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    Qualitape (UK) Ltd

    Qualitape offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of world class technical bonding products around.

    All of the products available have been chosen to cover the requirements of a wide range of industrial sectors, so whether its industrial, commercial or for retail, we can deliver.

    Expanding Foam Tape
    Where expanding foam tapes are concerned, Qualitape offers a range of Xpanda Foam Tapes that are perfect for sealing joints on windows, door frames and a whole host of other applications. They are also a cost effective alternative to polyurethane aerosol foams mainly due to their ease of installation.

    Xpanda 600 Joint Sealing Tape
    This is our most popular expanding foam tape, it is designed as a weather sealant for both commercial and domestic structures. It not only retains heat indoors, but it acts to keep water out. Xpanda 600 is an adhesive scrim expanding foam tape which makes positioning very easy and straightforward.

    Take a look at out Expanding Foam Tape brochure.

    SIGA Air Tight Tapes
    As the UKs largest distributor of SIGA air tight tapes, Qualitape is able to supply air tight tapes and membranes from some of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality adhesive products.

    Structural Spacer Tape
    Our structural spacer tape is available in 7.5m or 15m rolls with varying thicknesses from 3mm - 9.5mm.

    Qu-Pro-300 Structural Glazing Tape
    We only supply Qu-Pro-300 structural tape, it is high tack, double sided and designed for use in structural spacer systems.

    Moldex Hearing Protection
    Our moldex hearing protection earmuffs are lightweight, foldable and protect up to 34dB.

    BBA Approved Xpanda 600, Expanding Foam Tape
    Check out our 22 second application video which has been filmed over a 25 minute duration on timelapse. Demonstrating Xpanda 600 being installed around the window to being fully expanded, which has created an airtight and water tight seal around the window frame.

    Bespoke Products
    On top of this we are able to offer our customers a bespoke product development service in order to help them bring original adhesive products and tapes to the market.

    Other Products
    We stock a vast range of double and single sided tape as well as non-technical tapes all of which are ready for dispatch:

    - Adhesives, Accelerators, Cleaners
    - Expanding Foam Tape
    - Blowerproof Airtight Paint
    - Novoproof EPDM & Airtight Foils
    - Masking Tapes
    - Moldex Hearing Protection
    - Moldex Face Protection
    - PPE
    - Packaging, Protective Films
    - Siga Membranes
    - Qufire - Facade UV & Fire Solutions
    - Qufire EPDM Solutions
    - Siga Primers
    - Siga Tapes
    - Technical Tapes
    - Structural Spacer Tape

    Our bespoke service also means we can supply tapes in specific widths and lengths as well as die cut pieces for customers to use directly or to individually re-pack for retail.

    Qualitape Services

    With a program of continued investment in up to date machinery for converting mill reels and logs Qualitape is also able to provide customers with a number lathe slitting, rewinding and slitting and die cutting services so if this is an area that may be of interest to you please get in touch.

    - Bespoke Widths
    - Bespoke Lengths
    - Die Cut Shapes
    - Intricate Pattern
    - Masks, Gaskets and Bonding Tapes

    Printed Tape Design Service
    We can take care of all of your bespoke printed tape design needs. Our in house team of designers regularly provide our customers with bespoke tapes, so whether its tapes depicting basic text or photographic quality reproduction we will not disappoint.

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    Key Personnel
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    Tracey Hills Technical Sales

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    Karen Stolworthy MD

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