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    G2Metric Metrology Ltd

    Metrology Services

    Having over fifteen years of experience in this field our highly experienced team can assist you through all the steps of your project. Whether you�re a small company or an international company G2Metric can help you with your requirements. Our team of dedicated experts in the latest large scale metrology technologies are here to offer high quality results and provide total satisfaction.

    Services we are able to offer include:

    Positioning Adjustment - Measurement services at your premise
    Calibration - Calibration of machine tools and robots, tools calibration.
    Reverse Engineering - Complete installation reconstruction, CAD model of part and assembly.
    Maintenance - Operational maintenance of your automated measurement devices.
    Training Services - General metrology training, spatial analyser training.

    G2Metric is also an official retailer of Brunson Products, New River Kinematics (Spatial Analyzer), 8tree, fastCHECK, dentCheck and LYNX systems. With our highly experienced team in metrology we place ourselves at your disposal to offer advice on the best choice on metrology products and services.

    dentCHECK analyses is used to look at surfaces to check for any deformities. Whether that it is a dent, a bump or general surface waviness, this system delivers clear, accurate and information that can be actioned instantly. This allows the operators to be able to fix problems instantly without having to go through the process of have to learn how to use a new measuring tool. Existing configurations of the dentCHECK product platform are tailored to addressing chronic problems across several industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Oil & Gas infrastructure and White-Goods. New variants of dentCHECK are continuously being adapted to keep up with the constant change in requirements.

    The fastCHECK platform is designed to quickly and easily inspect fastener/rivet flushness-levels. Customers in the aerospace industry are using fastCHECK and have had a marked improvement in their work flow efficiency. Operators are now able to use the instant �go/no-go� results so they can inspect the aircraft faster and more reliably. This system is constantly being updated and is currently being used in the Aerospace sector as well as new versions being used in the marine sector.

    At G2Metric our engineering division is divided up into four departments so as to provide the best answer possible for all of your metrology requirements, ranging from a simple feasibility study to a customised solution integrated into your own environment, including:

    ��� � Study department; Research and Development department.
    ��� � Software Development department
    ��� � Integration department

    G2Metric have been certified ISO 9001 since 2008 and since then our renewal audits in both 2010 and 2011 met without any nonconformities which has integrated G2Metric GmbH (German subsidiary company) and G2Metric Ltd (UK subsidiary company). This achievement has also led to us receiving national and international approvals as experts in dimensional measurement and further enforces our relationship and confidence with our customers.

    G2Metric can assist you worldwide with international projects followed by our best experts.

    So if all of this still isn�t enough to convince you please visit our main website which contains a wealth of information about our company, services and products, along with associated information such as our environmental policies and recruitment.

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