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Laser Cut Shim Steel by Repco Technology Ltd

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  • Laser Cut Shim Steel Cut to Specification
  • Manufacturers of polymer filled feed fingers for bar feed lathes
  • UK Aris Actuator Supplier
  • UK Supplier
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    Repco Technology Ltd

    Repco Technology is also one of Europes leading manufacturers of high quality Aris Actuators and Valves, Broaching Attachments and Tooling such as Collets, Vice Jaws, Feed Fingers and Keyway Cutting Tools.

    Laser Cut Shim Steel
    Repco offers a laser cut shims service for customers with specific needs.

    We have a wide range of shim steel materials all of which are available in over 60 different thicknesses.

    From 0.003mm to 5.00mm and in widths from 6.00mm to 1metre or if you prefer in a width to suit your needs Repco is the UKs leading supplier of shim steel.

    Metal Shim
    As a leading supplier of precision shim steel and brass Repco is able to provide one of the most comprehensive ranges of shim which also includes bronze, nickel, aluminium and copper so whatever your shim needs we will deliver.

    �� Standard Shim Rolls & Sheets
    �� Assorted Shim Packs
    �� Special Laser Cut Shims

    Aris Actuator Suppliers UK
    The name Aris has now become synonymous with precision actuators and valves. Repco Technology Ltd are proud to be UK agents and a leading supplier of Aris Actutors.

    From industrial valves, linear motion actuators and pneumatic rotary actuators through to rotary & part turn and explosion proof electric rotary actuators the range of innovative precision actuators from Aris Actuators and Valves are all available here at Repco Technology.

    Polymer Filled Feed Fingers
    Our range of feed fingers are for bar feeders as well as single and multi-spindle automatic lathes. Polymer filled feed fingers by Repco Technology Ltd are available for Grindley, Index, Wickman, Shutte, Brown & Sharp CVA, New Britain, Iemca, BSA, Alps, Davenport, Tornos, Cucchi, FMB and more. Our Polymer Filled Feed Fingers are used by hundreds of companies throughout the UK, Europe and America.

    Actuators & Tooling
    We are now one of Europes leading manufacturers of high quality actuators and special tooling equipment. Our present range includes:

    �� Aris Actuators
    �� Aris Valves
    �� Broaching Attachments
    �� Collets & Tooling
    �� Keyway Cutting Tools
    �� Feed fingers

    This is only a small sample of the wide range of shim, tooling and actuator solutions Repco Technology is able to provide. To find out more please visit our website or give us a call.

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    Products and Services

    1. Actuators
    2. Alignment Shims
    3. Aluminium Shims
    4. Aluminum Shim Stock
    5. Angle Drill Collets
    6. Brass Shim Stock
    7. Brass Shims
    8. Broaching
    9. Broaching Attachments
    10. Collet Blocks
    11. Collet Lathe Chucks
    12. Collets
    13. Composite Shims
    14. Control Valve Actuators
    15. Copper Shim Stock
    16. Copper Shims
    17. Custom Shims
    18. Direct Current Valve Actuators
    19. Drill Collets
    20. Electric Linear Actuator
    21. Electric Linear Actuators
    22. Electric Valve Actuator
    23. Electric Valve Actuators
    24. Engine Valve Actuators
    25. Expanding Collet Systems
    26. Explosion Proof Actuators
    27. Feed Finger
    28. Feed Fingers
    29. Hollow Rotary Actuators
    30. Horseshoe Shims
    31. Hydraulic Valve Actuators
    32. Industrial Valves
    33. Industrial Valves And Actuators
    34. Isolating Valve Actuators
    35. Keyway Cutting Tools
    36. Linear Actuator
    37. Linear Actuator Manufacturer
    38. Linear Actuator Manufacturers
    39. Linear Actuator Supplier
    40. Linear Actuator Suppliers
    41. Linear Actuators
    42. Linear Actuators - Linear
    43. Linear Motion Actuators
    44. Linear Valve Actuators
    45. Metal Shim Stock
    46. Metal Shims
    47. Modulating Control Valve Actuators
    48. Modulating Valve Actuators
    49. Multi-Turn Valve Actuators
    50. Needle Valve Actuators
    51. Part Turn Actuators
    52. Pneumatic Actuator
    53. Pneumatic Actuator Accessories
    54. Pneumatic Actuator Seals
    55. Pneumatic Actuators
    56. Pneumatic Rotary Actuators
    57. Pneumatic Valve Actuator
    58. Pneumatic Valve Actuators
    59. Quarter-Turn Valve Actuators
    60. Ring Shims
    61. Rotary Actuator
    62. Rotary Actuators
    63. Rotary Valve Actuators
    64. Round Shims
    65. Router Collets
    66. Shim Steel
    67. Shim Stock
    68. Shim Stock Steel
    69. Shims
    70. Single Phase Valve Actuators
    71. Smart Linear Actuators
    72. Stainless Steel Shim Stock
    73. Stainless Steel Shims
    74. Steel Shim Stock
    75. Steel Shims
    76. Tool Collets
    77. Tooling
    78. Vacuum Tweezers
    79. Valve Actuator
    80. Valve Actuators
    81. Valves
    82. Window Shims

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