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    Diamond Ground Products Ltd

    Diamond Ground Products was started with a vision to be the # 1 manufacturer of Electrode & Tungsten Grinders, Pre-ground Electrodes and to provide the industry with specialty tungsten, to improve weld quality and productivity.

    With innovation and investment, Diamond Ground Products has earned the reputation of the highest quality, lowest price, producer of Pre-Ground Tungsten Electrodes, Tungsten Electrode Sharpeners and premium Tungsten materials.

    Our ability to maintain the latest CNC machinery to produce our own products has enabled us to continue to provide our customers with the highest quality of products and services.

    Our ongoing management philosophy is to provide the product quality and service that exceeds your expectation.

    Pre-Ground Tungsten Electrodes
    Precision polishing and CNC grinding with improperly ground tungsten electrodes helps eliminate common inconsistencies. High quality DGP electrodes offer a wide range of benefits that include; Improved weld quality, better arc re-starting and starting, reduced arc wander and increased electrode life.

    The Piranha II
    The Piranha II Tungsten Grinder allows operators to longitudinally grind, cut, and flat tungsten on high quality diamond wheels. This method, recommended by most welding experts, will dramatically improve most aspects of weld applications including arc starting, arc stability and electrode life.

    Piranha III Tungsten Electrode Grinder
    The Piranha III is our new product in the Tungsten Electrode Grinder range, it can precisely cut and flat tungsten electrodes up to 3/16� in diameter. This version is designed for maximum commercial use, it comes fully enclosed with a 100% contaminant of excess tungsten electrode dust.

    DGP - Series Tungsten Electrode Grinder
    The DGP III tungsten electrode grinder is the most complete and precise system for welders to longitudinally diamond cut, grind and flat tungsten electrodes.

    Plasma Welding Torches & Accessories
    Diamond Ground Products is able to offer one of the widest ranges of replacement plasma welding torches and spare parts. We also offer a wide range of accessories that have been designed and manufactured to last just as long as the original parts and equipment only with savings of up to 60% compared with OEM equipment list prices.

    Fusion Electrodes
    Diamond Ground Products range of fusion electrodes designed for the fibre optic industry are better if not equal to some of the leading brand named electrode products. The only difference is the amount you save. With typical savings of up to 50% why go anywhere else for your fusion electrode requirements.

    Cleaver Blades
    Our replacement cleaver blades for use in the fibre optic industry are also better than the originals. We are able to offer savings between 40% and 60% when compared to OEM published list prices; these include Alcoa Fujikura, Sumitomo and Fitel so to find out more about the range of cost saving cleaver blades available from Diamond Ground Products please visit our online shop.

    Tungsten Fabrication and Machining
    At Diamond Ground Products our tungsten electrode experts are leaders in the industry and can supply precise and consistent CNC parts from low volumes through to high volume production, from simple designs to complex fabrications with the strictest of tolerances. For further detailed info about our tungsten fabrication and machining service please visit our website.

    Tungsten-Copper Fabrication and Machining
    Once again as experts in the design and manufacture of machining tungsten copper Diamond Ground Products is able to offer an unparalleled service. Our range of state of the art machinery and equipment combined with an unsurpassed experience in this field enables DGP to provide a quality service at competitive prices.

    Replacement Grinding Wheels
    The line-up of high quality products from DGP continues with low cost replacement grinding wheels for tungsten electrode grinders. All DGP grinding wheels are in stock and available for immediate delivery so why not head over to our website to find out more.

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