    70. Hamper Boxes
    71. Hampers
    72. Hobby Craft Boxes
    73. Hobby Craft Gift Boxes
    74. Homeopathy Bottle Storage Box
    75. Homeopathy Kit Box
    76. Homeopathy Medicine Kit Box
    77. Homeopathy Medicine Wooden Box
    78. Homeopathy Storage Box
    79. Large Aromatherapy Boxes
    80. Large Wicker Hamper
    81. Oak Cutlery Box
    82. Outdoor Storage Box
    83. Personalised Box For Wine
    84. Personalised Champagne Box
    85. Personalised Printed Gift Box
    86. Personalised Whiskey Box
    87. Personalised Whisky Box
    88. Personalised Wine Boxes
    89. Personalised Wine Gift Box
    90. Personalised Wooden Tool Box
    91. Printed Wine Gift Box
    92. Promotional Box
    93. Promotional Boxes
    94. Round Box
    95. Round Boxes
    96. Round Storage Boxes
    97. Round Wooden Box
    98. Round Wooden Craft Box
    99. Small Christmas Gift Boxes
    100. Small Craft Boxes
    101. Small Gift Box
    102. Small Tool Box
    103. Small Tool Boxes
    104. Small Wicker Hamper
    105. Small Wicker Hamper Basket
    106. Storage Box
    107. Storage Box With Lid
    108. Storage Boxes
    109. Storage Boxes With Lids
    110. Tool Box
    111. Tool Boxes
    112. Whiskey Box
    113. Whiskey Boxes
    114. Whiskey Gift Box
    115. Whisky Box
    116. Whisky Boxes
    117. Wicker Hamper
    118. Wicker Hamper Basket
    119. Wicker Hampers
    120. Wicker Picnic Hampers
    121. Wine Bottle Box
    122. Wine Bottle Gift Box
    123. Wine Box
    124. Wine Boxes
    125. Wine Case
    126. Wine Cases
    127. Wine Wooden Case
    128. Wood Box
    129. Wood Boxes
    130. Wood Veneer Round Boxes
    131. Wooden Art Storage Box
    132. Wooden Box
    133. Wooden Box For Whisky Bottle
    134. Wooden Boxes
    135. Wooden Cheese Box
    136. Wooden Cigar Boxes
    137. Wooden Craft Boxes
    138. Wooden Crafting Box
    139. Wooden Cuban Cigar Box
    140. Wooden Cutlery Box
    141. Wooden Food Box
    142. Wooden Food Boxes
    143. Wooden Food Packaging Box
    144. Wooden Gin Box
    145. Wooden Round Box
    146. Wooden Storage Boxes
    147. Wooden Tool Box
    148. Wooden Tool Boxes
    149. Wooden Tool Storage Box
    150. Wooden Whiskey Boxes
    151. Wooden Whisky Presentation Boxes
    152. Xmas Gift Boxes
    153. Xmas Hamper Boxes

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