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    Dragon Display & Fabrications Ltd

    Shopfitting Systems for Clothing Shops, Sports Outlets, Football Clubs & Equestrian

    Dragon Display Systems produce a wide range of shop display systems for the clothing, fashion and the retail sector.

    As retail display equipment manufacturers Dragon Display Systems are also able to design and produce equipment for various other retail sectors including gift shops, exhibitions and mixed merchandise outlets.

    So whether you are looking for a contemporary retail display system or a more traditional look we can design and manufacture the perfect system.

    Retail Display Equipment Manufacturer

    Wall Hanging Display Systems
    These include the Dragon Twin Slot shop fitting display system which provides a range of slotted uprights for either freestanding or mounted use. Probably the widest range of accessories available for clothing such as hanging, shelving, hooks, arms and panels.

    The Ibis system offers a simple fixed wall mounted rail to suspend arms, glass shelves and rails. It is robust, easy to use and attractive.

    System 3
    A panel based system to provide a low visual impact effect. Finished in satin chrome it uses low profile aluminium slotted channels for a range of glass shelves, rails and arms.

    System 4
    Again panel based only with a double slotted upright that allows continuous runs of accessories instead of using the uprights in pairs. Available in champagne coated or satin chrome finishes.

    Gondola Unit Manufacturer
    As Gondola unit manufacturers Dragon Display Systems are able to provide a wide range of versatile Gondolas and Island Units. These systems are strong, sturdy and easily assembled. They are also manufactured to match the Slimpost wall system. They provide the perfect option for a wide range of clothing display including outdoor clothing, children's clothing, sportswear and lingerie.

    Freestanding Clothing Displays & Garment Rails
    We are also able to supply a range of Garment Units for various applications to the fashion retail sector. These include high density, small footprint versions, round tubular versions, triped units, quadped units and double sided mesh display stands. All offer various configurations along with accessory choices such as glass shelves, locking castors etc.

    Exhibition Hanging
    Exhibition Hanging and Free Standing Retail Display legs can be manufactured in a range of heights to suit most retail and exhibition requirements where a wall fixing is not an option. They are easily screwed together on site and also have adjustable feet.

    Special Projects
    Dragon Display Systems can design and manufacture display products to suit almost every application and can be made to meet the customers own specific requirements. For examples of this service please see the gallery page on our website.

    Previous Customers
    Below are just some of the customers we have worked with:

    - All Terrain Cycles
    - Blue Banana
    - Bobblehat
    - BMS (American Golf)
    - Modella Bags
    - Hoggs Of Fife
    - Houghton Country
    - Help for Heroes
    - J D Sports
    - Naylors Equestrian
    - Nisbits
    - Oakfield Saddlery
    - Peter Posh
    - Scott Sports
    - Weird Fish
    - W M Nicholls

    If you would like to know more about Dragon Display Systems, request a catalogue or discuss any ideas you may have please contact us.

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